How Going Through Nootropics Reviews Could Help You In Many Ways?

Nootropics Reviews

Nootropics or brain boosters are getting more attention nowadays because of their effective results. Before discussion of Nootropics, I will give you a brief overview of these smart drugs.

What Is Nootropics?

The word NOOTROPICS is the combination of two Greek terms “noos” mean “mind” and “tropos” mean “turn”. Thus Nootropics are the pharmacological and non-pharmacological substances that boost* the cognitive (mental) effects.

In other words, theses brain boosters sharpen memory, induce motivation and improve* attention and concentration (Lanni et al. 2008)[1].

What Are The Uses Of Nootropics?

Uses Of Nootropics

There are two major categories of medicines (Drugs) one is the category of those formulations which you can’t purchase without a prescription of a medical expert. These products are classified as POM (Prescription Only Medicine).

And, those health items which you can purchase without a prescription are categorized as OTC (Over the counter) products. Most of the Nootropics fall in the latter category and available without a prescription.

That’s why medical experts, e.g., doctors, neuro-specialists, pharmacists, and psychiatrists have been continuously debating about the expanding spectrum of non-medical use of Nootropics by healthy consumers.

Although they have shown their concerns over the rational-irrational usage, side effects and use of POM without any medical indication. And, most of the Nootropics are not regulated and controlled in many countries.

Even then demand and sale of Nootropics is mounting up as reported in a study[2] published in a medical journal BMJ in 2015.

The study has claimed that sale of Nootropics has become a billion $ business- sales of OTC supplements for cognitive effects have exceeded one billion US dollars across the world.

I am sure this mind blowing fact has raised the question in your mind.

Who Use These Products/ Supplements/ Boosters?

Cognitive Purposes Medicine

Other than cognitive purposes these products are also used by healthy people as dietary supplements as well as used for improving* the symptoms in individuals who are affected with ADHD, Dementia and Alzheimer, Parkinson, etc.
However, theses are banned for athletes. Mostly Nootropics are used by:

  • Students – Mostly college and university students[3] use these mind boosters for academic aid; to improve* their test score, enhance* memory and learning capability.
  • Professionals – professors, researchers, businessmen, athletes, workers, etc. use Nootropics to enhance* their capabilities and to make them more logical, effective and innovative.
  • Some people use to overcome bad outcomes of social exclusion (which may induce social anxiety in them)
  • Patients- patients of ADHD/AAD, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease[4] also use some Nootropics to minimize the symptoms and to improve* their lifestyle.

What Is Nootropics Review?

Nootropics review is a postmortem report of the product which gives you a comprehensive piece of information about the product’s dosage, ingredients with their quantities, the purpose of use and safety data, etc.
This review is usually provided by manufacturers. All of the information in a review is evidence based[5].

Should I Read Nootropics Review?

Read Nootropics Review

The answer is simple . . . Yes

Safety Comes First
As most of the Nootropics are not controlled and regulated like other medicines in many countries, so consumers have to purchase directly from the manufacturers or distributors.

Besides it, most of the supplements are available over the counter, and unlike other medicines, you may have no advice of your physician or a pharmacist. In such situations when there is a variety of products is available in the market, it becomes a trouble to choose a supplement of your choice to achieve your goal.
That’s why you should read the review before placing an order.

What A Nootropics Review Can Teach?

A good review [6] has two parts

  • Product overview
  • Customers’ opinion/ review

Product Overview

This part of the review is very very important . . . Never miss it to read it. So BE SMART with this part to FEEL SMART.

A best Nootropics review TEACHES you following things:

1. Introduction of the product

  • (correct brand name and generic name)
  • Product’s physical form, i.e., capsule, tablets or liquid
  • Information whether it is Herbal, synthetic, adaptogens, synthetic supplement or Drug
  • Main active ingredient
  • Date of Manufacturing and EXPIRY date
  • Batch no.

2. Formula of the product: this part gives you information about ingredients used with:

  • Common name with Correct scientific/ generic names
  • Quantity of the each ingredient used in ‘mg’, ‘ml’ ‘IU’ or ‘percentage.’
  • Dosage
Dosage Related
  • Number of capsule(s)/ tablet(s) per DAY
  • Quantity in units of weight or spoons if the products is not in solid form
  • How to use? e.g., before meal, with meal or after meal and intake with water or milk
  • Duration of usage (How many days/weeks/months you will use)

3. Mechanism of action:

  • Explains how each ingredient work and
  • what is the science behind their output

4. Benefits

  • Explains the benefits of each ingredient used
  • Explains the synergic benefits if more than one Nootropics are used in one product

5. Adverse effects

  • Explains side effects of the ingredients
  • Interaction of the Nootropics with other drugs, medicine or diet
  • Limitations of use OR precautionary measures if any

6. Pros and Cons of the Nootropics

7. Legality

  • Either the product is registered with regulating agency
  • Either have quality certification, e.g., cGMP, ISO, etc.

8. Manufacturer’s detail/ address

Consumer’s/ customer’s Review

A good Nootropics review shares the experience and opinions of other people who have used it already. When you read the views of other, be careful….

Sometimes manufactures show false reviews/ paid reviews, i.e., they pay the people in exchange of five-star rating of their product.


I will wrap up with recommendations that never make a hurry in the selection of Nootropics. Before it, READ . . . READ . . . READ and NEVER COMPROMISE ON YOUR SAFETY.

A good review is a good teacher, and bad review is a bad teacher by giving you pseudo information and playing with your trust as well as safety.

So either you are a beginner of Nootropics or looking for your Nootropics stack, I will recommend you to use only Nootropics whose review is comprehensive and include all points discussed above.

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