We live in an era where efficiency is key to survival, and this has resulted in an increase in the popularity of smart drugs called nootropics according to the Observer[1].

What do you mean by Nootropics?

Nootropics otherwise known as cognitive enhancers are types of drugs meant to treat cognitive problems in certain brain disease or even natural age-related cognitive decline.

When we say cognitive problems, what we mean is issues relating to memory, attention, executive functioning, perception, and even psychomotor functioning.

The term nootropics was coined[2] in 1972 after scientists discovered that piracetam improved cognitive functioning.

While some nootropics are produced in the laboratory, others are derived from natural and herbal sources.

Top Rated Nootropics

Best Nootropic Supplements To Boost Your Brain Function

In case you are interested in learning more about nootropics and what are the best brain supplements of 2022 that are available in the market today, then keep reading.

Top Rated Nootropics

#1 Alpha Brain

Alpha Brain is a herbal dietary supplement clinically tested for cognitive function and the release of alpha brain waves in healthy adults. It is a cognitive enhancer nootropic produced by Onnit Labs, a company based in the United States. It is also one of the initial nootropic supplements that health enthusiasts and regular people use.

It works by using two methods to improve the brain’s cognitive functions. In the first method, the product provides raw choline to the body, and in the second method, it gives acetylcholinesterase inhibitors which prevent acetylcholine from being degraded in the body.

The producers put a lot of effort into developing a capsule with all the nootropic components, which is excellent for people who desire to increase their mental capacity and intelligence.

It is recognized as one of the best nootropics for enhancing cognition, energy, and the capacity to focus and pay attention.

#2 Nootrogen

We live in an age where productivity is vital to survival, leading to the growing popularity of intelligent medicines called nootropics. Among the best nootropics supplement is Nootrogen.

Nootrogen is a nutritional dietary brain enhancement pill developed to improve memory, alertness, memory recall, focus, and brain processing in healthy people who are experiencing cognitive and mental health problems that can affect their work or school performance.

The manufacturer of this best focus supplement, Vita Balance, claims that this supplement is made from natural ingredients that have been clinically tested for safety and effectiveness. They state that the product works and quickly boosts the user’s energy levels, thereby enhancing mental performance, and focus. They help improve learning, improve mood, and reduce anxiety.

The ingredients contained in these nootropic supplements are DMAE, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Magnesium, Bacon Extract, Glutamic Acid, Vitamin B5, and Acetylcholine.

The product is available for purchase on the manufacturer’s official webpage. It’s recommended to take two Nootrogen capsules every day with a glass of water, one in the afternoon and the other in the evening.

#3 Brain C-13

Are you worried about memory loss, mental fatigue, stress, mental confusion, or other brain-related problems? Do you want the best supplement to help you overcome it? Look no further. Zenith Labs has created a new advanced and unique product called Brain C-13.

Brain C-13 is an advanced and unique formula that works as high-octane rocket fuel for the brain. According to the manufacturer, Brain C-13 is beneficial to its users in many ways. Mainly because the powerful ingredients contained in this supplement promote healthy mental awareness, clarity, and focus.

Some of the ingredients present in this product include Mucuna Pruriens, DMAE, Rosemary Leaf, Rhodiola Root, Sarcosine, Bacopa Whole Plant, Turmeric Root, Huperzine A, and Phosphatidylserine.
It is recommended to take three Brain C-13 capsules daily and be sure to take them regularly to achieve the best result from the Brain C-13 supplement.

#4 Brain Pill

This specially designed nutritional supplement known to maintain mental flexibility and ensure increased cognitive ability throughout life is BrainPill.

The set of pills is said to contain a massive stack of clinically proven and scientifically researched ingredients. According to the manufacturer, working with brain pills will allow the user to see and perform tasks that are difficult for a normal brain because each ingredient is known for its unique abilities to help increase brain capacity and aid in concentration.

The composition of brain booster pills consists of 13 powerful nootropics that provide mental stamina and focus throughout the day. All of these components are said to work together to help the user solve problems and make decisions, improve and increase focus, increase memory and avoid distractions.

Some of the active ingredients present in this product include natural nootropics, Cognizin, Huperzia Serrata, Vinpocetine, and Phosphatidylserine.

This product is claimed to be perfect for those with cognitive problems, forgetfulness, and distractions. It is also said to be a cognitive enhancer thanks to the combination of its natural ingredients, which help fight mental fatigue, ailments and manage all the chaos in the user’s life.

It is recommended that, for best results, users can take two BrainPill capsules per day.

This BrainPill supplement can be obtained from the manufacturer’s website or from other online retailers.

#5 Geniux

Geniux is another all-natural memory enhancement pills designed to improve memory and alertness in relatively healthy individuals experiencing problems with cognitive performance that might be affecting their work or school.

Geniux improves neurotransmitter levels with Alpha GPC and cerebral blood flow with Bacopa Monnieri. Tyrosine which is a type of amino acid was added in Geniux because it was found to improve working memory in situations requiring multitasking. Geniux best supplement for focus and concentration.

Another study[7] found that tyrosine improved cognitive performance and decreased blood pressure in 21 cadets undergoing a military training course.

#6 Lipogen PS Plus

Studies[8] on rats have found that stress caused hippocampal atrophy learning impairment. Stress has a strong negative effect on brain health and functioning which is why managing stress is important to preserve your sanity and good cognitive functioning. Lipogen PS Plus was designed to control daily stress levels while also supporting brain health.

The soy-derived phosphatidylserine and phosphatidic acid in Lipogen PS Plus was found in one placebo-controlled study[9] to normalize stress-induced problems with the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis in male subjects.

Lipogen PS Plus is the best memory pills The researchers found a normalized endocrine stress response from salivary cortisol levels in subjects who took a daily dose of phosphatidylserine and phosphatidic acid.

#7 Cebria

Neuropeptides are one of the most important signaling molecules in the brain important for a wide range of brain functions.

The levels of neuropeptides decrease with age causing significant memory problems. Cebria is a nootropic supplement designed to boost the levels of neuropeptides in your body and, in turn, lead to better memory and mental agility. Cebria is the best supplement for memory and focus.

Cebria contains a patented blend of different neuropeptides that help build new neuron connections which can help improve overall memory functioning. Studies[10] on neuropeptide supplements on brain health have found that these chemicals improve cognitive functioning and reduce neurodegenerative events in older persons.

#8 Synagen IQ

Synagen IQ is another great nootropic supplement designed for almost any age and any cognitive problem.

This nootropic is meant to preserve overall brain health by preventing age-related cognitive decline. Since cognitive decline begins as early as one’s late 20s, taking Synagen IQ at an early age can help you preserve brainpower for much longer.

Just like Lipogen PS Plus, Synagen IQ also contains a naturally-derived phosphatidylserine complex that is meant to preserve your brain health by preventing age-related loss of neuropeptides. It is the best brain supplement for adults.

Do Nootropics Boost Concentration and Focus?

According to Curr Med Chem. 2007 study, Nootropics can increase your concentration and focus by improving your brain’s health and neurotransmitter levels.

Some nootropics like caffeine were found in studies[3] to significantly increase alertness, focus, and concentration.

However, caffeine can also cause nervousness when used in its pure form. Wakefulness-promoting nootropics such as modafinil can increase alertness as can psychostimulants such as amphetamines that are used in the treatment of ADHD.

Are Nootropics Really Good?

Nootropics can be good when used accordingly. Some pharmaceutical nootropics were specifically designed for people with cognitive abnormalities such as Alzheimer’s disease and sleep, schizophrenia, and ADHD. Use[4] of these nootropics by healthy people is not advised.

A better alternative for healthy people wishing to improve their cognitive performance is taking natural and herbal nootropics[5] which were also found to be very effective.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Nootropics?

Nootropics are smart pills or can also be recognized as brain enhancement pills that are supposed to protect our brain and improve its functioning.

These are the brain-boosting supplements that one needs after touching a certain age to promote and boost memory retention. But many people worry about its safety and the side effects they can attract, before using these. Being a nootropic, the designers know that this product must be built as 100% natural, safe and non-toxic for the brain.

According to the Time’s report, the brain is the most complicated as well as a sensitive part of our body. There are many brain health supplements that do not come under the bracket of nootropics but they are smart drugs like Adderall and Ritalin.

To consider a nootropic, the supplements pass through the clinically proven tests to establish their safety and a negligible rate of risk or side effects such as Piracetam, Noopept, Choline, Ceremin, Geniux and many more. These best memory supplements can boost focus, mental clarity and attention along with the promotion of brain health and communication.

These support memory and reasoning power and build up motivation levels in a person. The dosage and level of risk depend on the supplements.

The use of nootropics is on the rise in today’s society, but more research is needed to better understand their benefits.

How to Choose the Best Nootropic?

The best nootropics are those that a proven to be safe and effective through clinical trials. The best nootropics support the brain’s healthy via reducing oxidative stress, brain cell death, and neurotransmitter deficit and increasing cerebral blood flow, neurotransmitter connections, and improving brain structure.


Those are just but a few of the best memory supplements of 2022 that are available on the market and that provide a variety of health benefits to the brain.


Lauren Ann, MS

Lauren has dual graduate degrees in Clinical Psychotherapy and Nutrition, espousing an integrative approach to optimizing overall healt


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