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With the world in the midst of a pandemic, people are starting to pay closer attention to their personal wellness, and are revamping their daily health regimen.

How To Use CBD As Your Daily Pandemic Health Regimen
CBD and pandemic health. (Image / Shutterstock)

An increasing number of people are finding that the multitude of beneficial compounds found in the hemp plant is an indispensable part of their pandemic health regimen and use products like CBDfx tinctures for daily wellness.

Since high-end CBD manufacturers like CBDfx now offer so many different ways for people to take CBD, it is easy to find a product that makes taking your daily CBD the most enjoyable part of being diligent about your health and wellness.

CBD Products for General Wellness – Your Best Bet

One of the most popular CBD products on the market are CBD Gummies. People already know and love gummies as a form of candy that they ate as children. Well, now there is a grown-up version that is not only delicious but packed full of all of the impressive, beneficial compounds found in the hemp plant.

This product is immensely popular because it makes it easy to remember to take your CBD, they have loads of benefits, and after gulping down some uncomfortable vitamins so big you’d think they are meant for a horse, taking your delicious CBD gummy is a real treat.

CBD gummies are not only delicious and loaded with either broad-spectrum or full-spectrum CBD, but some impressive companies like CBDfx, have actually infused well known, natural ingredients that are known to assist with a variety of things.

One of the impressive combinations is that of CBD and biotin. Biotin is well known [1] to promote healthy nails, skin, and hair, and is used all around the world [2]. Biotin CBD gummies are an awesome way to replace the biotin gelcaps, pills, or powder that might be part of your line up.

CBD Products for Sleep – Rest Easy

Another really delicious and impressive gummy is the CBD with melatonin gummy. Melatonin has been used for countless years all around the globe to help people who suffer with insomnia and other sleep-related issues [3].

Melatonin is a powerful compound, and if taken 30 minutes or so before you try to sleep, it will help you get into the most comfortable, continuous, dream-filled sleep that you could ever hope for. [4].

I personally suffer from terrible insomnia and have for just about as long as I can remember. It wasn’t until a particular experience that I felt I really needed to make sure I sleep regularly. I would like to share this story with you as I feel it is pertinent.

The pandemic has been hard on everybody. The whole planet is with baited-breath as the world waits to see if this is the apocalypse or not. People’s minds are running wild and because we live in the age of the internet and mass manipulation, there is no way to be sure that any of the information you are fed is valid.[2]

Conspiracy theorists tend to believe that a group of people that are incredibly wealthy and beyond any sort of government, created COVID-19 Pandemic to combat the climate crisis, restabilize the financial positions of particular countries, and as a form of population control.

Being that these wild theories are what led me to melatonin, and daily CBD use, I will elaborate.

The Theory Continues

These theorists believe that this group of people beyond government is well aware of the fact that we have devastated the planet with the impact of our carbon emissions, and need to take action quickly to prevent it from becoming uninhabitable [5].

If the world of gasoline and fossil fuels suddenly ended, the world as we know it would collapse. There would be no deliveries of any sort. No ordering things online, no food being transported from one location to the other, and pretty much none of the everyday luxuries we have become so accustomed to.

Well, if you can’t bring in food from outside of the city in, then you are going to end up with a whole bunch of hungry people who don’t have nearly enough space to grow the food necessary to sustain them. This means that suddenly stopping any carbon emissions just isn’t feasible.

Even if people cut down on their personal carbon footprint, it is not enough, because, for the staggering amount of people that are currently on the planet to survive, there needs to be the transport of food and goods. This means the only option is to have fewer people on the planet.

Unfortunately, we as a species have gotten ourselves into a position where we don’t have time to limit our breeding and wait for old people to die off. The planet would suffer too much damage from carbon emissions by that point and most if not all humans would die.

This means that we need to reduce the population growth, not later, but now. There is no way to decide who lives and who dies in this situation. The most ethical thing would be for nature to run its course and weed out the weak from the strong [6].

Conspiracy theorists believe that COVID-19 Pandemic was created to help speed this process along, and kill the old, the poor, the sick, and the weak so they would no longer be a contributor to the species carbon footprint or be a logistical or financial burden.

This would reduce the population, stimulate the economy in a multitude of ways, and greatly reduce carbon emissions both in the short term with lockdowns and fear of travel, and in the long term with fewer people and plenty of recyclable materials left from the dead [7].

It also ended the trade war with China, made everyone forget about the act of war we took on Iran, and the current global climate crisis.

Thinking about all of this made my insomnia act up. So I tried melatonin and CBD gummies, and recently I’ve been sleeping like a baby. That’s exactly why people use CBD as part of their daily health regime.

Patrick studied creative writing at Harvard University. His mission is to help educate his readers with the right knowledge of CBD. When he’s not writing, he is practicing yoga or volunteering at non-profits.

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