How to Enhance* Your Brains Abilities?

Enhance Your Brains Abilities

Brain Enhancement is a technique which is used to bolster brain-eye coordination by employing high speed imaging displayed on a computer. This stimulating exercise facilitates the creation of new dendrites in the brain cells and also encourages the release of chemicals inside the brain which further boost* the brain’s information processing capability.

An example of the brain’s processing is reading. Our eyes act as the brains sensors which send visual information to it. Upon receiving this information, the brain accesses its store of existing information to make sense of the images being sent by the eyes. Because our brain’s information store contains the meanings and relations between the words of the English language, the brain is able to process the images to extract new knowledge which is then stored into its existing information store. As understanding is achieved of images being sent by the eyes, the brain may also produce some sort of output such as emotion or movement. As you can see, this is an input-process-output cycle which is the standard for almost all information management systems.

Brain enhancement boosts* the brain’s ability to process the information being sent to it from the eyes. When your brain processes information more swiftly, you are able to accumulate a greater amount of knowledge, and your eyes are able to convey information at a much faster rate. Basically you become more intelligent, have better judgment and information retention capability.

In a Nutshell

Amount of Knowledge x Processing Speed = Learning Ability

Why do You Need to be Smarter?

You need to be smarter because it’s the one sure way to be successful in your life. With the brain’s heightened ability to read and process information, you are able to soak up more knowledge from reading and enjoy it too, which creates a chain reaction where you reading and learning. Your vast repository of knowledge lets you express yourself better, understand real life situations accurately, score higher grades at school and perform everyday tasks and unexpected challenges with greater ease.

Can You Improve* Your Brain Health?

Not only is brain enhancement possible, it is in fact necessary for those individuals who have crossed the 30 year mark since the brain starts to naturally slow down at this point unless kept stimulated by challenging brain exercises. It is possible to boost* your brain and enhance* even the most elementary cognitive abilities, no matter how old you are.
According to recent studies, brain training software can be effectively used to improve* essential cognitive abilities such as auditory/visual processing, attention, working memory and decision making.

Does Brian Enhancement Help you to Improve* Your Focus?

Brain enhancement, by boosting your cognitive functions, leads to improved* IQ, enhanced* concentration and focus, rapid thinking, heightened situational awareness, increased creativity etc. Brain supplements has been employed by a number of senior citizens to sharpen their focus so they can enjoy activities which would otherwise be impossible at their age. Testimonials and evidence of this can be found in magazine, newspapers and scientific journals everywhere.

Sandra B. Chapman, from the University of Dallas’s Center for BrainHealth, and Raksha A. Mudar, from University of Illinois’ Department of Speech and Hearing Science, have reproted the considerable potential of complex reasoning training to enhance* neural and cognitive functioning based on population studies.

Guidelines of Brain Enhancement

The internet provides you with plenty of ways to enhance* your brain’s abilities using accelerated learning courses which cover drama, arts, music, posters etc. and aid you in forming new brain skills and improving* your memory. Accelerated learning which incorporates music is a brain enhancement strategy that cultivates innate brain improving* skills. As you process textual or auditory information, you also listen to relaxing music – this method has proven to be effective in spite of the fact that there isn’t a clear scientific understanding as to how it works.

If web based learning isn’t your cup of tea, there are many kinds of brain enhancement software, distributed via CDs, DVDs or downloads, to choose from which include brainwave entertainment, audio cortex training, subliminal audio/visual training, brain entertainment such as video games that make you use your brain – teasers, puzzles etc.; brain music to stimulate and optimize brainwaves and neurons as you listen and relax.

Besides these professional tools to enhance* your brain, you can follow some simple tips such as associating information with details which are already part of your memory. This helps you retain new information with a greater permanency because it is linked to an already permanent memory. It is also easier to enhance* your memory through images and repetition.

Every scientific aid aside, the one thing necessary for improving* your brain function is to keep your brain healthy through nutrition, lots of exercise and adequate sleep. Also, keeping an active social circle stimulates the brain and increases* the utilization of your neurons which boosts* your memory.

Benefits of Brain Enhancement

  • Makes you smarter so you score better in your educational and professional career.
  • Boosts* your ability to tackle unforeseen circumstances and problems.
  • You can express yourself better in front of others which improves* your social standing.

Is Brain Enhancement Safe Way to Improve* your Memory?

Brain enhancement has been typically associated with prescription drugs such as Adderall, consumed mostly by college students to help them score better in tests and exams. This type of brain enhancement is indeed dangerous because it makes the person dependent on the drug for their performance. However, the brain enhancement exercises discussed above are completely safe because they actually make you use your brain in mental exercises to hone its abilities. You can think of brain enhancing* drugs as steroid and brain enhancing* exercises as a proper gym workout – both help you build muscles but only one does so in a fair and safe manner.

Bottom Line

Brain enhancement is a tried and tested method to improve* your intelligence. You should not allow yourself to feel limited in your opportunities because you aren’t smart enough. You can boost* you IQ and cognitive skills by flexing your brain through brain enhancement exercises.

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