5 Reasons Why Elite Entrepreneurs Use Smart Pills To Crush Work

Entrepreneurs Use Smart Pills

Working as an entrepreneur is not easy and with today’s internet and access to as much information as you need; it is a breeding zone for alpha entrepreneur conquerors.

This brings much competition and long grueling hours where you have to be focused and hit targets.

There is simply no excuse for not taking advantage of any type of edge that will let you go beyond the normal person with standard cognitive capacity.

Why be a regular Joe when you can jump-start your nerve activity to an Einstein level. Just keep on reading and discover about the benefits that smart pills have to offer. And, remember, brain enhancement pills could make a genuine difference whereas your professional life is concerned.

Dehydration from Diuretics

While recent research has told us that drinking coffee doesn’t dehydrate you, most entrepreneurs pulling 12-16 hour days trying somehow to keep focused will definitely be killing espressos and urinating like they have been at happy hour for 6 hours.

This constant urination will keep you dehydrated as you will also be peeing out all the important minerals your body needs to retain to maintain any type of balance within the brain.

Not only will you look like a zombie because your skin cells need moisture and you are turning into a lizard, your immune system starts to take a beating as well. Your body is made up of 60% water and when you have dehydrated your cognitive status decreases* at an alarming rate.

Electrolyte and sodium levels will be depreciated, and your attention and memory are next to go. Dehydration affects short term memory, long term memory[1], and critical thinking such as simple arithmetic.

Dehydration from Diuretics

The ability to hold and store information diminishes* fast which has a direct impact on trying to remain focused for any time whatsoever to accomplish targets.

An alternative to coffee and sodas would be a Nootropic such as Aniracetam. Aniracetam increases* serotonin and dopamine in the prefrontal cortex area of the brain. The prefrontal cortex of the brain is in the frontal lobe and is a major player in the role of planning and executive functioning.

Just like an exec is in a company this functioning involves reason, logic, problem-solving, planning, and memory. These functions have a direct impact on attaining and pursuing goals, motivation, ambition, focus, attention.

The increase* in serotonin and dopamine relaxes and enables the ability to drive these functions clearer with focus.

Excessive Diurnal Somnolence

Sleepiness and drowsiness during the day is a huge problem for a vast majority of the population. The many factors of our lives are changing our genetic makeup as we speak as well as hammering our adrenals and causing imbalances in the brain that can wreak havoc on our neurotransmitters.

Once you dive into the areas of this phenomenon, you will find many different labels or diagnoses such as Chronic Fatigue, Snoring or Sleep Apnea, or just simply sleeping difficulties and insomnia.

Everybody has sleeping problems at one point of their lives, but if sleeping problems persist, then it can wreak havoc on your brain and ultimately any chance at having functional memory, focus, and energy.

For example, sleep apnea is one of those things that is really not discussed among young men, but the secondary effects are detrimental to their bodies. OSA is when the upper airway is obstructed and causes more of an effort to breathe.

The person that suffers from sleep apnea after a full night’s sleep might wake up like he has run a marathon and is very hard to climb out of bed.

With the continual obstruction of the airway, it then creates cortical microarousals and decreased* oxygen levels which lead to interrupted sleep[2] and constant fight or flight episodes throughout the night.

Excessive Diurnal Somnolence

So, essentially after what would be a sleeping beauty rest for the normal person, the OSA sufferer wakes up like he has been running from a tiger all night long.

Just like chronic insomnia or having sleeping difficulties for a long time, OSA can cause long-term problems in the brain that can increase* or decrease* neurotransmitter activity such as GABA and glutamate.

The increase* in glutamate then causes increased anxiety and hyperarousal in the brain which secondarily can give you anxiety and makes falling asleep even worse.

This then messes up the circadian rhythm and then daytime drowsiness is in full force. The nootropic drug Modafinil[3] , which is another name for the drug Provigil, causes wakefulness and was first introduced for the use against indications such as sleep apnea, narcolepsy, sleep deprivation, and shift work sleep disorder.

Modafinil targets dopaminergic neurons in the hypothalamus of the brain and actually increases* dopamine which can sufficiently increase* happiness, concentration, and overall satisfaction.

While the increase* in glutamate is a problem for long-term sufferers with sleep problems, the imbalance in the brain also affects dopamine. The increase* in dopamine from modafinil can promote wakefulness during the day and help you get back into your routine again.

The main reason entrepreneurs would want to take Modafinil is because not only does it have the ability to increase* productivity, mental endurance, and decision making; it also can help you get back on track with your sleeping while killing two birds with one stone.

Communication and Social Anxiety

Communication and Social Anxiety

If you are going to be a leader and the one to look up to in order to pitch that new product to that angel investor. Then there is no room for any type of anxiety, self-doubt, or insecurities.

When going up in front of a group of intimidating investors or any other leaders in any field; it can rattle anyone’s boots when you do not have a silver tongue.

Not only does social anxiety play out into presentations but it also can spill into the workplace. One of the many destructions of any company is a lack of communication or leadership.

If you cast any self-doubt to your employees or even a competitor, then this can present itself in other people losing respect for you or even losing a potential deal.

The Nootropic Phenibut has been used for anxiety, memory loss, and insomnia. Phenibut is a naturally occurring inhibitory neurotransmitter ?-aminobutyric acid (GABA)[4]. Gaba, just like dopamine and glutamate, has the potential to get out of whack from long-term anxiety, sleep issues, or other stressors of life.

When taking Phenibut, it has been said that it immediately causes a sense of calm and sedating effects because of the binding properties in the brain.

Accelerating the Right Brain

The traditional approach to business is simply dead. The 9-5 father that gets in his station wagon with his suit, briefcase, and then slowly dies every day in his cubicle is gone.

We are now left with not only the acceptance of a young 20- something without a degree wearing a t-shirt running a fortune 500 company, but the continuing evolvement of technology and every day some new software hitting the market changing our lives.

The ability to access and wire into your right brain will conquer the competition by allowing for the ability to think above and beyond while doing things effectively and nonlinear. Most traditional ways of doing business is going by logic, numbers, and graphs to come to a conclusion.

When having the ability to access both hemispheres effectively, then you are opening doors to more things than spreadsheets and numbers. Thinking outside the box allows you to generate ideas looking from different angles and allowing for different approaches to paying attention to other aspects that are beyond an equation. Brain enhancement pills can help you make a genuine difference in your life, especially in the workplace.

Also in relationships with your co-workers and also potential investors, the ability to crack into the right brain will give you an edge on intuition and foresight that analytical thinkers have difficult times understanding.

Tapping into that instinct or extrasensory feelings can definitely give you that edge that other competitors will simply not have in their toolbox.

Aniracetam is a mood enhancing* Nootropic[5] that allows you to jump out of your shell and leave behind the anxiety and insecurities that drive down creativity. With it being one of the strongest Nootropics, it has the potential to reduce* stress and anxiety but also is able to increase* focus and memory.

The ability to increase* attention while reducing* anxiety is a prime recipe to gain access to those creative juices that life seems to take away from us with the “what ifs”.

Accelerating the Right Brain

Sequencing the Brain

This would not be an article on Nootropics without going into the sequencing actions of the cognitive forces of Nootropics. Connecting the dots or sequencing is planning and the ability to think ahead of your competitors and get sh*t done.

Strategic cognitive sequencing is how the brain decides to apply certain cognitive processes at a given moment to solve complex, multi-step cognitive tasks.

The prefrontal cortex is deeply involved with planning, but it is hypothesized that it is also involved with the basal ganglia in trial and error learning with short sequences by dopamine-driven reinforcement learning[6].

A similar reward theory is that the prefrontal cortex, basal ganglia, parietal cortex, and hippocampus all work together in memorizing sequences of cognitive actions by instruction or self-instruction.

Sequencing the Brain

With what we know about neurotransmitters and the role of dopamine it can have devastating effects on cognitive functions and even motor functions when imbalanced. Low dopamine can happen from stress, anxiety, not exercising, not eating balanced meals, environmental toxins, and also pharmacological components.

Low dopamine allows for symptoms of adrenal fatigue, mental fatigue, loss of libido, loss of creativity, and loss of motivation. Many Nootropics work in the area of increasing* dopamine such as Aniracetam.

Another nootropic called Noopept is another option that works in the role of dopamine but it is 200 times stronger than its counterpart. It lasts up to 5-6 hours and is known to increase* the amount of serotonin and dopamine in the brain. Either way, you can also check out Nerium EHT Review which might be an effective brain enhancement formula.

In conclusion, you can really change your professional and personal life for the better, by taking any of the above-mentioned smart pills. As you have been able to read, these are meant to stimulate your brain and its most important functions. Brain enhancement pills will help you become more efficient, defeating any existent competition around you.

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