Questions to Ask When Buying CBG products Online

We have answered the most frequently asked questions about CBG products for you.

You must have heard about CBD oil, but have you heard about CBG? As you know, there are about 100 other cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant apart from the CBD.

Questions to Ask When Buying CBG products Online
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CBG is another non-psychoactive cannabinoid present in cannabis, and CBG products are slowly gaining popularity due to their promising benefits in treating several health conditions.

What is CBG?

The cannabis or hemp plant contains over 400 compounds, out of which about 150 are cannabinoids. CBD and THC cannabinoids are the most popular ones. The precise number can vary, too, as many of them are present in low concentration. CBG, an abbreviated form of cannabigerol, is one of these compounds.

It is present in low concentrates and therefore considered to be a minor cannabinoid. A fully grown hemp plant contains 1% or less CBG. But it is regarded as the mother of all cannabinoids.

The cannabis plant produces cannabigerolic acid (CBGA), which is the precursor to the three main cannabinoids: cannabidiolic acid (CBDA), tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA), and cannabichromenic acid (CBCA). Enzymes present in the plant break down the CBGA into either THCA or CBDA.

When these acids are exposed to heat or light, they become the cannabinoids THC and CBD that you know. So, as CBG is the stem cell that creates CBD and THC, it possesses somewhat similar therapeutic properties and is non-psychoactive.

Relation Between CBG and CBD Products

Full-spectrum CBG products contain CBD that works together better and helps give the ‘entourage effect.’ Most CBG products use a specific ratio of CBD to increase the potential benefits of the product. Both these cannabinoids interact with the endocannabinoid system to promote a sense of well-being. Some studies have also shown CBG to be more effective than CBD in treating certain conditions.

CBG oil helps in suppressing anxiety and stress and offers a sense of calmness and comfort. It is also beneficial in treating sleep disorders like insomnia and stay focused. Many take it to reduce their pain and inflammation.

Questions to Ask When Buying CBG products Online

Q: Is the Brand Trusted?

A: As CBG products are relatively new in the market, only a few companies offer CBG products. So, you need to check out the companies that sell them. Try to find the brands that are reputed and are trusted by consumers. This will help you get a quality product. The best thing would be going through the product and customer reviews.

Q: Third-Party Lab Testing Report

A: Reputed brands that sell quality CBG products will have a third-party tested lab report. This report will help you know the product’s quality and purity. It should not contain toxins, heavy metals, and pesticides. This report will ensure the product has the same concentration of CBG, which the company has claimed. So, do check this report while buying any CBG products.

Q: What is the Source Of Hemp?

A: The source of the hemp should be mentioned in the description of the website or the product. Many manufacturers source their products from places where hemp is grown using a lot of chemicals and pesticides. Hence, you must look for products that are made from American grown hemp. A quality CBD product can only be obtained from organically grown hemp.

Q: What is the Extraction Method?

A: Stay away from CBG products made from CO2 extraction as it is incapable of extracting phytochemicals present in the plants and is also considered harmful. Products made from such extraction are considerably cheaper than other methods such as ethanol alcohol and olive oil extractions. But alcohol and olive oil extraction are considered the best and safest methods of CBG extraction.

Q: Isolate or Full Spectrum?

A: What to choose, isolate or full-spectrum? This is a big confusion for anyone going to buy CBG products. Isolate products are sold as the purest form of CBG as they have no THC or CBD in them. But having CBD is better. It has been seen that CBG performs better when combined with CBD or THC. However, if you like to avoid THC and want to go with CBD and CBG combination, you can choose a broad-spectrum CBD product.

The price of the product should be your last question, as quality should come first. Good Quality CBG products will not be affordable as the extraction of CBG is more difficult than CBD because it’s present in low concentration. Also, alcohol or olive oil extraction is more expensive than CO2 extraction.

So, instead of going for cheaper, buy a quality-tested CBG product. You can choose between oil, tincture, wax or shatter dabs, or edibles like gummies. It depends on how you want to take CBG.

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