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What Are Nootropic Supplements?

Nootropics and smart drugs are natural or synthetic substances with the main focus of providing health benefits to both the brain and a person’s cognitive abilities.

Did you know?—Belgian scientist Corneliu Giurgea coined the term nootropic in the 1970s. “No”, from the Greek, means mind, and “trope”, meaning turn.

These products have seen a tremendous amount of popularity in recent years and are often referred to as “smart drugs” due to the claims that they can make a person smarter.

According to Market Insiders, Americans are expected to spend $11.6 billion on brain health supplements by 2024.

While this is not really the main aim of these products, they do aim to enhance several cognitive abilities, such as thinking abilities, the ability to store and recall memories, concentration, attention, focus, and more.

Nootriment reports that nootropics are also often used to assist with treating conditions such as depression and anxiety.

While there are many nootropics on the market, only a few of these products can deliver results that could be considered effective and potentially impressive.

This is exactly what we wish to focus on in this article. With so many people being confused regarding the particular nootropic supplement they should buy if they wish to give products in this market a try, a lot end up losing a lot of money after they buy a product that does not have the ability to offer effective results.

We would like to take a closer look at nootropics and discuss some of the best nootropics you can buy for a real boost in memory, focus, and other areas of your mental functionality.

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Finally, our contributors were wowed by a variety of nootropic supplements, but the Youthful Brain stood out from the crowd because it’s formulated from natural ingredients that help improve mental focus, attention, and cognitive functioning. If you’re willing to spend a little more on nootropic supplements, NooCube is the best nootropic supplement of 2023, which not only assists in focus but also helps to enhance the brain. It contains seven natural ingredients designed to safely and quickly enhance overall cognitive function and performance. 

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Best Nootropics Of 2023

Here’s a look at the 20 best nootropics of 2023 and how they improve brain performance if you want to know which nootropics are the best supplements for focus and concentration and have the best chance of boosting brain function.


Claritox Pro | Best Vertigo and Dizziness Relief Supplement

claritox pro supplement

Claritox Pro

(4.9/5) 301 REVIEWS


  • High-Quality Ingredients
  • Manufactured By USA
  • GMP Certified
  • 100% Organic
  • 100% Money BAck Gurantee
  • Form: Capsules
  • Quantity: 60 Capsules
  • Dosage: Take Two Capsules Daily With a Glass of Water.
  • Ingredients: Zinc, Chromium, Alpha lipoic acid, Green Tea, Berberine Resveratrol
  • Usage: Support the Health of Your Balance System With Natural Ingredients
  • Safety: FDA Approved and GMP Certified Facility
  • Refund Policy: 60-Days
  • Company Info: 1444 South Entertainment Ave, Suite 410, Boise, Idaho, 83709, USA, [email protected], +1-800-390-6035

I’m impressed!star-4.9

“Having struggled with balance issues for years, I was desperate to find a solution that didn’t involve pharmaceuticals or potential side effects. Claritox Pro came into my life as a promising natural alternative, and this review encapsulates my personal experience with Claritox Pro Capsules.” – Debra S.

Claritox Pro is a natural dietary supplement that addresses all causes of vertigo and related symptoms, such as unbalance, lightheadedness, disorientation, and dizziness. It promotes brain and mental health by improving cognitive capacities regardless of age or gender.

The Claritox Pro formula comprises a potent blend of vitamins, minerals, proteins, natural nutrients, and plant or botanical extracts. It aims to alleviate the various mental issues underlying vertigo. One significant contributor to dizziness and balance problems is inflammation in the inner ear, which can disrupt delicate balance mechanisms. Ginger root, a key ingredient in Claritox Pro, possesses anti-inflammatory effects that can aid in reducing this inflammation and restoring balance. By mitigating inflammation, Claritox Pro may help decrease the frequency and intensity of dizzy spells while enhancing overall balance.

Moreover, Claritox Pro is dedicated to enhancing blood circulation to the brain, a critical element for optimal brain function. Insufficient blood flow can lead to various symptoms, including dizziness, fatigue, and cognitive decline. Claritox Pro actively improves blood flow to the brain, guaranteeing it receives the necessary nutrition and oxygen required for peak performance.

For individuals grappling with vertigo and its associated symptoms, including dizziness, ringing in the ears, balance issues, hearing loss, nausea, or headaches, Claritox Pro offers a natural treatment option worth considering.

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Alpha Brain | Best Brain Power Supplement


Alpha Brain

(4.8/5) 1000 REVIEWS
  • Carefully Selected Ingredients
  • Sustained Focus
  • Gluten Free
  • Caffeine free
  • Reputable Manufacturer
  • Form: Capsule
  • Quantity: 90 Capsules
  • Dosage: 2 Capsules Per Day
  • Ingredients: Alpha-GPC, Huperzine A, Vinpocetine, AC-11, Bacopa Monnieri, L-Tyrosine
  • Usage: Assists in Focus, Aids Mental Processing
  • Safety: Gluten Free, Caffeine Free
  • Refund Policy: 90-Days
  • Company Info: 401 Freidrich Ln. Suite 302 Austin, TX 78744 USA, [email protected], +1 855-666-4899

Great Brain Support!

“So far I feel a huge difference in focus and memory. I’m quicker to snapping out of being lost in thought and I’m able to tackle multiple tasks at work without get flustered.” – Bryce Baker


Alpha Brain is a herbal dietary supplement clinically tested for cognitive function and the release of alpha brain waves in healthy adults. It is a nootropic cognitive enhancer produced by Onnit Labs, a company based in the United States. It is also one of the initial nootropic supplements that health enthusiasts and regular people use.

It works by using two methods to improve the brain’s cognitive functions. In the first method, the product provides raw choline to the body, and in the second method, it gives acetylcholinesterase inhibitors that prevent acetylcholine from being degraded in the body.

The producers put a lot of effort into developing a capsule with all the nootropic components, which is excellent for people who desire to increase their mental capacity and intelligence.

It is recognized as one of the best nootropics for enhancing cognition, energy, and the capacity to focus and pay attention.

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NooCube | Best Cognitive Function Supplements



(4.8/5) 5 REVIEWS
  • Scinece Backed Ingredients
  • Keep Sharp Focus
  • Non-GMO
  • Caffeine Free
  • 60-Day Money Back Gaurantee
  • Form: Capsule
  • Quantity: 60 Capsules
  • Dosage: 2 Capsules Per Day
  • Ingredients: Alpha GPC, Huperzine A & Bacopa Monnieri
  • Usage: Boost Memory, Increase Focus and Attention
  • Safety: Vegetarian, Soy Free, Grain Free
  • Refund Policy: 60-Days
  • Company Info: WOLFSON BRANDS (UK) LIMITED, 12 Payne Street, Glasgow, G4 0LF, United Kingdom, +1 207-530-8152

This stuff works.

“My difficulties paying attention have always existed. I’ve lost a lot of jobs because I would forget dates or miss appointments. I went to a few doctors for help focusing, but they put me on drugs that made me feel stupid and slow. I decided to try this brain supplement after hearing my mother mention it. It didn’t work at first, but I persisted, and by the second week, I was feeling like my brain was functioning at its best. To be honest, it felt great. As if I could go back to being a fully functional adult.” – Julia Grace


NooCube is a nootropic supplement produced to help support and improve focus, memory, and brain speed. It is said to contain a synergistic combination of vitamins, minerals, and other fundamental building ingredients for a healthy and well-functioning brain.

NooCube claims to have helped many individuals improve their knowledge, mental performance, and energy levels. The NooCube brain enhancer contains seven natural ingredients designed to safely and quickly enhance overall cognitive function and performance. These ingredients are said to be based on valid clinical data, making this product one of the most popular nootropic compounds on the market.

colanAccording to the Study[1], “Huperzine A increases the levels of a chemical called acetylcholine. This seems to help treat diseases that interfere with memory and thinking. People use huperzine A to improve memory and mental function in people with Alzheimer disease or other types of dementia.”colan-1

According to noocube review, it provides lot of benefits without posing any harmful effects to the user. The advantage of increased mental energy can be traced to the supplement’s ability to kick-start the brain at a rate higher than expected, which is almost similar to what happens after taking a stimulant such as coffee.

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Nootrogen | Top Supplement For Brain Health



(4.8/5) 145 REVIEWS
  • High-Quality Ingredients
  • FDA Registered
  • Gluten Free
  • GMP Certified Facility
  • Reputable Manufacturer
  • Form: Capsule
  • Quantity: 60 Capsules
  • Dosage: 2 Capsules Per Day
  • Ingredients: DMAE, Glutamic Acid, Niacin, Bacopa Extract
  • Usage: Supports Cognition, Supports Energy & Focus, Support For Everyday Stress
  • Safety: Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Lactose Free
  • Refund Policy: 30-Days
  • Company Info: Vita Balance Inc, 7400 Beaufont Springs Drive, Suite 300, Richmond, Virginia 23225, United States, [email protected], +1 888-455-9995

Best pills for brain health.

“The first day I took this I set up 3 appointments I’d been putting off, including one I scheduled for that same afternoon. Much better focus at my remote job. Tasks don’t seem so daunting. I am accomplishing so much more, so much more easily. This stuff works.” – Sally Garcia


Nootrogen is a dietary supplement that is carefully formulated by a renowned manufacturer to enhance overall brain functioning. It is great for improving the memory level and the level of focus among the users. It utilises the natural botanical components to ensure that it works well as compared to other best-focus supplements that have more or less similar claims. This product is mainly sold online via numerous websites owned by various legitimate online retailers.

If you are looking to ensure that your brain works normally without being affected by the aging process, then this is the supplement that you should consider using.

colanAccording to Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitaminology[2], “the effects of glutamic acid on cognitive function in healthy young adults. The study found that glutamic acid supplementation improved memory and learning performance compared to a placebo.”colan-1

This is one of the most popular products in this field of brain-boosting pills. It will help enhance your brain and improve focus almost immediately. This product will also work long after you stop taking it. This supplement is the ultimate nootropic that supports cognition, involves creativity, recognition, abstraction, and reasoning, rewires the neutral circuits, and relieves anxiety and stress.

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Brain C-13 | Best Brain Boosting Supplements


Brain C-13

(4.8/5) 345 REVIEWS
  • Natural Ingredients
  • cGMP Certified
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten Free
  • Form: Capsule
  • Quantity: 90 Capsules
  • Dosage: 2 Capsules Per Day
  • Ingredients: Velvet Bean Seeds Extract, Rhodiola Root Extract, Turmeric Root, Ginkgo Leaf
  • Usage: Promotes Memory, Boosts Mood
  • Safety: Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, cGMP Certified
  • Refund Policy: 180-Days
  • Company Info: 4610 Prime Parkway McHenry, IL, 60050, USA, +1 800-928-1184,, [email protected]

Best brain boosting vitamins.

“I was having trouble remembering things before I started using Brain C-13. But after trying it, I saw results almost immediately. I was back to my old self! My mind was clearer, my focus was sharper, and I was calmer and happier.” – Margie


Brain C-13 is a supplement that has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its purported ability to enhance cognitive function and protect the brain from age-related decline. It contains 13 carefully chosen ingredients, including vitamins and minerals, amino acids, herbal extracts, and other substances that are believed to have beneficial effects on the brain. The supplement is claimed to improve focus and concentration, enhance memory, reduce stress and anxiety, and promote healthy brain development. Additionally, brain C-13 is said to provide antioxidant protection, helping to protect the brain cells from damage due to free radicals.

Brain C-13 is a supplement that may provide a range of cognitive benefits. Additionally, it is recommended to consult a doctor before taking any supplement, as some ingredients may interact with medications or cause side effects.

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CortiSync | Best Supplement For Mental Focus



(4.7/5) 236 REVIEWS
  • Natural Ingredients
  • cGMP Certified
  • Risk Free
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Non-GMO
  • Form: Capsule
  • Quantity: 60 Capsules
  • Dosage: 2 Capsules Per Day
  • Ingredients: Sensoril, Holy Basil, L-Theanine
  • Usage: Improve Metabolic Functions, Boost Strength & Energy
  • Safety: No Negative Side-Effects, No Prescription Required
  • Refund Policy: 67-Days
  • Company Info:
    [email protected], +1 604-677-53659

Good medicine for brain.

“I recently had a setback, so I was looking for something to give me a boost, and this product absolutely does the trick! This product is without a doubt not a gimmick! I would strongly recommend it to anyone because it has helped me regain my mental focus and concentration.” – Amelia


CortiSync is a dietary supplement designed to help reduce cortisol, the stress hormone, and improve overall brain health. It is comprised of natural ingredients that work together to reduce stress and improve mental clarity, focus, and memory. It also contains adaptogens, which help the body better cope with stress. CortiSync has been clinically proven to reduce cortisol levels, improve energy and alertness, and improve overall cognitive performance. It has also been shown to improve sleep quality by reducing the amount of time it takes to fall asleep and increasing total sleep time.

colanAccording to the Study[3], “Sensoril has been shown to have some incredible nootropic properties that can help provide an increase in mental performance. It has been shown that this patented form of Ashwagandha can improve focus, mood, memory, attention, information processing, and cognition.”colan-1

This supplement is produced by Leading Edge Health Ltd., a reputable company with 25 years of industry experience. There shouldn’t be any negative side effects because it only contains 100 percent organic components and no dangerous fillers or chemicals. Medical professionals endorse it highly.

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Brain Pill | Best Supplement For Brain Function


Brain Pill

(4.7/5) 456 REVIEWS
  • Patented Ingredients
  • No Crashing
  • 100% Natural
  • No Prescription Required
  • 67-Day Money Back Gaurantee
  • Form: Capsule
  • Quantity: 60 Capsules
  • Dosage: 2 Capsules Per Day
  • Ingredients: Cognizin, Synapse, Huperzia Serrata
  • Usage: Eliminates Brain Fog, Protects and Bolsters Memory
  • Safety: GMP-Certified, High-quality Ingredients
  • Refund Policy: 67-Days
  • Company Info: 300 – 1095 McKenzie Avenue Victoria, BC, V8P 2L5, +1 604-677-5365, [email protected]

It’s very good thanks.

“I think BrainPill supplement did help out more than I thought it would. I did appear to be able to concentrate and focus more. I also felt more energised and less sluggish. They appear to have aided me.” – Sarah Austin


Brain pill supplements are a type of dietary supplement that can help to improve cognitive function and mental clarity. They generally contain a combination of natural ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs, and other compounds that can help to improve overall brain health. These supplements are designed to improve focus, concentration, and memory, as well as reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. They can also help to support healthy brain aging and reduce the risk of cognitive decline. Generally, Brain Pill supplements are recommended to be taken daily for best results, although individual ingredients may vary by product.

Citicoline has been studied as a potentially effective nootropic supplement. Research suggests that it may help support cognitive function, mental energy, focus, and attention.”

Additionally, it is important to discuss any supplements with a healthcare provider before taking them. With proper use, Brain Pill supplements can be a safe and effective way to support overall brain health.

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Vitality Now Youthful Brain | Best Brain Supplement for Focus

vitality now youthful brain

Vitality Now Youthful Brain

(4.8/5) 19 REVIEWS

  • GMP-certified facility
  • Easy-to-swallow and Digest
  • Formulated by Anti-aging Physician
  • 180 Day Money-back Guarantee
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Form: Tablets
  • Quantity: 60 Capsules
  • Dosage: Take with or without food
  • Ingredients: Clear Mind Formula, Croscarmellose sodium, Dicalcium phosphate, Magnesium stearate
  • Usage: Helps Improve Short-term Memory, Enhances Cognitive Functions.
  • Safety: Proprietary Mental Clarity Formula
  • Refund Policy: 180-Days
  • Company Info: Vitality Now LLC 285 Northeast Ave Tallmadge, OH 44278, +1-800-599-0746, [email protected]

Amazing Supplement

“I’ve used Youthful Brain for less than a month, and it seems to be working. My short-term memory has improved to the point where I was becoming concerned because I was forgetting things I had recently done. I’ll keep taking these because they’re helping my memory. The one drawback is that because they contain a lot of B12, they sometimes make me anxious after drinking coffee, so take them early in the day as directed on the package.” – David Taylor

The Vitality Now Youthful Brain nootropic product claims to help with memory and brain health. Overall, the chemicals in Vitality Now Youthful Brain are thought to improve brain health and cognitive function, while further research is needed to completely understand the supplement’s mechanism of action and effectiveness.As nutrients enter your brain, they begin to repair damaged cells and neurons, increasing brain performance. The Youthful Brain supplement also enhances blood flow to the brain.

“Adequate magnesium levels appear to be protective against chronic disease and supportive of brain health,” according to Pumper, and “low magnesium status is increasingly linked to disease risk, including neurological and psychiatric disorders and impaired disease management.”

Youthful Brain contains some really effective ketones. When your brain cannot access sufficient glucose levels, it will use this as a last resort energy source.They provide energy to persons who follow a ketogenic diet, in which glucose is severely reduced. These ketones should provide your brain with additional, long-lasting energy. But it’s not just about ketones.There’s a lot in Youthful Brain’s recipe that should assist nourish your brain. This contains a wide range of nutrients – vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and so on – that should promote the health and productivity of your brain. As one might assume, Youthful Brain should increase general cognitive performance. In doing so, it reveals where it received its name. A brain health vitamin that has been carefully designed to improve mental clarity and vitality. 30 days of two easy-to-swallow capsules each day may significantly increase your brain’s attention, alertness, and overall vigour.

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Focus Factor | Best Supplement For Concentration


Focus Factor

(3.5/5) 115 REVIEWS
  • Form: Tablets
  • Quantity: 120 Tablets
  • Dosage: 4 Tablets Per Day
  • Ingredients: Choline, Vinpocetine, Dimethylethanolamine, L-glutamine, Docosahexaenoic Acid
  • Usage: Improves Memory, Concentration, Focus
  • Safety: Gluten Free, Patented Formula
  • Refund Policy: 30-Days
  • Company Info: 1319 Gray Fox Farm Road, Suite 100, Portland, Maine 04102, [email protected], +1 800-429-0415

Good product.


“I feel like these really give me mental energy, even if it’s a placebo I’ll take it. I feel more open minded and less tired during the day. I’ll use again and keep testing this product, especially now that I’m back in school at an older age I feel this helps focus.” – Mary

Focus Factor is a brain health supplement designed to improve memory, concentration, and focus. It contains a patented formula of natural ingredients that have been clinically proven to improve cognitive function. The main ingredients are choline, vinpocetine, dimethylethanolamine, L-glutamine, and docosahexaenoic acid.

Additionally, Focus Factor contains zinc, magnesium, and vitamins B6, B12, and D, which are all essential for healthy brain functioning. According to focus factor reviews, it offers a Kids Extra Strength Daily Chewable Supplement specifically designed for children. Regular usage of Focus Factor may help improve memory, concentration, and focus, and has been proven to be effective in clinical studies.

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Now Foods Brain Elevate | Best Supplement For Mental Clarity


Now Foods Brain Elevate

(3.4/5) 115 REVIEWS
  • Form: Capsules
  • Quantity: 120 Capsules
  • Dosage: 1 Capsules Per Day
  • Ingredients: Ginkgo Biloba Extract, RoseOx, Flavonglycosides, L-Glutamine, Huperzine A
  • Usage: Improve Mental Clarity, Memory Function
  • Safety: Non-GMO, Dairy Free, Vegetarian
  • Refund Policy: 30-Days
  • Company Info: 5068 Whitelaw Road, RR6, Guelph, ON N1H 6J3, +1 800-283-3500

My Memory is a Lot Better!


“My memory is a lot better when I take these daily. When I don’t, often I can’t think of words to complete a sentence, but this problem decreases a lot when I take these. It seemed to help with periodic ‘brain fog,’ which at my age is not uncommon. It doesn’t take much, but you must take it on a daily basis. I couldn’t live without it.” – Kim

Now Foods Brain Elevate is a dietary supplement designed to help improve cognitive function, focus, and memory. This product contains an array of natural ingredients that are known to support healthy brain function, including DHA, phosphatidylserine, and Ginkgo biloba. It is also enriched with natural vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin B6, folic acid, and magnesium. The product is designed to help improve mental clarity, focus, and concentration, as well as aid in reducing stress and fatigue.

colanAccording to the Study[4], “Ginkgo biloba may help improve cognitive function and performance on working memory tasks and slow age-related intellectual decline, but solid evidence to support these benefits is limited.”colan-1

It is also said to be beneficial for overall brain health. In addition, the product is free from gluten and dairy, making it suitable for those with dietary restrictions.

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Mind Lab Pro | Best Memory Improvement Supplement


Mind Lab Pro

(3.5/5) 115 REVIEWS
  • Form: Capsules
  • Quantity: 60 Capsules
  • Dosage: 2 Capsules Per Day
  • Ingredients: Cognizin, Phosphatidylserine, Rhodiola Rosea, L-Theanine
  • Usage: Help Enhance Focus, Motivation, Drive, Brain Support Supplement
  • Safety: GMP-certified Facility, Gluten Free, Lactose Free, Non-GMO
  • Refund Policy: 14-Days
  • Company Info: 7 Clarendon Place, Royal Leamington Spa, CV32 5QL, UK, [email protected]

Improve My Memory.

“At the age of 73, I have been using the Mind Lab Pro product (two capsules per day) for a couple of years, and found after several weeks of use that my memory improved. Since first beginning its use, my memory and ability to remember and use words has continued to improve.” – Grindley

Mind Lab Pro is an all-in-one nootropic supplement that claims to optimize a wide array of cognitive functions for whole-life brainpower. The supplement is formulated with 11 nootropics that work in six different bio-pathways to support memory, focus, cognitive performance, brain energy, mental clarity, and more. The formula includes potent ingredients like cognizin, phosphotidylserine, rhodiola rosea, and L-theanine.

More specifically, Mind Lab Pro includes Bacopa monnieri 150 mg full-spectrum extract, which is a potent antioxidant-rich ingredient that supports memory, focus, and cognitive performance. This supplement is scientifically proven by independent research and manufactured in a state-of-the-art, FDA-registered, and GMP-certified facility which makes it a top-notch product.

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Vyvamind | Best Mental Sharpness Supplement



(3.6/5) 165 REVIEWS
  • Form: Capsules
  • Quantity: 60 Capsules
  • Dosage: 2 Capsules Per Day
  • Ingredients: Vitamin B6, L-Tyrosine, Citicoline, Caffeine Anhydrous
  • Usage: Sharper Focus, Increased Attention Span
  • Safety: 100% Natural
  • Refund Policy: 30-Days
  • Company Info: SAP Nutrition Ltd. 128 City Road London, [email protected]

Best brain function pills.

“I frequently experience afternoon fatigue while running my own online store and caring for my 18-month-old daughter. Vyvamind keeps me motivated and focused so that I can provide excellent service to my customers every day. I like how this pill helps me focus without giving me the jitters that coffee sometimes does. I started taking Vyvamind after eating lunch at 1 p.m., and I felt energised for the rest of the afternoon. I also recommend this to disorganised mothers.” – April P.

VyvaMind is a popular over-the-counter supplement designed to improve cognitive function, memory, and concentration. It contains a blend of natural ingredients, including L-Tyrosine, Citicoline, L-Theanine, Caffeine Anhydrous, and Vitamins B6 and B12. The supplement is classified as a nootropic, which is a class of supplements that use natural substances to enhance brain function. VyvaMind is particularly popular among beginners to nootropics due to its straightforward yet effective blend of ingredients. It is also relatively affordable compared to some other nootropic supplements on the market.

According to Research,”Caffeine can help improve memory, reaction time, and mental performance in general, while also reducing fatigue and improving mood.”

Some users report improved focus, cognitive clarity, and productivity after using VyvaMind. However, as with any supplement, it is important to consult with a healthcare provider before starting use to ensure no negative interactions with other medications or health conditions.

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Qualia Mind | Best Brain Enhancement Supplement


Qualia Mind

(3.1/5) 165 REVIEWS
  • Form: Capsules
  • Quantity: 154 Capsules
  • Dosage: 7 Capsules In The Morning
  • Ingredients: Niacin, Pantothenic Acid, Cognizin, Vitamin B12
  • Usage: Supports Prefrontal Cortex Activity, Enhances Stress Resilience
  • Safety: GMO Free, No Artificial Colors, Gluten Free, Vegan
  • Refund Policy: 100-Days
  • Company Info: 2011 Palomar Airport Road, Suite 101 – PMB 160, Carlsbad, CA 92011, +1 (855) 281-2328

I actually notice a difference!

“I ordered Qualia so that I could focus at work with more energy and motivation. After taking it consistently Monday through Friday for a few weeks, I started to realise it actually helped with all of the things I hoped it would. The recommended dose is 7, but I usually take 3–5 each morning. It gets me going, and I don’t even need coffee anymore!” – Sara W.

Qualia Mind is a nootropic supplement designed to enhance cognitive function, memory, and focus. It contains a blend of numerous natural ingredients believed to work synergistically to support brain health and reduce mental fatigue. According to Neurohacker, the company behind Qualia Mind, this supplement is specifically formulated to provide whole-life cognitive enhancement. Some of the key ingredients in Qualia Mind include B vitamins, choline, acetyl-L-carnitine, L-theanine, caffeine, and adaptogens like Rhodiola rosea and Bacopa monnieri.

colanAccording to the Study[5], “Vitamin B12 supplementation may improve cognitive function, particularly in elderly people or those with marginal vitamin B12 status. It may help to improve memory, attention, and processing speed.”colan-1

Qualia Mind is a premium product and is priced accordingly. While some research supports the use of certain compounds found in Qualia Mind for cognitive enhancement, more studies are needed to fully understand the potential benefits and risks of this supplement.

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Hunter Focus | Best Supplement For Focus and Memory


Hunter Focus

(3.2/5) 234 REVIEWS
  • Form: Capsules
  • Quantity: 180 Capsules
  • Dosage: 6 Capsules Per Day
  • Ingredients: Citicoline, L-tyrosine, Ginkgo Biloba, Bacopa Monnieri, Rhodiola Rosea Extract
  • Usage: Enhance Memory, Increased Energy
  • Safety: 100% Natural, Non-GMO
  • Refund Policy: 30-Days
  • Company Info: 2011 Palomar Airport Road, Suite 101 – PMB 160, Carlsbad, CA 92011, +1 (855) 281-2328

Best for cognitive enhancement

“I am taking Hunter Focus supplement from last 3 months and no improvement has been seen yet. I don’t know what happened with my body, but I feel stressed.” – Richard Johnson

Hunter Focus is a brain supplement designed to improve productivity and focus for professionals over 30 years old. It contains a blend of natural nootropics and ingredients that are said to enhance cognitive function. One of the key ingredients is Bacopa monnieri, which is an Ayurvedic herb that is said to boost attention and memory. Hunter Focus also includes the Lion’s Mane mushroom, which is thought to help with mental clarity and focus. Other ingredients include ashwagandha, passionflower, and phosphatidylserine, which are all believed to support cognitive function in different ways.

Hunter Focus is a popular choice for individuals who are looking for a supplement to help them stay focused and productive throughout the day. It is important to note that while Hunter Focus contains natural ingredients, users should still consult with a healthcare professional before taking any new supplements.

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Performance Lab Mind | Best Focus Supplement


Performance Lab Mind

(3.3/5) 110 REVIEWS
  • Form: Capsules
  • Quantity: 30 Capsules
  • Dosage: 2 Capsules Per Day
  • Ingredients: Citicoline, L-tyrosine, Phosphatidylserine, Maritime Pine Bark Extract
  • Usage: Supports Focus, Memory, Speed, Motivation
  • Safety: 100% Natural, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Caffeine Free
  • Refund Policy: 60-Days
  • Company Info: USA, +1 812-360-2309

Amazing brain enhancing supplements.

“I’ve been taking Mind from Performance Lab for the past six months or so. This product has definitely enhanced my overall ability to concentrate, multi-task efficiently, and focus on my challenging and intense work throughout the day. It has also improved my short-term memory as well. I am very happy with Mind and can highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to enhance their cognitive performance.” – Darrell B.

Performance Lab Mind is a nootropic supplement that aims to optimize cognitive function and improve mental performance. This supplement is designed to support memory, focus, mental clarity, and overall brain function. Its ingredients include citicoline, bacopa monnieri, phosphatidylserine, lion’s mane mushroom, and maritime pine bark. These ingredients are well-researched and have been shown to improve cognitive function in various studies. Performance Lab Mind is also vegan-friendly, non-GMO, and does not contain any synthetic additives or caffeine.

colanAccording to Journal of Neurosurgical Science[6], “the effects of pine bark extract supplementation on cognitive function in healthy adults. The study found that pine bark extract improved memory and attention, as well as reducing symptoms of mental fatigue.”colan-1

Performance Lab Mind is a nootropic supplement that may help improve cognitive performance for whole-life mental performance. It is important to note that one should always consult with their healthcare provider before starting any new supplements.

Official Website


Cebria | Best Supplements For Memory and Focus



(3.2/5) 670 REVIEWS
  • Form: Capsules
  • Quantity: 30 Capsules
  • Dosage: 1 Capsules Per Day
  • Ingredients: Folic Acid, L-Theanine, Green Tea Extract, Arginine
  • Usage: Promotes Retention, Protect Short-term Memory
  • Safety: Gluten Free, Caffeine Free
  • Refund Policy: 30-Days
  • Company Info: Van Nuys, CA 91409, [email protected], +1 800-221-6198

Amazing brain function supplements.

“I’ve been using the Cebria supplement for just over 30 days, and I recently placed an order for a second bottle. I’ve found over time that my memory recall is much better and that my morning brain fog has significantly improved. Not to mention, it didn’t make me feel queasy. I intend to keep using it, and I believe anyone in need of assistance would be wise to get it.” – Maira

Cebria is a brain supplement that is marketed as a way to improve memory and cognitive function. The supplement is said to work by increasing blood flow to the brain and supporting the production of neurotransmitters that are important for memory and focus. The main active ingredient in Cebria is a combination of neuropeptides, which are small molecules that are believed to improve communication between brain cells.

According to Research,”Green Tea Extract may help improve cognitive function, including memory and attention, and may also have neuroprotective effects.”

It is important to note that Cebria is not a cure for dementia or other cognitive disorders and should not be used as a replacement for prescription medication. As with any supplement, it is also important to speak with a healthcare professional before taking Cebria to ensure that it is safe and appropriate for your individual needs.

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Neuroq | Best Supplement For Brain Health



(3.5/5) 130 REVIEWS
  • Form: Capsules
  • Quantity: 60 Capsules
  • Dosage: 2 Capsules Per Day
  • Ingredients: Gotu Kola Aerial Extract, Turmeric Rhizome Extract, Ginkgo Leaf Extract, Phosphatidylserine
  • Usage: Supports Healthy Brain Cells, Boost Memory
  • Safety: Gluten Free, Made In The USA
  • Refund Policy: 90-Days
  • Company Info: 565 N Kays Drive, Kaysville Utah, 84037, [email protected], +1 (833) 638-7674

It Works!

“I’ve been taking NeuroQ for 3 weeks and have seen massive improvement in memory and cognitive ability. NeuroQ helps me focus keeps me on my game.” – Robert S.

NeuroQ Memory and Focus is a nootropic supplement designed to enhance brain function, increase blood flow, promote long-term brain health, clear toxins, and support cognitive performance. Its ingredients work together synergistically to provide a range of benefits.

The supplement includes natural ingredients such as Bacopa monnieri, Ginkgo biloba, and phosphatidylserine, which have been shown to improve focus, enhance memory, and support healthy brain function. Other ingredients such as L-theanine and caffeine help to promote alertness and energy, while tyrosine helps to support mental clarity and mood.

It is a dietary supplement that is safe and easy to take, and it is suitable for people of all ages who want to enhance their cognitive function and support their overall brain health.

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Vital Vitamins Brain Booster | Best Brain Boosting Supplement


Vital Vitamins Brain Booster

(3.4/5) 145 REVIEWS
  • Form: Capsules
  • Quantity: 30 Capsules
  • Dosage: 2 Capsules Per Day
  • Ingredients: Vitamin B-12, Bacopa Monnieri Extract, Phosphatidylserine, Ginkgo Biloba
  • Usage: Enhance Cognitive Function, Supports Brain Health & Reasoning
  • Safety: 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, Non-GMO, GMP Certified Facility
  • Refund Policy: 60-Days
  • Company Info: [email protected]

Great supplement for brain health.

“I love this product. I feel so awake and focused. It keeps me on my toes during the day. My mind feels sharper and clearer during the sessions after taking VITAL VITAMINS Brain Supplement Nootropics Booster. It’s more evident because it’s a time of day when my mental processes are typically hazy. It works, and the price is unbeatable. Everyone is different but for me this works and I can feel the difference in my mood and attitude also. Thanks for this amazing product!” – Chris Davis

Vital Vitamins Brain Supplement Nootropics Booster is a dietary supplement that is formulated to enhance mental focus and provide a cognitive boost. The supplement contains a variety of vitamins and natural ingredients, including Ginkgo biloba, St. John’s wort, and Bacopa monnieri, which are known for their ability to improve memory and overall brain function. The combination of these ingredients is designed to increase blood flow to the brain and improve neurotransmitter function, resulting in better mental clarity, focus, and overall cognitive performance.

The supplement is suitable for both men and women and is intended to improve overall brain health, including helping with weight management, reducing diseases, and strengthening bones and muscles. Vital Vitamins Brain Supplement Nootropics Booster is a safe and effective way to support brain function and maintain overall cognitive health.

Official Website


Moon Juice SuperYou | Best Brain Support Supplement


Moon Juice SuperYou

(3.6/5) 345 REVIEWS
  • Form: Capsules
  • Quantity: 60 Capsules
  • Dosage: 2 Capsules Per Day
  • Ingredients: Shatavari Root Extract, Organic Ashwagandha Root and Leaf Extract, Organic Amla Fruit Extract, Rhodiola Root Extract
  • Usage: Boost Energy and Mood, Enhance Focus and Mental Stamina
  • Safety: 3rd Party Tested, 100% Traceable, Gluten Free
  • Refund Policy: 45-Days
  • Company Info: [email protected]

Sleeping well and less anxious overall…finally!

“I noticed after about 2 weeks that I didn’t get as anxious at night. Waking up less at night worrying about things. This also helped around my cycle time to help stabilise my mood too! Highly recommend.” – Meredith P.

Moon Juice SuperYou is a stress management supplement that is made from four potent adaptogens. The product aims to provide natural stress relief by reducing stress levels in the body, improving focus and mood, and supporting overall wellness. SuperYou is formulated with organic and bioactive ingredients that are designed to work together to optimize the body’s stress response. This supplement is vegan, cruelty-free, and free of fillers and endocrine disruptors. Moon Juice is a wellness brand that combines plant-based ingredients, science, and wisdom to create products that promote intelligent self-care.

colanAccording to Study[7], “Shatavari Root Extract has adaptogenic properties, which means it may help the body cope with stress. By reducing stress levels, shatavari root extract may help improve cognitive function.”colan-1

The brand is known for its use of adaptogens and has been playing with these herbs for some time now. SuperYou by Moon Juice is a product designed to help people manage their stress levels and optimize their overall wellness.

Official Website


Prevagen | Best Brain Function Supplement



(3.5/5) 134 REVIEWS
  • Form: Capsules
  • Quantity: 30 Capsules
  • Dosage: 1 Capsules Per Day
  • Ingredients: Apoaequorin, Calcium, Phosphorus
  • Usage: Sharper Mind, Heathly Brain Function
  • Safety: Natural, Vegan, Made In The USA
  • Refund Policy: 45-Days
  • Company Info: Quincy Bioscience 726 Heartland Trail, Suite 300 Madison, Wisconsin 53717

Perfect vitamins for cognitive enhancement.

“I’ve been on Prevagin for a year. It’s incredible. I’ve seen certain changes in myself. My memory has improved, and I’ve noticed an improvement in the clarity of my thinking and ability to articulate myself. I strongly recommend this product to anyone experiencing ageing signs.” – Richard Johnson

Prevagen is an over-the-counter supplement that claims to improve memory and support healthy brain function, particularly in individuals with mild memory problems associated with aging. Its main ingredient is apoaequorin, a protein found in a specific type of jellyfish. Prevagen has been clinically studied, and some studies have shown it to improve certain aspects of cognitive function, though results have been mixed.

Prevagen is a line of natural supplements that promises to enhance brain health, memory, focus, mental sharpness, and clarity of thought. It contains only two primary active ingredients and seems to be missing some popular substances. These products are somewhat costly.

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Things To Consider Before Buying Nootropic Supplements?

Before buying nootropic supplements, always do your research on the best brands available. Of course, if you’re reading this, you’re already aware of brain supplements and how they can benefit brain health and mental performance. Stay with us as we investigate important factors to consider when looking for the most effective brain supplement to meet your needs.

Check for Stimulants

Caffeine is the original (and most widely used) nootropic. While caffeine can improve cognitive function, it does not follow that supplements containing multiple stimulants will have a greater or more potent effect.

Clean Labels

Clean labeling for nootropic supplements has become increasingly popular as consumers look for products with transparent and minimal ingredients. Clean-label products for nootropic supplements are those that are free of synthetic or artificial ingredients and that are made with natural or organic ingredients. Such products usually have the exact ingredient and dosage labels right on the package, which can help consumers make informed decisions about what they are consuming.

As a result, it is possible to conclude that there is a growing demand for clean label products in the nootropic supplement industry, with consumers seeking products that contain natural and organic ingredients and are free of artificial or synthetic additives.

Product Guarantee

Before spending money on supplements, including nootropics, you should always look for brands offering a money-back guarantee or refund policy. If you purchase a nootropic with a guarantee and are ultimately dissatisfied with the results, you’ll be able to get your money back (minus shipping charges, of course).


Research the manufacturer of the supplement to ensure that they are reputable and comply with industry standards for quality and safety.


Read the feedback from other customers who have used the product. This can help you determine the effectiveness of the product as well as any potential side effects.

By considering these factors, you can make an informed decision when choosing a nootropic supplement that best fits your needs and goals.

Why You Need The Best Nootropic Supplements?

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are at least 16 million people within the United States that suffer from cognitive impairment.

They continue to report that this condition causes mild to severe problems in cognitive abilities such as thinking abilities, memory processing abilities, concentration, and more.

People without cognitive impairment can also suffer from symptoms of the condition due to stress and numerous other contributing factors.

This can often become a problem in a person’s daily life. Thus Nootropics may be an effective solution to combat these effects and gain back strong cognitive abilities.

Do Nootropic Supplements Really Work?

According to the search results, the efficacy of nootropic supplements is debatable, with no conclusive evidence that they work. Some of the articles claim that there is insufficient evidence or that the benefits of these supplements are minor. However, some small studies indicate that certain nootropic supplements may have an effect on the brain.

Finally, it is critical to proceed with caution and conduct your own research to determine whether these supplements are appropriate for you. It is also critical to seek the advice of a healthcare professional before beginning any new supplements or medications.

What Ingredients To Look For In Nootropic Supplements?

We have listed some effective natural ingredients that your ideal nootropic must contain to enhance your mental health.


L-Tyrosine is a naturally occurring amino acid that is sometimes used as a nootropic supplement. It is involved in the production of neurotransmitters like dopamine and noradrenaline, which play a role in regulating mood, attention, and motivation[8].


L-Theanine is a naturally occurring amino acid found in green tea leaves that is sometimes used as a nootropic supplement. It is known for its calming effects on the brain, as it is believed to increase levels of certain neurotransmitters like GABA and dopamine.


Cognizin is a patented form of citicoline, a compound that is naturally found in the brain and in some foods. Citicoline is an important nutrient that helps to support brain health and cognitive function[9].

Bacopa Extract

Bacopa extract may be a promising nootropic supplement for improving brain function and providing neuroprotective effects[10].


DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol) is a compound that some people believe can positively affect mood and enhance brain function , and is commonly marketed as a natural dietary supplement[11].


Alpha-glycerylphosphorylcholine (Alpha-GPC) and caffeine supplementation have been shown to improve mental and physical performance. Alpha-GPC administration increases the release of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine and facilitates learning and memory[12].

Rhodiola Rosea Extract

Rhodiola Rosea is also known as golden root and arctic root. It is known to improve cognitive function, enhance memory and learning, and protect the brain[13].

Benefits Of Using Best Nootropic Supplements

Nootropic supplements, also known as smart drugs, are nutritional supplements that are designed to enhance brain performance and mental functions . Some of the potential benefits of nootropic supplements include:

Improved Memory: Many nootropic supplements claim to improve memory by enhancing the function of neurotransmitters in the brain. This could be especially helpful for those experiencing cognitive decline.

Increased Focus and Attention: Nootropics may also help individuals to focus and concentrate better.

Enhanced Mood: Some nootropics have been shown to improve mood and alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Cognitive Flexibility: Nootropics may help facilitate creative thinking and problem solving by enhancing cognitive flexibility.

Stress Resilience: Certain nootropics have been found to have stress-reducing effects on the brain.

Potential Long-Term Brain Health Benefits: Some research suggests that nootropics can promote healthy brain structure and function during the aging process , potentially supporting memory and cognitive function in later life.

It is important to note that not all nootropic supplements have been extensively studied, and there are potential risks associated with taking these supplements. As with any supplement or medication, it is important to consult with a healthcare professional before taking nootropics.

Product Comparison

Here’s a short comparison of our top recommendations to make your decision easier:

Claritox Pro Vitality Now Youthful Brain Alpha Brain NooCube Nootrogen
Rating star-4.9 star-4.8 star-4.7 star-4.8 star-4.8
Cost $69.00 $64.95 $79.95 $64.99 $29.95
Dosage Take Two Capsules Daily Take with or without food 2 Capsules Per Day 2 Capsules Per Day 2 Capsules Per Day
Usage Support the Health of Your Balance System With Natural Ingredients Helps Improve Short-term Memory, Enhances Cognitive Functions. Assists in Focus, Aids Mental Processing Boost Memory, Increase Focus and Attention Supports Cognition, Supports Energy & Focus, Support For Everyday Stress
Return Policy 60-Days 180-Days 90-Days 60-Days 30-Days
Pros FDA Approved and GMP Certified Facility Proprietary Mental Clarity Formula Gluten Free, Caffeine Free Vegetarian, Soy Free, Grain Free Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Lactose Free
Review Quick Results & Highly Effective Highly Recommended Highly Effective & Safe Good Results Quick Results with No Side Effects
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which nootropic supplement is the most effective for memory and focus?

A: NooCube is the best nootropic supplement for improving focus and memory. It’s no surprise that the best nootropic overall is a highly rated smart drug with natural, scientifically backed ingredients and thousands of satisfied customers.

When you use Mind Lab Pro, you may notice cognitive benefits such as increased work productivity, mental clarity and confidence, and the ability to overcome mental fatigue and perform better under pressure.

Q: How do you know when you need to start taking nootropic supplements?

A: Nootropics are generally used to increase brain activity, so they are most beneficial when someone has one of these mental setbacks:

  • Parkinson’s
  • Huntington’s
  • Alzheimer’s
  • ADHD

But this supplement can be used in general to benefit your memory capacity and learning. These products will help you learn to focus and concentrate on the task at hand, it can be very positive when taken carefully and after you speak to your trusted doctor after doing so.

Many individuals benefit from taking these supplements, some of the benefits include sleeping better, coordination, positive mood, better health, reducing stress, and it can even help to alleviate depression or other mental illnesses.

Q: What are the side effects of taking nootropics?

A: Some individuals happen to be allergic to some herbs, so they experience side effects from their use. These side effects are severe and temporary.

Most common side effects include:

  • Agitation
  • Brain fog
  • Diarrhea
  • Tiredness
  • Headaches
  • Digestive discomfort
  • Insomnia

Q: What to analyze while selecting nootropics?

A: When buying nootropics to enhance a person’s cognitive function and brain health, it is important to know what to look for.

This will help a person make a better decision and help them buy the best brain supplements 2023 that will provide them with the benefits they are seeking without causing side effects that may potentially be harmful to their health. ‘Track My Stack’ explains that, when only starting, a person should start with one product and monitor the results.

If the specific product doesn’t work for them, they can move on to a different product. Due to different ingredients being included in different products, a person often needs to make use of different formulas over a long period of time to monitor, analyze, and determine what works best for them.

Q: Who uses nootropics?

A: While still growing and expanding to a worldwide audience, most people have heard of these supplements today, and they are already being used by thousands of people throughout the world. College students aren’t the only ones using the best brain supplements.

Top performers in every field are always looking for an edge:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Artists
  • Chief executives
  • Athletes
  • Biohackers
  • Doctoral candidates

Entrepreneurs, and silicon valley executives, in particular, rely on nootropics to give them added memory power to make challenging decisions, capitalize on opportunities, and work longer hours. In business also, high achievers of every variety are catching on to nootropics.

In fact, there’s an entire “biohacking community” that is continually experimenting with different nootropics to improve their cognitive performance.

Q: Can nootropics help with ADHD?

A: If you or your child suffers from ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), you’ve probably spent a significant amount of time looking for supplements and medications that can treat ADHD symptoms and improve mental focus. Synthetic nootropics such as Adderall and Ritalin are the most commonly used treatments for ADHD.

Those nootropics, of course, are only available with a doctor’s prescription and may not be suitable for everyone. If you don’t think prescription medication is the best option for your cognitive needs, you could try natural nootropics like the ones we just discussed.

Q: Are brain pills safe to take?

A: Nootropics that contain all-natural ingredients are safe for long-term use and usually don’t cause adverse side effects. However, every person is different. Therefore, you should consult your primary care physician before beginning any supplement regimen to ensure it’s safe for you.

While natural nootropics are generally safe to use on a daily basis, synthetic brain-boosting compounds are not. These are only available with a doctor’s prescription and may have negative side effects.

Final Verdict

The nootropic industry has grown so large that we are faced with thousands of products to decide between when we do decide to give such a product a try. With this in mind, it is no wonder why some people end up quitting their search for the perfect nootropic that will work for them, or end up buying an expensive product that holds no significant results, even with extended use. For this reason, people should be wearier when they buy into the many advertisements about nootropics.

Mentioned are just a few of the Best Nootropics of 2023 that might help you to enhance your cognitive ability.

When buying these supplements, users should realize that they are not really smart drugs as they are often promoted as, but rather supplements to assist with improving the mental capabilities of a person.

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Lauren Ann, MS

Lauren has dual graduate degrees in Clinical Psychotherapy and Nutrition, espousing an integrative approach to optimizing overall healt

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We review published medical research in respected scientific journals to arrive at our conclusions about a product or health topic. This ensures the highest standard of scientific accuracy.

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**This is a subjective assessment based on the strength of the available informations and our estimation of efficacy.

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