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What are the Facts of Mind Blowing Health?

It all starts internally. The idea of the mind being connected to the gut and notably also to the heart, which has been, and continues to be researched nearly everywhere by countless reliable sources, such as neuroscientist, and physicians whom seemingly come into agreement that choosing to live in the moment (mindfulness) helps to control negative chatter in the brain thereby reduces many maladies such as depression.

What are the Facts of Mind Blowing Health?

The research acknowledges the connection between mind and body is real. www.heartmath.org

I suspect that you are starting to feel some discontent about so many different pieces of information available on the web today.

The advice about “do this not that” perhaps leading to more confusion, overwhelm, and a feeling of failure for not adhering to the task selected which may actually lead to more, instead of less negative input.

This could end up then resulting in a lack of energy to begin a process, complete a process, or even wanting to learn something healthy with so many different types of well-intentioned strategies to choose from.

It all leads back for me to what I term as the “If only” syndrome. You know the one, “If only I were a size 2” “If only I had that marriage” “If only I had the money” “if I would just exercise” and usually ends with “Then I would be happy.”

What if there was a process that could be summoned up at will at any time to help us regroup, and could immediately help us feel less stressed and anxious? What if that wonderful tool is easily learned and is portable? What if it required little effort but has been proven to lower blood pressure, top of mind awareness and it’s free?

There is such a tool built into each and every human being and the results of research and countless ongoing studies prove time and time again that it is indeed alive and well but many are just not aware of this powerful ability of the human mind.

It is amazing how complex the human body is and how many different functions it accomplishes. If you would like to discover more mind-blowing health facts, all you have to do is keep on reading this article.

Deciding What I Need

Deciding What I Need

Deciding what you truly need. Start by taking a look at what you are doing now. Are you choosing to self-medicate your way to relaxation? Are you killing yourself with self-indulgent eating or spending your resources to numb or find the temporary high?


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

The fact is that many of these maladies drive people constantly into medical and mental health offices. We seek, but we do not seem to find. We have possibly reached a point of disconnect from our internal network on some level.

Take an honest look at where you are today; chances are you may recognize the source of your discontent. Think about what worked in the past, and try to identify what is not working now.

In the process, you may discover that your body along with your mind is seeking a way to escape from the reality we have flat out chosen to place it in.

It is exhausting to live life on a constant treadmill of unfulfilled desires and perceived notions. It’s not your fault.

There is enough external input coming at us on a daily basis that our brains literally cannot seem to shut it off.

When we keep failing to find the reality of peaceful living that we are striving to for we become exhausted to the point of even being able to recognize any longer just what it truly is that we really need. That’s sad, and indeed unhealthy.

Devoting Time To Your Brain

Our brain and our body have neurological systems that operate together. Many people do not stop to consider that the purpose of our cells is not only to float around in our body busy carrying nutrient-rich blood to our organs, but they gathered intentionally, in the beginning, to form the very organs in our body as well.

Organs then go on to form systems such as these examples you may be familiar with: Neurological system, digestive system, nervous system.

The most prominent organs that function together are the brain and gut which both run on our thoughts. They link together and are known to have their own neurological systems.

As you learn to practice meditation and mindfulness work, amazing things happen. Tuning in, dialing up the brain plays a significant role in our overall health.

I highly recommend to even my busiest clients that there is indeed a way to find a few moments at least once per day but preferably more, that they can honestly strive to carve out quiet time for their own well-being. Even if it means setting the alarm on your phone to remind yourself that this is ‘me’ time.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Beginning with just three to five minutes per day devoted to simple meditation will reset your overall health in a huge way. The practice of meditation does not have to be expensive, require special clothing, and can be accomplished in the stall of the bathroom at work if need be.

Or if you have children, by locking the bathroom door when at home for a few moments of undisturbed re-grouping bliss! You will still be available and aware, if this is what it takes in order for you to find the time to be able to meditate, please do it!

I guarantee that once your mind and body realize the amazing effect coming from regular mindfulness meditation practice; will indeed blow your mind in the direction of the healthiest sense of the word.

Great benefits come from being able to release, refocus and center. Relaxation means that you will be able to handle the day’s challenges more easily and in control resulting in less stress and anxiety.

Soon, before you realize it, you will most likely crave to seek even more time for your mind-body healthy exercise. Practicing in the morning before other priorities enter your day will set us up for a day that is approached from a state of “I’m okay.” “I’ve got this” calming effect instead of instantly throwing yourself into the state of panic when we decide to hit the floor running to get the children to school, opting to sleep in, then running off to get to work on time. You may find yourself feeling like you must move, move, and move until you can finally arrive back home again to relax.

When you think about that part, does it really stop there for you? Chances are no. You may then pressure yourself further into tasks that need to be accomplished before you get back on the treadmill of life for work and family taking place tomorrow morning, and the cycle keeps going until one day, you fall flat from the ill health of living in constant turmoil. There are just a few minutes of time, now aren’t there. Please find them, and convince yourself that this is for you.

Ultimately the benefits reach back into the life of others as well. By approaching life feeling more relaxed and self-assured; all this goodness will undoubtedly have an influence on others in your life that you come in contact with on a daily basis.

Your daily devotion will add up to less depressive thoughts, a more relaxed nervous system, and you may even start to recognize that your heart is beating more efficiently offering still another added healthy relief from chronic stress and loss of restorative sleep.

Devoting Time To Your Brain

What Have You Got To Lose?

Everything. It will cost you nothing to lose those negative, unhealthy depressive, anxious thoughts. In fact, I don’t believe I have ever heard of anything that was not gained from spending just a few moments every day to allow your brain some rest.

It really is the best maintenance medication you can possibly muster up for yourself. When you think of meditation as an exercise for your brain, you would be right. It’s no different than working out at the gym.

You must find the practice time, and you must work on building brain muscle. If you do not choose to find time to meditate most if not, every day you will possibly lose the benefit just like anything else.

Meditation has been proven to melt layers of anxiety, worry, depression, and fear that is ever-present constantly running in our thought process. Mastery of the brain leads to crystal clear thinking, and the stressors of everyday life will become lighter.

The health benefits are many. Redirecting the focus of your thoughts reforms your thoughts at the root level. The governor of our mind responds with less chatter allowing navigation of the tasks at hand to become more manageable.

The mind starts its own detox in optimizing cellular functions. Clarity returns, and we are able to function because we have more resources available for other tasks.

Identifying The Stress Thief

Stress, daily worries, undergoing fear, the pace of life, causes your body to send the signal that it’s overworked.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

When we live in the fight or flight state and many of us do so every single day, we are setting ourselves up for very unhealthy results.

The fight or flight response is a trigger of the reptile mind having the natural ability to protect us from anything that is about to wreak havoc on our being or could possibly kill us.

The trouble is that our mind cannot differentiate from a true real threat, and one we just created in our own mind.

So, until the threat is resolved satisfactory, we remain in this state. Tense, waiting for something to attack us we are living in perceived danger.

While we need this protective part of our brain, it is often overworked because of the many complexities arriving daily in the form of input, both from our own thoughts and sometimes it never has the opportunity to shut off due to the lifestyle we are living.

Think of a time when you were frightened or feared something that was happening around you. Remember how your pulse quickened, pupils dilated, breathing became short and quick the muscles tightened, sweat began to come, even perhaps your jaw clenched?

Living in a constant state of fear goes on to explain for the most part why we develop high blood pressure resulting from the constant pumping of blood to the muscles and organs in rapid time out of this state of fight or flight wearing out our arteries. We may develop poor kidney function, loss of neurological function and so much more.

The body shuts down other body processes while the focus remains on the pumping of blood to handle a state of perceived fear and preparing to exit the threat quickly.

Is it any wonder why our body screams “enough is enough?” A significant factor is representing the emotional tides on the limbic system. The limbic system seats our impulses, fears, and anger. When we live in a state overwhelm, and we exhaust the nervous system.

We lose the capacity for reflection, reason and the emotions begin to take over. Meditation restores a sense of wellbeing creating a calm, problem-solving ability becomes more acute, and decision making returns.

The pre-frontal cortex functions efficiently, restoring memory and the ability to reason without reacting first before thinking things through. These are all things we learn along the way.

Stress Thief

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How To Begin?

1. Observe.

Sit comfortably. Breathe deeply but calmly and close your eyes. As you breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth, focus and just gently notice anything causing you stress or tension. Breathe in and out at least three times, or more if needed.

2. Acknowledge.

Recognize any stressor. “I feel stressed because…” Feel it, do not worry if your mind wanders. It is good to allow things to pass through you.

Letting go of anything that really does not need your attention. If your mind wanders too much, simply bring your breathing into focus once more by concentrating on a nice rhythmic breath.

This is a natural breath. Not overly deep. More restful. You may feel it coming from your chest or your abdomen. Relax.

3. Welcome your stress.

Without judgment, you can recognize that the stress you were feeling is just a part of you. It cannot harm you, and you do have power over it. Now, observe. What and where are these feelings coming from?

When they come, do I feel anything in my body responding? If so, you can appreciate the effect it has on your health. Continue breathing naturally, deciding to release the stress by choosing to do so on exhales and inhale peaceful unforced breath. Begin to feel your energy circulating throughout your body.

4. Come home again.

Now that you spent a few minutes of time exploring the effect and releasing negative thoughts find your place of contentment by bringing that calmness back home with you now.

When you are ready, open your eyes slowly and re-enter the room where you are sitting. Become aware of the place where you are sitting. Perhaps you already feel lighter, more peaceful.

Welcome what positives happen in this state of being. Giving yourself permission to live in the present moment. Accept it, integrate, and transcend your peaceful experience.

How To Begin

5. Realize.

You did not physically go anywhere but only in your mind. For a few moments, you felt completely relaxed and able to control many functions in this state of mind.

Notice too that you have the ability and power to control your mind instead of your mind controlling you. How nice that you were able to cut yourself off from the busy external world to find an internal sanctuary.

Perhaps once you settled the emotions, you may have been able to intellectualize and allow new thoughts with bits of wisdom attached to them to arrive. This often happens during meditation. This is wonderful and often intuitive in nature.

Practicing this meditation exercise will assist by choosing a healthier more efficient state of mind with which all of the body’s systems are working in harmony with one another.

Increase personal mind-blowing health by aligning the mind, body, emotions, cells, organs, and spirit through meditation, just a few moments each and every day.

In conclusion, each part of the human body works to serve an important function. The vital organs, such as the brain and the heart, represent the pillars on which the other functions are accomplished.

As you have seen, there are a lot of mind-blowing health facts we have yet to discover. It is always amazing to discover new information about our own bodies and what they are capable of.

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