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Cannabidiol(CBD) has been sported as a miracle-compound, among other things. Users nationwide praise the use of CBD for everything from managing anxiety and depression to pain and chronic inflammation, and much more.

Cannabidiol (CBD): Will CBD Gummies Improve Sleep Quality?
Cannabidiol (CBD) may help you get some sleep at night. Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

The full spectrum of benefits that CBD has to offer is still being studied, but preliminary information shows that CBD is effective at improving something we all need: sleep quality. Here’s how.

The Importance of Sleep Quality

Before we talk about CBD gummies for sleep, let’s take a closer look at why sleep quality is so essential.

According to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, sleep plays a vital role in your emotional and physical well-being, as well as improves daily function, motivation, and safety [1].

The bottom line?

Sleep keeps you healthy on all ends of the spectrum, and the better you’re sleeping, the more efficient that sleep is at helping the body recover and recharge for what’s next.

The sad fact is that most Americans get poor-quality sleep, whether it’s due to their mattress, living conditions, disorders like anxiety or chronic pain, or some other reason. The CDC states that one in three Americans isn’t getting enough sleep! [2]

Research and Information

While studies have been conducted on the effectiveness of CBD gummies for sleep, the results are still being studied and need to be addressed in a more controlled environment for conclusive results [3].

One such study suggests that CBD does have an effect on anxiety-related issues and chronic pain that could interrupt sleep patterns and that the compound seems to be better tolerated by the body than prescription anxiety medications [4].

Using CBD oil for sleep seems to help patients reach a calmer state of mind before they fall asleep, thus resulting in higher-quality sleep patterns than without the CBD. The research is still in its infancy, but preliminary studies are showing great promise [5].

If CBD can effectively improve sleep quality in adults and reduce the symptoms of such conditions as anxiety, we could be at the dawn of a new era of medicine!

Common Causes of Reduced Sleep Quality

Two of the most common causes of reduced sleep quality are chronic pain/inflammation and anxiety-related disorders.

Anxiety-related disorders cover a wide spectrum of conditions, such as generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), social anxiety, phobias, and more. If you’ve ever been kept awake by stress or worry, you’ve experienced anxiety-related sleep disfunction in a minor way.

People who use CBD oil for sleep or take gummies before bed report lower pain levels and inflammation, which helps them fall asleep faster and stay asleep throughout the night.

The nice thing about gummies is that the CBD is released slower into the bloodstream, so the effects will last longer.

If you’re looking for some high-quality gummies or CBD oil, check out Verma Farms’ collection at The company has an excellent reputation for quality, service, and affordability in all of its CBD products!

Choosing the Right Cannabidiol Dosage

Choosing the right dosage for your CBD gummies or oil is the tricky part. Most people start at a lower dose such as 10MG per gummy and work their way up. When you use CBD gummies for pain, you might need a higher dose immediately, and gummies usually go up to about 25/30MG per serving [6].

Start with a smaller dose at first, and if you find that after a few weeks’ time you’re still not feeling any difference, you can choose a higher dose (or just take an extra gummy).

It’s important to read the label as well to learn the suggested serving size. None of the previous information should be taken as medical advice, but rather a guide for those new to using CBD gummies for sleep [7].

If you have any questions or concerns about your physical health, always direct them to your doctor.

CBD For Sleep – Final Thoughts

So, what is the verdict for CBD gummies and sleep? While there has been some preliminary research conducted that shows promising results, the studies themselves have asserted the need for more controlled studies in order to yield conclusive results.

That being said, users nationwide report experiencing better sleep when using CBD, so it’s just a matter of research catching up with the tons of anecdotal evidence that supports these claims.

If you’re new to CBD gummies or products, remember to start with a low dosage first and work your way up.

Don’t choose a company that’s not well-known for high-quality ingredients (the gas station CBD products are low-tier products).

You want only the best for your wallet and your body, so choose a company like Verma Farms that’s dedicated to quality and service. We hope your sleep improves tenfold when you start taking CBD gummies!

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