Pond’s: Know the Facts About This Cosmetic Brand

Pond'sPond’s Cream is the most well-known cosmetic brand in the world. It was started almost 160 years ago in United States of America. Pond’s Vanishing Cream became the most trusted benchmark in skin care creams. Pond’s Cold Cream made specifically for winter time, became a hit in the nook and corner of the world.

Pond’s Cream was initially invented by US pharmacist Theron T. Pond in New York as a patented medicine, which was made from extracting healing tea from that of witch hazel. The ingredient could safely heal small wounds and cuts and other skin problems. The first product was named Golden Treasure, which was later known as Pond’s Extract.

Pond’s Extract was a combination of alcohol, water and hazel distillate. The new product was marketed as all-purpose cream that could cure wounds, the burns, cold, the chilblains, the scalds, the chapped hands or bite and many other skin problems.

Pond’s company by 1904 started to sell two more products namely Pond’s Extract Vanishing Cream and Pond’s Extract Cold Cream that were made at the Pond’s factory, by its chemist, William Wallbridge. It was an instant success, as the vanishing cream was made with glycerin and was an emulsion of beeswax-borax. The cold cream also contained the same emulsion with mineral oils in it.

Pond’s was already a major cream brand in US, in the 1920s. It gained prominence in Europe after Queen Marie of Romania endorsed Pond’s, during her US visit. She sourced Pond’s to her country and soon celebrities, politicians all around, took to Pond’s creams in a big way.

By 1928 Pond’s had reacted swiftly to the competition in the cosmetic business and added cleansing tissues as part of its skin care line.

Even though the Great Economic Depression in US affected Pond’s sales in the 1930s, Pond’s was able to recover fast and introduced its now famous facial products including face powder.

In 1955 the Pond’s Cosmetic Company was merged with another facial care product manufacturer named Chesebrough Company.

The already existing distribution and selling avenues available with the Chesebrough Co., gave Pond’s creams the big market it wanted and soon it was widely available all across major stores of America and abroad.

Pond’s cream were easily identifiable due to their very distinctive colors and bottle packaging.

Unilever, the Anglo-Dutch company bought the Chesebrough company in 1987 thereby becoming the new owners and makers of Pond’s creams, powders and facial products.
Pond’s has over the years diversified into a complete cosmetic brand with special focus on creams and lotions. It introduced hand creams, which are still popular with people of ages and genders.

Today Pond’s is manufactured in many continents across the globe.

The Pond’s creams have become a household name in the beauty sector and have won numerous awards from institutions and organizations across the globe.

Pond’s creams have been featured in almost all the leading magazines and publications in a large number of languages. The creams have always found acceptance from various cultures and society’s world over.

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