Healthy Brain Foods That Supercharge Your Memory, Focus & Mood

Your wonderful brain is often taken for granted. We certainly do abuse it for the most part. We expect quite a lot of it without considering that is indeed very important for our survival, how we perceive, learn, evolve, and believe. It is in control of the many systems for our body as well and intricately connected to our nervous system, heart, and senses.

Healthy Brain Foods That Supercharge Your Memory, Focus & Mood

So, why do we not seek out more information about how to treat our brain? It is astounding to think about. After all, we human beings pour into our bodies countless toxins, drugs, and stimulants that interfere with our brain daily.

We just expect that it will go on and on without much care. This could be detrimental to your healthy brain. Meditation, relaxation, sleep, and napping all assist in giving the active brain an opportunity to detox and rest.

What it needs?

Your brain contains about a hundred billion neurons plus another trillion support cells. Most neurons fire even while you are sleeping. Consequently, it needs to be fed. It weighs about three pounds, but it needs about twenty-five percent of your glucose. It needs even more than this if you consider that sixty-percent of the dry weight of your brain consists of healthy fats.

Neurotransmitters carry information from one neuron to another as your body builds complex molecules from smaller parts assisted by biochemicals like serotonin which supports our moods, digestion, and sleep is made up from tryptophan with the aid of iron and vitamin b6. Shortages of any of these sensitive nutrients will harm your body and your brain.

What it needs

Shortage of b vitamins for instance contribute to mood issues. Vitamin D shortage creates a weaker immune system, can increase the possibility of dementia, also affects the mood. While shortage of DHA also leads to depressed states.

Fill up your neural cupboard with good supplies of these, will bring about natural energy, resilience, and well-being.

How Is This Accomplished?

Every meal, and most especially at breakfast have three to four ounces of protein. The size of a deck of playing cards. You can find this source no matter if you are a meat eater or plant eater or both.

This will provide vital amino acids plus regulate your blood sugar and insulin. Eating lots of sweets, by the way, is not the same thing. Either is white flour products and high carbs which will eventually work against the good you are doing.

Lending you to a crashing foggy state of hypoglycemia. Frequent high insulin will put you on the road to type 2 diabetes so keep these types of foods to a minimum.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Eat lots of dark-colored fruits and veggies such as blueberries, kale, beets, carrots and broccoli. These wonder foods support important nutrients to protect your brain against oxidation and helps maintain your memory. (Guerrero-Beltran, etal.2010)

Take a broad-spectrum high potency multi-vitamin and mineral supplement if you feel you are lacking in any of these nutrients from your food or to support what you are already doing. Check with your doc if you have any questions about what you need to supplement.

It would be wonderful if people were able to slow down and have great balanced meals every day, but sadly enough we usually do not. We need more of these nutrients to help metabolize the hundreds of man-made molecules that we are exposed to every day.


In addition to eating healthy as much as possible, you can toss a few vitamin capsules in there which takes less time than tying your shoe as you head off to start your day.

The minerals are also important, as DHA assists with our omega-3 oils necessary for both the body and the brain. I can hear some of your stressing the objection to fish oil, but there are alternative choices such as a combination of flax oil and DHA from algae.

Fish oil is the most effective, but you can check with your local health food store if you are certain you cannot handle the fish oil. There are also some very good products that do not have the fish oil aftertaste on the market today.

Read your labels on supplements and be certain that the binding ingredients do not offset the goodness they are providing by adding chemicals that you do not need. Some colorants, for example, can affect some people badly.

Meanwhile, taking these positive steps toward good brain health nutrition will show up as you feed your head which in turn will feed your body too.

Brain Downtime

It is also very important to provide your brain with some downtime. No question, that your valuable brain needs some rest. Depending on your age, determines how much you need. During sleep, your brain is working to slow down and process all the information it has received and if you come to think about it, that’s quite a lot each day.

It is busy detoxing and sorting out. It also desensitizes the fight or flight response and stress hormone known as cortisol. The hippocampus slows down the alarm bell and allows calm to enter in.

Consequently, stress today makes you more sensitive to the stressors of tomorrow. Since the hippocampus is critically needed to make memories and store important mental files, a daily needed relief of stressors will greatly assist.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Brain Downtime

This is achieved both by a restful night’s sleep, helped further if you practice meditation, take a nap, or even just find some quiet time and allow thoughts that are static to flow through you while you create a peaceful place to just be. When we give rest to our valuable and wonderful brain on a daily diet, we will feel less irritated, frustrated, and anxious.

Wonderful benefits for just a little well-deserved leisure time wouldn’t you agree. Soothing and calming activates the parasympathetic part of the nervous system and that is not a bad thing at all. One must consider that we exercise the body, try to keep it in shape because we know that it is proven to serve us better if we do.

The health benefits are read about everywhere. Online, in magazines and on the news. I ask my clients to implement relaxation and bring back inner focus in my private practice. Most clients I work with do not even fathom how to begin to relax.



The body needs rest after exercise. It needs nourishment as well. What about your brain? Think about how much it does for you. You respond to what it is thinking internally always. Your brain needs vital nutrients, and restorative rest to perform and create longevity. Please “feed your head” today and discover what it feels like to have a healthier well rested brain that will serve you well into your lifetime. Either way, you can deploy a brain enhancement supplement such as Focus Factor in your daily routine to boost your brain health.

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