Best Memory Pills of 2017 Reviewed

Editor's Note: This article has been recently updated with latest information and research studies.

Memory pills referrers to a class of drugs and supplements meant to treat* memory problems and enhance* mental performance. These drugs are sought out by a great number of people as made apparent by the $1billion worth of sales of these drugs in 2015. They were initially developed to treat* diseases that cause memory problems such as Alzheimer’s disease, and ADHD, but in our modern-day competitive society, more and more healthy people are turning to drugs to enhance* their memory. This known fact has caused concern among neuroscientists and psychiatrists as pointed out in an article from Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy. While there should be a reason for concern with the misuse of these drugs, we shouldn’t ignore the fact that some of them are clearly effective as proven in numerous clinical studies and many of them rely on safe and natural ingredients to enhance* memory and cognitive performance. However, there are some best Memory Pills 2017 that works well and deliver quick results.

How to Choose Best Memory Pills?

The best memory pills are those that support your natural brain physiology, health, and functioning. Drugs that work as psychostimulants push your brain to its limits which may do more harm than good. When choosing your memory pills, concentrate on the ingredients lists, manufacturer reputation, and look for safety certificates and approval from the FDA. A good way to know that the memory pills of your choice are both safe and effective is to see if the ingredients in them went through peer-reviewed studies and clinical trials. The ingredients in your top rated memory pills should be clearly listed.

What Studies Have Been Done on Memory Pills?

The progressive loss of memory in Alzheimer’s disease (AD) has led researchers to find out more about how memory functions by examining this disorder. Scientific research has found that cholinergic mechanisms play a large role in different types of memory. Furthermore, cholinergic cells are the first to degenerate in AD which is why drugs that block acetylcholine enzymes such as donezapil were developed to slow down memory problems in AD. Natural and herbal acetylcholine-boosting supplements were also studies for their safe effects on working and long-term memory as were vitamin and nutraceutical supplements. For instance, one study examined how the use of a combination of a nutraceuticals formulation consisting of brain-enhancing nutrients and acetylcholine precursors improved* memory in healthy adults. The study found a significant improvement in memory functioning after only 2 weeks of use in comparison with placebo controls.

How do Memory Pills Work?

As already mentioned, some memory pills work by affecting the levels of neurotransmitters such as acetylcholine in the brain. Other memory pills based on herbal extracts from like Gingko biloba or Panax Ginseng work by improving* blood flow to the brain and preventing brain cell death caused by free radicals. Natural memory pills also contain nutrients like vitamins B6, B12, and folic acid which studies found helped improve* memory. Since the brain is an organ just like any other, it needs nutrients, antioxidants, and oxygen to function properly. The brain is where memories form and supporting its health is one way that memory pills work to enhance* memory.

Popular Ingredients: What to Expect from Memory Pills?

Some of the most popular ingredients in memory pills are natural and even essential for normal brain functioning. Some of these popular natural ingredients include omega-3 fatty acids, folate, vitamins C, E, B12, B9, and B6, Gingko biloba and others. Dietary choline is another popular ingredient in treating age-related cognitive decline and that one study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found improved* cognitive performance in healthy individuals. College students often turn to caffeinated product to enhance* memory and concentration. In the U.S., Adderall which contains amphetamine is also massively used in improving* academic performance. However, most people won’t turn to stimulant drugs to enhance* their memory and cognitive performance.

How to Get the Most from Your Memory Pills?

To get the most from your favorite memory pills, don’t rely solely on pills to improve* your memory. The human mind and body are too complex to completely transform with the help of a magic* pill. A meta-analysis on the effects of exercise on memory in elderly persons and those with dementia found that most studies show it improved* all aspects of mental functioning. As explained in one article on the relationship between memory and enhancement drugs, the mind-body connection cannot be ruled out when treating memory problems. In other words, if you want good memory, you need to take care of our overall health.

The Overall Best Memory Pills

If you want to find memory pills that will work for you, here is a rundown on the 10 best memory pills of 2017:

#1 Provasil

Provasil contains an all-natural but powerful formula designed to enhance* overall cognitive performance. The product manufacturers have included a number of ingredients such as N-Acetyl Carnitine, Phosphatidycholine, DHA, Choline Bitartrate, and a number of other ingredients which independent studies found increased alertness and memory. Read more about this product here.

#2 Noocube

NooCube is brain enhancer that is basically used due to its cognitive enhancement gains. It is claimed that this product delivers essential nutrients to the brain to boost* its efficacy. Also, it has been shown to improve* memory, boost* attention and focus, and heighten the response time. One bottle is rated at $ 43.23 and all their products are offered on free shipping. If in any case, you find this product unworthy, you can return the product within the 60 days of the purchase date for a full refund.

However, this product can only be purchased in the online stores. Additionally, the ingredients used in the formulation of this nootropic product are common in other products and may provide the same the same benefits.

Read more about this product here.

#3 Geniux

This product aims to boost* memory and focus in those who most need it. It contains cholinergic compounds, Bacopa Monnieri, and Gaba that are meant to enhance* your brain’s overall performance. Read more about this product here.

#4 Addium

Addium has a similar formula to Geniux but unlike the Geniux company, Addium offers clients more information regarding the safety and efficiency of their product. The product works by boosting neurotransmitter levels with acetylcholine precursors and improving* blood flow with ingredients like Bacopa monnieri which one study on rats found to be highly effective. Read more about this product here.

#5 Lipogen PS Plus

Lipogen PS Plus is different from other memory pills in that it contains only one ingredient complex called Phospholipids Complex. Soy Lecithin Phosphatidylserine from which this complex was derived was found in clinical studies to improve* memory in degenerative brain diseases. Read more about this product here.

#6 Cebria

Cebria has a unique blend of ingredients to help improve* your memory in a 30-day trial offered by the product company. Some of the ingredients in Cebria are Lactose, Arginine, Tyrosine, Glutamic acid, and others. Read more about this product here.

#7 Synagen IQ

Synagen IQ has an all-natural formula and causes no side-effects. The product is available online and the company offers a money-back guarantee in case you see no changes in your memory after consistent use. Read more about this product here.

#8 Cresceo

Cresceo is a great product for supporting overall brain health with ingredients like Gingko biloba, Huperzine, Brahmi, and Phosphatidylserine isolate. These ingredients are meant to improve* overall brain health which will result in better memory and cognitive performance. Read more about this product here.

#9 CogniQ

CogniQ works also by supporting brain health and improving* cerebral blood flow in a natural and safe manner. The product can be used at any age and it takes just one pill daily to help sharpen your memory and all this with a 90-day money back guarantee. Read more about this product here.

#10 Cogniflex

Cogniflex also contains ingredients that are proved safe and effective in treating different areas of cognitive functioning. If you need help with memory problems, Cogniflex can offer some benefits with the addition of L-Tyrosine, Huperzine A, Rhodiola Rosea, Vinpocetine, L-Theanine, and Bacopa monnieri. Read more about this product here.

#11 Ceraloft

Ceraloft is designed to treat* natural age-related cognitive decline with natural ingredients. It contains St John’s Wort known to improve* symptoms of depression that may be causing memory problems in some. Read more about this product here.

Final Verdict

Best Memory Pills 2017 may be a good addition to your memory-enhancement plans which should include proper nutrition, exercising, and socializing. While memory pills may offer some benefits, they should be considered only as crutches in treating memory problems be that age-related memory decline, stress-related memory problems or due to depression. The products listed here contain safe ingredients that may help some sharpen their mind without any active stimulants and dangerous ingredients.


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