Top 7 Ways to Keep Your Child’s Brain Sharp

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Published: Feb 11, 2015 | Last Updated: Aug 24, 2018

Top 7 Ways To Keep Your Child's Brain Sharp

We are in 21st century or can say in the machine age. Advancement in the field of science has made our lives dependent on machines. Children now days are spending too much time attached to electronics such as video games, iPods, laptops, smartphones, and endless texting back and forth to friends, our kids are getting away from activities that stimulate both their brains and their bodies. Is your child one of them? Below mentioned are the things parents should consider keeping their child’s brain sharp:

1. Encourage Reading

Encourage Reading

One of the best ways to keep your child’s brain sharp is by encouraging him or her to read. Reading is one of the most effective ways for learning new things. There are lots of materials available that you could give your kids to read as story books, magazines, novels and chapter books. Take children to the library; let them pick their book of their interest. Encourage them to read before you and their siblings. This will help to stimulate brains and body.

2. Healthy Diet

Healthy Diet

A healthy body makes mind sharp. Proper diet should be given to children. The day should start with proper and healthy breakfast full of proteins as eggs, milk, yogurt or cereals. Make sure that your child is taking proper intake of dairy products, fruits, grains and vegetables every day. Avoid giving junk foods to kids; this will only increase their weight but will not give any nutrition.

3. Good Night’s Sleep

Good Night's sleep

A good sleep makes everyone sharper, healthier and calm especially kids. The healthy mind depends on proper sleep and a nutrition-packed diet to perform his or her best, your ability to remember increases when you nurture your brain with a good diet and other healthy habits. Most of the scientists agree that a full night’s rest is one of the best things to do before learning or memorizing things. A child needs 10-12 hours of sleep at night as sleeplessness lead to brain problems. Parents should take care if kids are getting good sleep at night so as to keeping their mind in top shape.

4. Embrace Kids Imagination-Talk to Your Kids

Embrace Kids

Spend quality time with your kids, talk to them about their day at school. Let them recall every single thing they did in school, ask them questions related to their teachers and friends. This will sharpen their minds as they recall the daily move. The time you and your kids spends in a car, in the kitchen, at the grocery store does add up, so this is the perfect opportunity to incorporate some stimulating mind exercises while on the go. Ask your child to calculate the total amount spent at grocery by telling them the cost of each item you put in the grocery basket, when in the car sharpen your child brain to read license plate of car you point and also memorizing them the way to home. Take kids outdoor, swing with them or trick-or-treat with them. Look at the world through their eyes. Build castles and mud highways with them.

5. Play Memory Games

Play Memory Games

Keeping your child brain sharp can be fun, spare some quality time with your kids playing memory games, there are over 100 of memory games available in market which sharpens memorizing skills of children. Playing brain games exercises your cognitive abilities and improves your brain fitness. So take some time to explore around, play some games, have some fun and sharpen your kid’s brain.

6. Limit Kid’s Time for Electronics

Limit Kid's Time For Electronics

Kids nowadays are spending more times on electronics like video games, iPods, laptops, smartphones, and endless texting back and forth to friends. Parents should limit their child’s time for electronics. Electronics are making children stop doing something productive. Parents should focus on making their child active and sharp. It is not that the children should be kept away from electronics, it is digital age so children should also keep in touch with the upcoming technology, the point is that technology is good when limits to the points where it adds to kids imagination and thought process. Make chores fun with kids. Shoveling snow? Play in the snow banks or build a snowman, cleaning your room? Dance to some music, digging holes outside? Play in the mud.

7. Encourage Special Skills

Encourage Special Skills

It is good to get your child register in extracurricular activities as swimming, skating, basketball, gymnastics, and karate. This will keep your kids active. Kids who are playing outside, on the swings, on the jungle gym, in the sandbox, riding their bikes, or involved in an organized sport such as Little League or gymnastics are engaging their bodies and imaginations. Kids who are playing video games and watching TV are not. Physical activity stimulates mental activity.

Lastly, the use of memory pills like Neuroplex might also help to boost the ability of concentration and focus. The supplement should be taken only under the observation of a physician.


It does not take a genius to help a child reach her intellectual potential – just a loving, involved parent. During the first ten years of child’s life, the brain forms trillions of connections the brain develops important connections that influence other abilities, like math and verbal skills, engagement with other kids or the interest in extracurricular activities. Read on for easy ways to encourage your little smarty-pants.

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