As much as we’d like to have a sharp memory, healthy focus, and concentration at all times, that’s not always possible. Our cognitive abilities depend on numerous factors including our lifestyle choices.

Since our productivity at work or in school depends on the capacity to focus or memorize things, it’s important to be proactive and do certain things that improve our cognitive abilities. That’s why dietary supplements are quite popular today, they’re easy to use, available for every budget, and you can find them in retail stores as well as on the internet.

Hundreds of these items can be found on the market, and it’s difficult for most people to choose the right one which can be stressful. Now, you can be completely stress-free as this article brings you useful info about the best cognitive enhancing supplements in 2024.

In this article we’ll be showing you the most important cognitive enhancing supplements on the market today. These supplements have many benefits that we’ll be sure to go over.

After reading through this article, feel free to share and comment on what supplements you will check out in the future.

Top Rated Cognitive Enhancing Supplements

Let’s get started and figure out what supplements will work the best with your unique lifestyle and cognitive behavior!

Top Cognitive Enhancing* Supplements of 2024

Nowadays, there is an endless brain enhancing supplements list available, which is why most people find it difficult to choose the one that is actually useful.

Not all products are equal, and while some of them offer incredible benefits, others are ineffective.

When buying brain boosters, you should always do a little research, evaluate a few products and narrow down the choice to the one that matches all criteria. An ideal supplement is one formulated by a reliable manufacturer, has a money-back guarantee, positive customer experiences, and an available list of ingredients.

Each supplement is unique, which is why you have to choose the supplement that works the best for you.

Everyone is different when it comes to their needs and requirements, which is why you need to make sure, especially now more than ever that you’re prepared to face trial and error when testing supplements for you to take.

The best bet that you can do for yourself is it make sure that you go over options with your trusted doctor before adding in a bunch of random supplements into your life.

To help you out, we have evaluated a broad range of items and brought to you top-rated four supplements that will work for you.

They’re listed below.

#1. NooCube


NooCube is a nootropic formula, formulated to enhance cognitive brain function. It’s a nutritional supplement produced from the use of natural ingredients, which function well in boosting energy levels, thus improving focus and alertness on your daily routines.

This supplement enhances hormonal balance, and perform well in reducing long-term and short-term memory loss. It increases learning, concentration, and motivation. It’s a fast-acting supplement, which gives rapid outcomes without causing adverse health outcomes.

This formula is formulated by ERGO Group Limited. A 60 capsules bottle is sold at a price of $39.99, and it has free domestic delivery and 60 days money-back guarantee.

This product aims to help you focus, which means it can be great if you regularly have problems focusing on your work when in the office, or even if you have a hard time concentrating at home. You’ll often find that when you take this supplement you might not need all that coffee because you’ll have all the energy you need right from this small capsule.

Unlike other brands, this is one of the most energy-efficient supplements you can get. It works very fast so there won’t be a long wait time before you start to feel focused and full of energy. These supplements are ideal for a full-time worker in any field.
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#2. Alpha Brain

Alpha Brain

Alpha Brain is a herbal supplement that helps with memory and concentration.

It is a cognitive enhancer nootropic produced by Onnit Labs, a company based in the United States.

The manufacturers worked hard to create a capsule that included all of the nootropic ingredients. As a result, they developed the Alpha Brain supplement, which is ideal for people who want to boost their brainpower and intelligence.

It is regarded as one of the best nootropics on the market today for improving memory, concentration, energy level, attention, focus, and cognitive ability.

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#3. Nootrogen


Nootrogen is a dietary supplement that contains a wide range of nutrients to support cognition, focus, and brain health. This natural nutritional supplement is designed to increase memory, concentration and increase the brain’s processing speed. It is designed with the use of natural ingredients that increase the desired results well and quickly.

Some of the ingredients from which it is purportedly used are:
Trace elements (calcium, iron, magnesium, selenium, and zinc), glutamic acid, B vitamins, dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE), acetylcholine, niacin, bacopa extract (also used in the treatment of ADHD), l-tyrosine, pantothenic acid, pyridoxal phosphate, phosphatidylserine.

Nootrogen contains 60 capsules in each bottle, which corresponds to a one-month supply. It is advisable to take two capsules of Nootrogen per day. For best results, use twenty to thirty minutes before a meal with water as directed by your doctor.

Nootrogen, due to piracy issues is not available in popular stores. As with private companies, to prevent theft, it is delivered directly to customers.
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#4. BrainPill


BrainPill, manufactured by the American company Leading Edge, is a supplement for increasing brain power. The composition of the supplement consists of 13 powerful nootropics that provide mental stamina and focus for the whole day. All of these components work together to help you solve problems and make decisions, improve focus, increase memory and prevent distractions.

The main ingredients used in the production of BrainPill are:
Cognitine (a derivative of citicoline), tyrosine, phosphatidylserine, B vitamins such as vitamin b6 (pyridoxine), pantothenic acid (vitamin b5), folic acid (vitamin b9), and vitamin b12, L-theanine, bacopa monnieri (synapse), huperzine A, vinpocetine, gingko biloba, docosahexaenoic acid (DHA complex)

For best results, it is essential to remember to take the supplement based on your dose conscientiously. Manufacturers recommend taking one capsule a day, preferably an hour before your study or other scheduled activity. And don’t forget to drink plenty of water throughout the day to stay adequately hydrated.

#5. Brain C-13

Brain C-13

Brain C-13 is a natural supplement to support brain health with powerful ingredients that support healthy mental consciousness. The Brain C-13 website claims that regular use of the product can help you perform tasks quickly and effectively. Choline, magnesium, vinpocetine, and huperzine A are the main components of this supplement.

The product is said to be available with a wide range of active herbal ingredients that have been clinically researched and found to have substantial benefits in a short period.

The C13 brain, when used correctly, will be able to offer users a wide range of tangible health benefits.

According to the manufacturers, each serving of this product is loaded with a wide range of active herbs, vitamins, minerals, and other vital compounds that the human body needs for optimal brain function. Some of the supplement’s key ingredients include: Huperzin A, Rhodiola root, Turmeric root, Rosemary leaf, Phosphatidylserine, Pruriens mucus (Fabaceae)

Frequent weekly use of this supplement is a good way to reap profound benefits. Even if you strive to improve brain health through brain exercises and workouts, this supplement can increase the benefits.
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#6. Focus Factor

Focus Factor

Focus Factor is a dietary supplement formulated to improve brain functioning. Benefits associated with regular intake of this product include improved concentration, memory, and focus. Ingredients found in its formula include Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, choline, vinpocetine, and others.

Since the product is available on different websites, some of them have free trial options thus giving you the opportunity to test Focus Factor’s efficacy before you order your first one-month supply.

Have you ever wanted to remember everything without having to constantly write things down?

This is the product for you! Similar to the product above, this supplement will provide you with ample amounts of energy that will help you really push yourself in any way you can. This supplement provides you with fantastic energy and in many cases, you can try a trial to make sure if this product is the one for you!

We wholeheartedly believe that more brands should offer a trial option for new supplements, it would bring in a ton of new customers and it would showcase that the brand has a ton of faith in what they put out on the market. If individuals were able to test drive a supplement, they would know exactly if it works for them or not.

#7. Max Synapse

Max Synapse

Here’s yet another brain boosting supplement that you should consider; Max Synapse works to restore neurons in the brain by providing necessary nutrients required by brain cells. According to its manufacturer, UltraMax Health, Max Synapse is perfectly safe for all users. In fact, a team of scientists tested the efficacy of all components to ensure effectiveness and safety.

Max Synapse is a fantastic choice for those out there who are memory issues. While this supplement might give energy to some, that’s not its main purpose, so if you’re looking for something that will help rebuild your brain cells to influence many aspects of your life, this is the supplement for you.

The main purpose of this supplement seems to be aimed towards the older generations who are dealing with age-related problems such as memory loss and loss of depth of field.

When approved by a doctor this supplement can really help prevent the quickness of age-related problems that you might have normally experienced. But there is more great news, this product doesn’t just work for those who are aging, it can help anyone of all ages!

This product is very diverse and when you take this supplement at a younger age, around your 20s or 30s, you’ll see right away that it does give you more focus and control over your body.

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#8. Intelligen


Intelligen is a nootropic brain supplement that boosts energy, memory recall, and focus. The supplement is ideal for students during the “exam season” as it improves memory in an entirely natural manner.

Regular intake of Intelligen helps you retain the information you gathered, and it’s a healthier option if we consider the fact that most students consume high amounts of energy drinks when studying for exams. The patented technology is behind the formula of this supplement that works to strengthen brain’s neurotransmitters.

This product is extremely popular with students in college because of how quickly this product works each day and for how long it lasts. When you take this supplement with the doctor’s approval you’ll be boosting your thought process and you’ll naturally start to focus more and hold on to information, which is ideal if you have problems taking tests or quizzes.

You’ll be able to remember information better and you won’t feel jittery either. This is a great alternative to drinks like Red Bull or coffee because instead, this is a natural chemical reaction.

Do you feel like this would be the best option for you? Let us know why you would be the most interested in this option.

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Is there a pill to enhance your brain?

Athletes take supplements to improve their performance, weight loss supplements help you shed extra pounds at a faster rate, there are also products aimed to improve sexual performance, and it comes as no surprise we’re witnessing the rise of supplements that enhance cognitive functioning.

First, it’s important to bear in mind these products don’t automatically raise the IQ of a user. Their brain-boosting abilities refer to enhancing thinking, focus, alertness, concentration, memory, energy, and mood.

With regular consumption, people notice they’re able to concentrate faster than they used to. Thus their productivity improves as well. Cognitive enhancing supplements work to help you process information faster as well.

These products improve blood flow to the brain, thus enabling it to receive the healthy nutrients it needs to function properly. Also, they stimulate different parts or functions within the brain for improved communication, efficiency, and function (source).

You can’t just expect to introduce a supplement into your lifestyle and it just automatically work. You need to set the stage for yourself so you can always get the most out of any vitamin or mineral. Make sure you’re eating healthy and exercising regularly if you really want to see a difference in your life by taking a supplement.

Cognitive Enhancing Supplements

What Goes Wrong with Cognitive Abilities?

Cognitive abilities are defined as brain-based skills that we use to learn, memorize, carry out different tasks, and so on. Although our cognitive skills start to decline as we get older, many other factors play a significant role in weak memory, poor concentration, and problem-solving skills.

For example, a study published in the Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment[1] found that sleep deprivation has a tremendous impact on the brain and cognitive function. On the other hand, the study published in the International Journal of Gerontology discovered that factors such as smoking and mood play a role in cognitive function or decline as well.

Other factors that affect your cognitive abilities include:

  • Unhealthy diet
  • Stress
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Lack of social life

Below, you can see different things that go wrong with cognitive abilities:

  • Difficulty to concentrate
  • Forgetting important information
  • Confusion
  • Attention problems/easily distracted
  • Unfinished projects
  • Forgetting names
  • It takes a long time for you to complete tasks you used to with ease

Necessity for cognitive enhancing supplements

Reasons, why you should take these supplements, are numerous, for example:

  • Poor memory
  • Lack of focus and concentration
  • Hectic schedule and multiple commitments that require alertness and productivity
  • Desire to improve cognitive skills in a natural manner

Most people take these products to boost brain power in a natural way that without side effects or questionable ingredients. They’re ideal for individuals with busy schedules and stressful lifestyle as added stress can impair their cognitive abilities.

Cognitive Abilities Pills

Cognitive enhancing formulations to improve cognitive abilities

As mentioned already, this is the best cognitive supplement that contains an all-natural formula. They focus on the inclusion of ingredients that have been used in the medical practices of many cultures for centuries. Although ingredients and their amounts vary, the most common ones include:

  • Ginkgo Biloba – Improves blood flow to the brain and helps ease multiple circulation problems. It acts as an antioxidant, boosts memory and cognitive speed (source).
  • L-Theanine + caffeine – L-Theanine reduces stress while caffeine improves mood and focus (source).
  • Creatine – Enhances memory and overall brain function (source).
  • Huperzine A – Increases levels of acetylcholine within the brain, thus improving memory and cognitive functioning (source).
  • Choline + Piracetam – responsible for improving memory formation (Source – Neurobiol Aging. 1981).
  • Bacopa Monnieri – Raises acetylcholine levels and works to provide sharper memory (source).
  • Rhodiola Rosea – Anti-fatigue aged and mood enhancer (source).
  • Asian Ginseng – Enhances focus and attention, improves memory, boosts mood (source).

Do Cognitive-Enhancing Supplements work?

Yes, they do! It’s important to remember that everything will affect individuals differently. Everyone has a different state of their mental health and what they need to better their mental health will always be drastically different compared to another individual.

Cognitive enhancing products do work in most cases and often times if one doesn’t work, there will be another brand or option out there on the market that you’ll be able to try to see if there is any difference. Generally, people will go through a few different brands before they settle on something, this is completely normal!

Cognitive enhancing supplements are a fantastic way to reach our full potential. Instead of drinking unhealthy amounts of caffeine to gain just an ounce of focus, this is a great change and healthier for you in most cases, especially when you discuss this change with your doctor.

These supplements will affect everyone differently and there is one risk that makes taking supplements a bit risky.

It comes into play when individuals buy supplements online without any doctors involved and they begin taking them, especially when they were bought from a sketchy company that doesn’t exactly have a well-known reputation.

It can cause problems and should push for some kind of regulation to be put in place.


Cognitive Enhancing Supplements are the best blood flow supplement, formulated to improve cognitive abilities by enhancing blood flow to the brain and delivering much-needed nutrients. They aim to improve the overall health of the brain in an entirely natural manner. If you’re in a search for brain boosters, do thorough research and get informed about different products before making a final decision.

Overall, if you’re on the market for a supplement that will change your life, we’ve provided you with the researched information to make a choice.

NOTE: Just be sure to always check with your doctor before you introduce a new product to your body that you may not have ever heard of before. Keep yourself safe and go through this process correctly.

Your health is the number one importance and should always be, so be careful when testing out supplements you’re interested in. Always test them for about a month and only one at a time so you really know which supplement is affecting you the most.

Improving focus and brain cells, you’ll notice so much of a difference when using these supplements in your life.

Are you ready to see how life changes with these benefits?

Let us know what supplement you believe you want to try!

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Lauren Ann Teeter, MS, CNS, LCSW

Lauren has dual graduate degrees in Clinical Psychotherapy and Nutrition, espousing an integrative approach to optimizing overall healt


[1] Neuropsychiatr Dis Treat. 2007 Oct; 3(5): 553–567. PMCID: PMC2656292. PMID: 19300585. Sleep deprivation: Impact on cognitive performance

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