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Legality Of CBD Hemp Oil Overview

Hemp is one of the widest known plants throughout the entire planet. It is a plant that holds many different opportunities for both businesses and consumers.

All You Need To Know About The Legality Of CBD Hemp Oil
The Legality Of CBD Hemp Oil

Hemp plants can be used in quite a large variety of ways, ranging from the utilization of the plants in foods, furniture, building materials and, in some cases, even for medicinal purposes.

Is CBD Oil Legal? The use of the hemp plant dates back many centuries. While widely used and known to possess many useful purposes, there is, unfortunately, often a lot of issues when it comes to the utilization of hemp in products, food and medicine due to the legalities concerning the use of the plant differing from one country to another, and even sometimes from one state to another state in a single country.

While legal to use for any purpose in certain locations of the world, laws governing the use of hemp plants may be more restricted in some areas or even completely prohibit the use of the plant for some purposes.

In recent times, the laws governing the use of hemp plants, as well as other species of the cannabis plant family, including marijuana, have changed continuously.

There were also most recently some important changes made to the rules provided by the American Drug Enforcement Administration, or the DEA, that might have some people concerned about the future of hemp, including hemp oil.

In this post, we would like to take a look at the changes that were made to this particular rule set by the DEA, discuss how hemp and hemp oil is used in the modern age, and also look at what these changes mean for both businesses and the general public.

The Final Rule By The Drug Enforcement Administration

Drug Enforcement Administration

The Final Rule By The Drug Enforcement Administration

On the 14th of December 2016, the Drug Enforcement Administration has published a report on the Federal Register of the United States, providing details of their new regulations regarding this final rule made on the utilization of Marihuana or hemp plants. [1]

In recent years, we have seen a number of different rules and regulations set into place with regards to the use of these plants. Some of these changes were seen as positive amongst the communities that support the use of these plants, while others were seen as negative changes.

The Hemp Oil Benefits have published a document that provides details about the Hemp Industries Association’s response not only to the new changes made to the act regarding the use of hemp plants, but also to recent outbreaks in media coverage stories regarding the “Final Rule” published by the Drug Enforcement Administration. [2]

They explain that many social media posts, as well as media publications, have provided information that CBD has been targeted by the “Final Rule” and that the use of such products, including CBD Hemp Oil, will not be considered banned and illegal.

Fortunately for those who do use or rely on these products, it seems like the recent media coverage regarding the “Final Rule” by the Drug Enforcement Administration did not state that the use of CBD products is now banned.

In fact, they did not mention anything about changing the current legality of CBD oils and similar products, but rather discussed new changes to the current laws governing the use of these Cannabidiol products, including the implementation of a new code number specifically provided for Marijuana extracts.

To provide a better understanding about how this “New Rule” affected the current laws governing the use of Marihuana, Marihuana extracts and similar products, let’s take a closer look at pointers on what the “New Rule” includes.

Cannabis Oil Extracts

Cannabis Oil Extracts

1. First of all, the newly published information mostly contains information regarding the fact that a new code number has been assigned to Marihuana extracts.

Previously, Marihuana extracts were referred to under the same code number as Tetrahydrocannabinols and Marihuana, which were 7360. The new code number used to describe and refer to Marihuana extracts is 7350.

2. According to the Drug Enforcement Administration, a substance will be considered a Marihuana extract and classified under the code number 7350 only if it meets certain criteria, which includes an extract that consists of at least one cannabinoid retrieved from a genus Cannabis plant species.

The classification does not include either purified or crude separated resin that might also be retrieved from the same plant.

3. No changes were made to the scheduling of marihuana, which is still considered a Schedule I controlled substance.

4. The new code was primarily assigned to simplify the process of identifying products that should be classified as a Marihuana extract and not directly as Marihuana, but also not as Tetrahydrocannabinols.

5. When the complete code is analyzed, it does not mention any changed directly to the use of CBD oil, except for the fact that such an oil will now rather be associated with the code number 7350 and not with the code number 7360 anymore.

6. It has also been officially confirmed that the “New Rule” will not have any effect on the current legality of CBD usage in federal law.

The Many Uses Of Hemp

The hemp plant has quite a large number of useful purposes to serve in the modern day world, as well as in historic times.

While it is well-known that Marihuana causes psychoactive effects in the human brain when smoked or consumed in certain ways, many fail to realize that there are varieties of the genus Cannabis plant that does not cause these psychoactive effects, but rather provides other purposes that can be useful – not only to the prices they have to pay for certain objects, but also to their wellbeing.

According to Leafly, one of the oldest relics found that can be linked to human industry is some fabric that has been dated back to around 8,000 BC. [3]

Why do you mention this? Because this piece of scrap fabric was made from hemp. This goes to show that hemp is not only a popular compound in today’s world, but have played a role in our previous generations for thousands of years as well.

In our modern world, extracts from hemp plants, also often referred to as industrial hemp, has many uses. Let’s consider some basic examples:

  • The oil of hemp seeds can be used in the production of fuel, lubricants, varnish, paint, margarine, cannabidiol cosmetics, ink, and body lotions.
  • The nut found inside hemp seeds can be used in the best protein powders, cereals and bread, as well as in the production of dairy products.
  • The cake found on the outside of hemp seeds can be used in the production of animal food, as well as to assist with the production of flour.
  • The hurd of the hemp stalk can be used as a chemical absorbent, as well as in the production of concrete, insulation, fiberboard and animal bedding.
  • The bast fiber of the hemp stalk can be used in the production of shoes, bags, clothes, rope, netting, canvases, carpets and biocomposites.
  • The stalk of the hemp plant can be used in the production of paper products, cardboard, filters and biofuel.

These are only some of the amazing things that the world is now able to do with hemp plants. Numerous parts of these plants can be used in production in the everyday world.

CBD Hemp Oil: What It Is And What You Should Know About This Oil

About CBD Hemp Oil

CBD Hemp Oil

Apart from hemp being used in the production of many different products we use on a daily basis, there is also another use for hemp that is becoming very popular today.

The Cannabidiol content that is found within the hemp plant is known to possess powerful medicinal properties that have been proven to offer the human body a number of benefits, including the relieve of common ailments, as well as assistance in fighting against some serious diseases.

With this in mind, companies have started to produce Cannabidiol Hemp Oil, an herbal medical product that is quickly gaining popularity in all corners of the earth.

This oil is convenient to use and offers the user a lot of health benefits that can help them not only overcome some problematic diseases and conditions they may be suffering form, but may also potentially help them improve their overall quality-of-life.

It should be noted that the use of Cannabis oil, or CBD oil, was banned from public use in the 1930s. This federal CBD law had been in effect for quite a long period of time.

Today, however, we are once again able to turn toward CBD oil products when we would like to take a natural approach to treating certain conditions we may be suffering from.

It is important to be aware of the fact that certain CBD oil products may still be considered somewhat illegal, but this only accounts for those with a high THC content.

While studies are still being conducted on the health benefits of CBD oil and the list of benefits this oil has to offer the body simply continuous to grow, we can share some of the most promising advantages of this oil for the human body that has already been discovered by medical scientists. [4]

1. Anti-Inflammatory And Pain Relieve – The most common use for CBD oil amongst the general population, or at least what this oil is mostly known for, is its powerful anti-inflammatory effects. CBD Oil is often considered the most effective natural anti-inflammatory agent in existence in the modern day.

In addition to assisting with reducing the amount of inflammation present in the human body, the oil has also shown promising results in inhibiting the transmission of pain signals in the body; thus eliminating pain sometimes even completely.

These benefits of CBD oil are so powerful that some patients diagnosed with multiple sclerosis have even been able to experience a significant improvement in their symptoms of turning to the utilization of such a natural product for their pain and inflammation.

2. Anti-Anxiety – Anxiety disorders affect millions of people throughout the entire world. The symptoms caused by these disorders are unpleasant and can have a significant impact on a person’s ability to live their life.

A lot of people who suffer from anxiety disorders are unable to deal with situations where they have to make important decisions, and may also find it difficult to interact with other people around them.

CBD Oil has also been shown to have promising results when utilized to provide a more natural approach to treating anxiety disorders amongst patients diagnosed with such a health condition.

Apart from reducing anxiety in patients who suffer from these disorders, it has also been found that the use of CBD oil reduces the cognitive impairment that is often also associated with anxiety.

Experiencing Nausea

Treatment For Nausea

3. Treatment For Nausea – Nausea is not only a problem that can occur when we eat something that does not go well with our stomach, but can also develop as a side-effect to quite a large number of medication.

People undergoing treatment for cancer, for example, are often prone to experiencing nausea as one of the most unpleasant symptoms related to their treatment. It has been found that the use of CBD oil has the ability to reduce nausea and also have an antiemetic effect on the user.

When using CBD oil for nausea, it is important to note that scientists found only low doses of the oil to be beneficial in treating nausea. Higher doses rather seem to induce further nausea; thus it is important to administer the correct dose.

4. Improved Heart Health – Cardiovascular diseases kill millions of people every year. These diseases can cause a significant reduction in a person’s quality-of-life and make performing day-to-day activities a challenge.

The use of CBD oil has been shown to reduce damage to blood vessels by inflammation and high glucose in the bloodstream. It was also found that the effects of type 2 diabetes on blood vessels are significantly reduced with the frequent use of CBD oil.

Aids In The Fight Against Cancer – Cancer is another deadly disease that causes the death of millions annually. Cancer can also affect virtually any part of the human body and can be very difficult to treat. CBD oil helps a patient fight against cancer in two different ways.

Firstly, it helps to reduce the severity of the side-effects that are induced by the treatment administered to a patient when they have been diagnosed with cancer.

As we have previously explained, cancer is known to assist with reducing nausea in patients who are obtaining treatment for cancer, but there are other side-effects that may also be reduced.

Additionally, scientific studies have found CBD oil to be beneficial in preventing cancerous cells from growing, as well as in reducing the risk of cancerous cells spreading to other parts of the body.

The use of CBD oil for cancer seems to be especially useful in breast cancer, colon cancer and lung cancer.

In addition to the benefits we have mentioned above, CBD oil is also used for many other problems. Some people use the oil to help them overcome the common cold. The oil has also been proven to possess antipsychotic effects that are similar to pharmaceutical drugs that possess such properties.

Furthermore, the treatment of CBD oil in the general population has also been linked to a lower diabetes incidence amongst treated individuals. Some evidence has also suggested that CBD oil may be beneficial in treating patients who suffer from seizures, as well as certain neurological disorders.

What’s The Difference Between CBD And THC

When we learn about hemp and CBD oils, we are often faced with some terms that may be confusing. For those who are not familiar with Marihuana, hemp plants and other plants of the genus Cannabis species, we would like to discuss the primary differences between the main components found in such a plant, which includes CBD and TCH.

First of all, CBD stands for cannabidiol and TCH stands for Tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is found in larger doses within the Marihuana plant that many people use for recreational purposes, while CBD is usually the primary component of hemp plants that are used for the production of materialistic products, as well as for CBD oil and the health benefits that the compounds have to offer.

TCH is the ingredient found in Cannabis plants that causes the psychoactive effects that a person experiences when they smoke “weed”.

CBD, on the other hand, does not possess psychoactive properties and does not cause this “high” that a person experiences when they smoke Marihuana with a higher THC concentration.

Both THC and CBD are classified as cannabinoids. Even though they are the most popular types of cannabinoids associated with Cannabis plants, there are many other cannabinoids that are also found in these plants.

Both of these cannabinoids do possess medicinal properties, but the use of THC is banned in most countries and states due to a number of reasons, including the fact that people tend to use it for recreational purposes in order to experience a “high”.

Leaf Science explains that, apart from the fact that THC causes a person to become “high” and CBD does not, there are some other differences between these two cannabinoids. Each of these has their own unique way it physically interacts with the human body. [5]

THC tends to have a direct physical interaction with the human body, while CBD’s effects are considered to be less direct. Some health effects of THC and CBD also defers; thus they are sometimes combined to provide a more effective approach to treating certain problems – CBD is also known to reduce the effects that THC may have on the brain.

What may be the most commonly known difference between THC and CBD, however, is probably the legal status of the two cannabinoids.

In the majority of countries throughout the entire world, the use of Marihuana has been deemed illegal. This is because the THC content in this particular species of the genus Cannabis plant is relatively high, which causes a psychoactive effect in the user.

Products that contain less than 1% THC, but a higher concentration of CBD, such as hemp, is considered legal in most countries, however. Thus, while THC is seen as an illegal substance in most countries, CBD is the more acceptable cannabinoid amongst the two.

Even though TCH is still considered an illegal substance, it should be noted that many states within the United States, as well as parts of other countries, have started to make a move toward legalizing the Cannabis plants that contain a higher THC level, such as the Marihuana plant.

While there is still quite a long road to go for the world to embrace such change in their laws regarding the utilization of this “drug”, many locations in the United States, as well as other parts of the world, have already adapted to such change and made it legal to utilize products of the Marihuana plant in their country or state.

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Final Verdict

While hemp is a widely used plant in a variety of industries, including building materials and cannabidiol food.

The CBD content found in these plants also possess potent medicinal properties that has helped a countless number of people overcome many health problems, ranging from common colds to more serious health problems, such as depression.

New laws governing the use of hemp was released by the Drug Enforcement Administration recently, which has caused some uproar in the international community that supports the utilization of hemp, but after looking at the details of the Final Rule, it does not seem like there is any need for worry at the moment.

Closely monitoring new changes implemented in the future is still advisable as there is no definite knowledge that the use of hemp might be regarded as potentially illegal in the future.

Fortunately, many associations are fighting hard for the right to utilize both hemp and products containing CBD hemp oil; thus the chances of such an act being implemented is relatively low in the modern day society.

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