How Our Thoughts Shape Our Brains?

Our Thoughts Shape our Brain

Every thought that crosses our mind is an electromagnetic imprint that causes neurochemical ripples on our brain, some of these changes are temporary and some are lasting. For instance people who intentionally experience gratitude get a rush of rewarding neurotransmitters. Dopamine is the main rewarding neurotransmitters that cause substantial feeling of elation that brightens the mind. Norepinephrine release is the trigger for this blissful sensation brought on by dopamine…

If you take care of your brain and your mind, your body will express joy and gratitude. When you satisfy your body’s needs, your mind will greatly thank you in return. Keep on reading and discover how thoughts reshape our brains.

Our Thoughts Reshape and Engineer Our Cells

A thought is an electrochemical transformation occurring in our brain cells producing a cascade of physiological changes. This article sheds light on the effects of our thoughts on our body.

Each one of our cells harbours thousands of receptors on their surface. Each receptor is specified to fit a specific one molecule, peptide, or protein. Every feeling either of anger, sadness, guilt, excitement, happiness or nervousness, release a flurry of neuropeptides. Those neurotransmitters rush through the body connecting with receptors on each one of our cells changing and reshaping them…. With each cell division it is worth noting that the receptors density on the surface of each daughter cell increase* or decrease* depending on the environment it is immersed in and exposed to.

So, if we overwhelm our cells with chemical released as a result of negative thoughts, we would program our cells to invite and receive more of these detrimental chemicals in the future. Moreover, we reduce* the number of receptors suitable for the upbeat chemicals and neuropeptides on the cells, predisposing ourselves to more negativity.

Our Thoughts Reshape and Engineer Our Cells

Our Thoughts Manipulate Our Genes

We constantly manipulate our gene expressions with every thought that we harness and nurture. Epigenetics a rapidly emerging and evolving science reveals that we are the product of our internal and external milieu.

In fact our genes are switched on or off depending on our life experiences, and our needs; our genes and lifestyle form a feedback loop. Our thoughts and choices do not alter the genes we are born with but changes the expression of those genes based on our thoughts and environmental needs… Epigenetics is a science that confirms that our genes are not our destiny but that our thoughts, attitudes, perceptions, and environment dictates which genes need to be turned on or off, confirming that your perceptions and thoughts control our destiny. By changing our thoughts, we can reshape our own gene expression.


For any human to survive, we achieve and maintain a state of balance called homeostasis… The body is to regulate its internal environment or milieu through homeostasis. Maintaining homeostasis is a crucial function of the brain.

Homeostasis is achieved through a negative feedback loop: any time a parameter diverges from its set-point, sensors create a signal that induces a response that shift the pendulum back toward balance.

The area of the brain that maintains homeostasis is the hypothalamus, a small endocrine gland at the base of the forebrain. The hypothalamic nuclei receive input from sensors positioned throughout the blood vessels, passing on information about threats, temperature, acidity, electrolyte balance, blood oxygen level, and other elements reflecting the chemical status of the individuals, to the hypothalamic pituitary adrenal complex and other organs and motor areas to generate the necessary actions to remedy any environment induced chaotic neuro-bio-chemical soup . Once the sensors information is received by and processed by the Hypothalamus a signal is generated to alert the pituitary gland to act appropriately to alleviate the danger or the threat by attempting to restore balance. The pituitary glands control the entire endocrine system through tightly controlling the release of specific hormones that regulate their specific target endocrine glands…. Subsequently the neuro-endocrine dance is performed inducing appropriate cellular, and genetic alterations to protect, defend, restore and insure individual safety and survivorship.


Motivation & Movement

We are genetically engineered to survive and reproduce to preserve the species. This principal goal entails a rigorous genetic fitness that enhances* a set of activities that promote survivorship…These survival-promoting behaviours include a quest for food, water, shelter, and reproduction. This motivational system by design largely works through a reward–pain mechanism.

This powerful reward-punishment system is executed and controlled by a set of specific brain structures including the basal ganglia, a set of interconnected structures at the base of the forebrain.

Learning and Memory

The power of memory lies in its capability to modify behaviour through experience. Neuroscientists currently recognize several types’ memory systems that are involved in the personal learning experience… These memories are categorized as the following:

  • Working memory: This dynamic memory is defined as the brain ability to maintain information about the task that you are currently engaged in a particular moment.
  • Episodic memory is the ability to remember the details of specific events. This memory can last for a lifetime. The hippocampus plays a crucial role to create these long lasting memories.
  • Semantic memory is the ability to learn facts and relationships. This memory is largely deposited in the cerebrum.
  • Instrumental learning is the power of the rewards and reprimands system to alter behaviour in favour of survivorship. It is implemented by a network of brain areas centred on the basal ganglia.
  • Motor learning is the ability to polish motor activity and body movement through repetition of body movement.
Learning and Memory

The health, integrity and sanity of the body conductor (the brain) has to be the primary focus when healing any ailments as it is the CONDUCTOR (The Brain) that determine the tempo, adjusts balances, shapes genetic through deciphering epigenetic nuances, dynamically regulating, monitoring the slightest intonation and, of course, keeping the body orchestra together…

Addressing the integrity of the BRAIN as the BODY ORCHESTRA CONDUCTOR should take centre stage in our efforts to restore normality to any healthy or diseased body… The power of the BRAIN as the conductor of the BODY Symphony) can no longer be ignored as the brain is responsible to fulfil every detail of our genetic blueprint according to our needs… This process can only be accomplished if the Brain is healthy and capable to orchestrate and properly direct every organ, every cell, and every gene to start and stop in time.

In summary, we can no longer ignore the power of healing the brain as an essential part to achieve disease freedom. So let us notice, celebrate and recognize brain health and healing not only to help the brain but also to maintain the integrity of the entire body. So being good to our brain means enjoying better health from head to toe! And, remember, thoughts shape our brain and the way it functions.

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