Top 10 Surprising Spices And Herbs That Boost* Brain Power

Spices and herbs are said to be one of the natural cures existing for many diseases. We suffer from many ailments and many of us suffer from them on daily basis. For example, people suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes and arthritis. These people do not have any escape from their diseases and it has been reported that after some time, their medical prescriptions stop responding to their ailment. Hence, they have to visit their doctor again to change them in order to get some relief. Beside the allopathic treatment that all of us get when we are ill, there are some herbal treatments as well which are more effective. There has been a general trend of not going for herbal medicine and it is considered lower than allopathic treatment. However, the truth is that herbal treatment and spices are good for health and do not have side effects as that of allopathic drugs. Though the treatment can be long, it saves you from acquiring other problems and helps you in finding the cure that lasts for a long time. These herbs and spices also help in boosting brain power and increasing responsiveness of a person.

Top 10 Surprising Spices And Herbs That Boost* Brain Power

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Brain power becomes extremely important as a person starts aging. In addition to that, the growing problems of memory loss and Alzheimer’s also call for a remedial action. One such action can be the use of herbs and species from an early age that helps in saving a person from these issues. This article will present a number of herbs and species which can be used to boost brain power and are easily accessible.

There are a number of things on your kitchen shelf that can help you in boosting your brain power and that too within a short span of time. The good thing about herbs and species is that they are easily accessible and cheaper than the medical drugs we use (Smet). Thirdly, they do not have adverse impact on our body like allopathic medicines. Let’s have a look at the treasure hidden in our kitchens.

Boosting Brain Power


Oregano is used in foods such as pizza and is a vital component for them. It is very useful for enhancing brain power as it is an antioxidant too. It saves the brain from damage while you are aging. This means that for old age memory loss issues, oregano is very useful as it prevents the brain from acquiring this problem. Its function is not limited to this only. Oregano helps in relieving stress and anxiety which helps in enhancing your mood and also aids in sleeping properly.


Thyme contains oils which are very useful for the body. The oils inside thyme contain abundant Omega-3 fatty acids which are good safety measure against aging problems. Omega-3 is good for prevention of memory loss and it enhances the ability to learn and remember things. In addition to this, thyme contains another chemical called DHA which is also known for performing the function of enhancing brain power.


Turmeric is an important treasure of your kitchen which is used in almost everything you cook. Have you ever wondered why it is excessively used in cooking? Let me tell you the reason. Turmeric has a chemical compound called Curcumin which is very useful for improving the efficacy of your brain. It helps in removing the plaque from brain that results in Alzheimer’s disease. Curcumin is an anti-oxidant which helps it in performing this function of removing plaque from the brain. Thrilled to know this, aren’t you?

Brin Herbs

Black Pepper

Black pepper is useful in improving the cognitive function of brain as well. It contains a chemical called piperine which improves the performance of brain and sharpens your senses. It also plays a role in breaking down serotonin and prevents the constriction of blood vessels. Hence, it saves a person from acquiring Parkinson’s disease.


A very important herb for improving your brain power is rosemary which contains many antioxidants. It has inflammatory powers as well which prevent any radical damage done to the brain. It plays a role in pushing away Alzheimer’s and prevents you from getting a stroke.


Sage saves your neural tissues from damage and this helps in saving your brain from any radical damage. Not only this, sage is very useful in helping people in recalling their memory. It can be used to help people who have acquired the memory loss issue to regain their memory or recall things they do not remember any more. It improves the cognitive function of brain overall. In addition to this, sage strengthens the neurotransmitters which are very important in the functioning of the brain as they help in the transmission of messages to and from a brain. Sage prevents neurotransmitters from breaking down.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.



It is one of the most important herbs that you can find in your kitchen. It saves you from acquiring Alzheimer’s disease and helps in maintenance of microtubules in the brain. These microtubules are very important as they can result in dementia if they are damaged. It is important to note that Cinnamon is the most widely used herb in food products. It is used in the famous cinnamon syrup which is used with pan cakes and French toasts. Hence, you can increase your intake of cinnamon in a number of ways which are delicious and healthy.


This herb contains a chemical known as Myristicin which plays an important role in enhancing brain function and boosting memory. It improves the brain activity as well as prevents the functioning of an enzyme which plays a role in the onset of Alzheimer’s.


Cloves are antioxidants in nature and help in removing harmful substances from the brain. They are also very important in enhancing your ability to learn and restore things as well as improving your attention. It helps you in sharpening your senses and staying alert too.

Holy Basil

This is a very interesting drug as it helps in enhancing blood flow to the brain. Increase in blood flow to the brain helps in washing away of harmful chemicals in the brain that accumulates over time. These chemicals prevent the brain from functioning properly and can lead to diseases like Alzheimer’s (Meletis and Barker). It also helps a person in getting rid of stress and anxiety and makes you focus on things properly. It also boosts your memory and other cognitive skills.

Lastly, the use of a supplement like Standard Process Cyruta Plus could promote healthy functioning of the brain. However, before taking any supplement consult with a doctor.

Why You Need to Improve Your Brain Performance?

The brain is one of the most important parts of the body without which you cannot survive. Not taking care of brain can lead you to acquire a number of diseases. In the world we live in, we pay attention to only few things and the same happens when it comes to taking care of ourselves. We are more concerned about improving our outer appearance instead of focusing on our internal organs as well. We will pay huge sums of money for manicure, pedicure and facials but we are always reluctant to pay something for refining our internal body parts. Not only is this, among the most neglected body parts the brain of a person.

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Most of us go to the doctor for a regular medical checkup but that medical checkup ignores the functioning of brain. It is generally assumed that brain is going to be fine whatsoever and nobody pays attention to it. However, it must be noted that one of the most sensitive body parts is the brain which, when damaged, is not repairable. For example, lack of sleep kills some very important brain cells which are good for memory and overall functioning of brain. Those brain cells are not reproduced as well so if you lose some of them, you are losing them permanently. But how many of us are aware of this fact? Not many, I assure you. The reason is that we never pay attention to what our brain is going through and we make assumptions that if I am able to get good marks in tests at school, my brain is healthy (Keville and Korn). It’s not always true.

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This is the thing that leads to most of us losing our lives to diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Our brain needs to be nourished as much as other parts of our body. It also needs good blood supply and oxygen to enhance its functioning. Another problem with people of our age is that when we encounter a problem, we prefer to use the most expensive method for fixing it. We will love to spend our money at big hospitals and on allopathic drugs but we will not even try to go for some low cost but better solutions. It is often considered as less suitable for your overall social class if you will pay for something cheap and will tell people that you are using herbal treatment rather than allopathic one. However, we forget that in the end, nature provides us with the best possible solutions to our problems.

What are The Hurdles in Realizing the Importance of Brain?

Importance of Brain

The most important hurdle here is that we do not consider the brain to be damageable. We consider it to be the all-time working machine of our body which has been made by God in a way that no harm can be done to it. Our body is an ecosystem and the brain is the moderator of this ecosystem. It will not be wrong to call it the king of the kingdom of our bodies as all orders are given by the brain. The moment we start realizing that the brain is just like other organs of our bodies, we will start giving it important too. It needs nourishment as other parts of the body needs and we need to understand this. The food that enters our stomach has an impact on our brain too. Therefore, it is necessary to realize that we should be eating healthy food to keep our moderator happy and healthy so that our body remains happy and healthy.

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*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Why Herbs and Spices are Better?

Herbs and spices are a gift of nature which does not contain any artificial or added flavor. They do not contain any harmful substance that will have a negative impact on your body. It is important to note that our body is in itself an ecosystem which requires natural things for its maintenance too. Our brain is the moderator of our body’s ecosystem which drives very body part to function properly.

Herbs and Spices

Herbs and spices are antioxidants in nature which can help in cleaning up the waste from our bodies. In addition to this, these herbs are used in allopathic medicines as well in one way or another but we are reluctant to use them directly. If a drug can cure you that contains a very minor portion of these herbs then why we never think about using the entire herb directly to see the full benefit? Additionally, herbs and spices are very cheap to get and are easily available. They help in burning the excessive fats in our bodies and enable the brain to perform its function properly (Hoffmann). For example, if we eat too much of fats our blood vessels start constricting. Our brain sends signals to the body for increasing blood supply in a particular region of the body but due to constriction of vessels there, it is not possible to increase bloods supply. This results in pain and bodily disorders. When we eat herbs, they help in preventing blood vessels from constriction and burn excessive fats as well to keep you healthy and fit.

Herbal versus Allopathic ways of improving brain power

improving brain power

Now the question arises as to why one should go for herbs and spices rather than the allopathic medicines? There are numerous reasons for that but let’s first start by discussing allopathic drugs. Allopathic drugs are for sure available in the market for boosting your brain power and it seems very attractive when you see commercials of these drugs on your television screens. These drugs also are very fast in their performance and can help up to some degrees in improving your brain power. However, they do not come without their side effects.

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Allopathic drugs contain artificial chemicals which are very harmful to your body. If you are using them for one problem, they will induce another problem in your body by the time they will recover your former problem. For example, painkillers are not actually cured of the pain we are having. They merely switch off our pain receptors in the area where we feel pain so that the pain is not transmitted to our brain and we feel nothing. However, the cause of pain remains there. It is not cured. Similarly, when you use brain enhancer drugs they have side effects on your body too.

Now we will come to the herbal ways. Many people run away from herbs and medicines due to the fact that their results are not shown superfast like the allopathic drugs. You have to wait and watch for a long time (Bremness). However, the results of these herbs are sure to happen and impact your body. One reason for using herbs and spices is that they do not contain artificial chemicals in them. They are naturally composed in a way to help your body reclaim its good and healthy form.

Secondly, herbs and spices do not have any side effects. If they will not give you any benefit, they will not even harm your body too. Every herb has a natural treasure hidden inside it which makes it good for your body. As you can see in the above-mentioned list of herbs, they play an important role in boosting your brain power. The only issue is that they do not come in sleek and stylish bottles with the tag of “Brain enhancer pills” and you have to make use of these herbs in your daily food. It’s a natural way of staying healthy. Thirdly, these are not at all expensive and are available from grocery stores easily. You do not need a doctor’s prescription for it and you can help your body to enhance its function in the easiest way possible.


In the light of the above-mentioned facts, it can be said that herbs and medicines are the nature’s way of helping our body improve its function. Taking care of your brain must be the primary objective of your daily routine and making use of these herbs in your food can help you in doing that. They are not only helpful in improving your brain’s ability to work properly but they also save you from deadly diseases. It is not a difficult task, now is it? Keep your brain happy to have a healthy lifestyle.

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