NeuroGum Reviews: Is This NeuroGum Brain Supplement Effective & Safe To Use?

NeuroGum is a brain enhancement supplement that helps you improve your cognitive abilities, boost mental energy, increase attention, concentration, and memory recall.

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What is NeuroGum?

Brain supplements are hitting the market by storm.

They were once caught up in the stereotype of being ineffective, harmful or unnecessary.

There was even a time a person caught using brain supplements was almost considered a dumb of sorts.

They were also very addictive and habit-forming. Today, however, there is a new wave of brain supplements that are safe, effective and very helpful in boosting our brain functions especially for the old.

This is not to assume that there are no harmful and useless brain supplements. There are just like there are ineffective painkillers.

Neuro Gum is one of the brain supplements in the market today that is taking the market by storm.

The obvious place to start with this supplement is the fact that it comes in the form of gum; that is one hilarious and very comfortable way to take the supplement.

All in the while the supplement improves your cognitive abilities, boost mental energy, increased attention, increased focus and better memory recall.

Neuro specializes in nootropics or supplements that enhance brain performance:

Neuro® Gum claims to provide energy and focus

Neuro® Mints are caffeinated mints that provide mental clarity and calm

Neuro gum and mints come in both peppermint and cinnamon flavors.

How Does NeuroGum Rate?

Overall Rating: 4.8





Value for Cost

4.8/5Value for Cost

Return Policy

4.9/5Return Policy



Brand Highlights

  • Helps retain normal blood sugar levels, which may help prevent low energy.
  • The brand has an extremely impressive line of sports nutrition products.
  • NeuroGum uses clinically proven ingredients in their formulations.
  • They are committed to being a source of top-notch, original goods.
  • It is known for developing and releasing the most cutting-edge products.

Key Ingredients

  • Caffeine
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12
  • L-Theanine


  • It is gluten-free with no milk, eggs, or soy or wheat ingredients.
  • It may help to boost memory recall.
  • It may improve levels of concentration.
  • Increases your level of thinking and reasoning.
  • Is easy to use, just chew your brain to betterness.
  • It improves the level of focus and attention.


  • It contains caffeine.
  • Some customer claims that it contains Sucralose.
  • It might take an average time for some users to experience optimum results.

You can BUY it directly from the Official Website

Who is the Manufacturer of NeuroGum?

The NeuroGum brain supplement is a product manufactured by the NeuroGum Company, Los Angeles, California.

The manufacturers claim that the supplement was founded after great research and clinical studies.

Thus resulted in a supplement that is both safe an effective for human consumption. The brain supplement claims to enable you to stay energized for a long period of time.

The supplement also claims to use natural caffeine making it a healthy alternative. Compared to drinking coffee, low-dose coffee gums have fewer side effects.

They also carefully point out that their supplement does not contain any aspartame, an ingredient known to cause cancer with up to 92 different side effects.

They claim to have always consulted with brain surgeons, professional athletes, and even food formulators to enable them to come up with the best chewable nootropic in the market.

How Does Neuro Gum Work?

The NeuroGum brain supplement is mainly defined as a nootropic + L-Theanine blend with brain-boosting B-Vitamins which are used to improve brain focus and for cognitive enhancement.

NeuroGum aids in providing ingredients that help improve your levels of concentration, memory, and alertness. They do not use any aspartame.

Chewing allows buccal administration which enable 5 times better absorption as opposed to drinking or any other method. This method also ensures that the ingredients are received wholly into your bloodstream preventing the risk of degradation due to stomach acid or bile.

Neuro Gum Ingredients – Are they Safe & Effective?


This ingredient is popularly found in beverages such as coffee, which is taken to jumpstart an active morning. Studies in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease concluded that caffeine may affect performance in learning and memory tasks. However, caffeine is only effective in tasks that require limited memory.[1]. According to Isa Kujawski, MPH, RDN, registered dietitian nutritionist and founder of Mea Nutrition caffeine stimulates your CNS (i.e., your brain and spinal cord) primarily by blocking adenosine receptors2.[2]

Vitamin B6

This vitamin comprises three chemical compounds; pyridoxal, pyridoxamine, and pyridoxine that are involved in regulating mental function and mood. According to a clinical trial in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Review, vitamin B6 supplementation did not improve mood or cognitive functions.[3]

According to the National Institute of Health, vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) plays a vital role in maintaining normal blood levels of the amino acid homocysteine and aids in the manufacture of neurotransmitters, which both contribute to cognitive development.[4]

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is another B-vitamin that is claimed to improve cognitive function. A study published in the Ontario Health Technology Assessment Series identified that vitamin B12 deficiency sped up the onset of dementia. Vitamin B12 supplementation therefore can improve mild cognitive impairment.[5]

When providing nutrition counseling to vegan and vegetarian clients, dietitians should recommend they eat foods fortified with vitamin B12 or suggest they take a supplemental amount that meets the RDA, says Toby Smithson, MSNW, RDN, LDN, CDE.


This ingredient is found in green tea and is claimed to be efficient in lowering anxiety and stress levels. A randomized controlled trial in the Nutrients journal found that L-theanine has the potential to promote mental health in patients with stress-related ailments and cognitive impairments.[6]


Q: What are the instructions for using NeuroGum?

A: The recommended dosage of the brain supplement is between one to two gums in a day of NeuroGum whenever you feel the need for a brain boost.

You will be able to feel the effects of the brain supplement in about 5 to 10 minutes.

Q: What are the precautions before using NeuroGum?

A: If pregnant or lactating you may want to resist the urge of this brain supplement or nay another brain supplement whatsoever.

Q: How Should You Take NeuroGum?

A: Take 1 to 2 gums daily whenever you require a brain boost. Give it 5 to 10 minutes to feel the effects of the supplement. You can use this product before working out, driving, after lunch, and while studying.

Q: How Much Does NeuroGum Cost?

A: Neurogum costs:

  • Six pack – $21.00
  • Twelve pack – $39.00
  • Eighteen pack – $54.00
  • Twenty four pack – $66.00

Q: What is NeuroGum Return Policy?

A: This product has a 30 day refund policy for users are not 100% satisfied.

Q: Is neuro gum good for you?

A: Yes, this supplement may be good for you as it may help boost memory recall, concentration, focus, and attention. While it is free from food allergens such as soy and milk, it contains caffeine which may not be convenient for sensitive individuals.

Q: How long does neuro gum last?

A: A box of NeuroGum lasts for 2 weeks, 3 boxes last for a month, and 4 boxes last for 2 months.

Q: What is Neuro on Shark Tank?

A: NeuroGum was pitched on the entrepreneurial show, Shark Tank, by its cofounders. The gum was created to deliver clean and safe energy in place of energy drinks and supplements.

Q: Does NeuroGum have xylitol?

A: Yes, NeuroGum contains xylitol, a natural occurring alcohol that is found in most plants.

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What Do the Neuro Gum Reviews Say?

I discovered these since they were reasonably priced and I feel like my attention has increased. I don’t believe you need to pay more money to achieve a good outcome.
~ Noah


When it comes to brain supplements there is so much to choose from yet everyone sounds so promising. If you are used to pills and capsules, you may view the gum factor as a joke, but it is normal for us humans to be doubtful.

To help you save the worry, buy the single pack of the NeuroGum and use it to examine its effects on your brain. Besides, the manufacturers are looking into bringing the supplement to retail stores and gas stations.

Also, take consideration that it contains caffeine. There are some ambiguous customer reviews available on some websites. On the other hand, if you wish to try the product due to the benefits mentioned above, then you are required to research more on the product’s ingredients as well as reading on its precautions.

Where To Find It?

You can BUY it directly from the Official Website

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Customer Reviews for NeuroGum

NeuroGum Reviews: Is This NeuroGum Brain Supplement Effective & Safe To Use?

Customer Reviews & Ratings

5.0 out of 5

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  1. Lenny E.

    NeuroGum Works!
    With age, my memory and focus have declined, so I bought Neurogum to see if that would offer some improvement. I definitely find that I forget things less often, and it’s easier for me to concentrate and stay on task. Thanks!
  2. Russell

    My focus dramatically improved when I started taking Nuero Gum
    I am a student, and sometimes during my study time, I have problems concentrating. I decided to start taking Nuero Gum and see whether it would help improve my concentration during study time. In the beginning, I would only take it when I needed to cram a concept. However, it helped improve my memory as well. My struggles to wake up in the morning also ended, since I wake up without any difficulty. I have a feeling the product has boosted my cognitive function. I do not take it every day, but it keeps me going.
  3. Logan

    Thanks for making Neuro Gum available at average price
    I am in my early 60s and still actively involved in my businesses and ranch. However, at my age, I find this a bit hectic, and frankly speaking, it is the reason why I had to look for something that will help me keep my mental health intact. It has been more than a year now since I started taking Neuro Gum, and I can confidently say that it is one of the best products out there. It helps spike my energy and elevates my mental clarity, ready to face the day. I only chew 2 Neuro gums per day and 6 of them on a hectic day, and I feel relaxed and focused on my work.
  4. Allison

    It works for me quite well so far and hope to continue using it
    As a nurse, the nature of my work forces me to be on my feet running here and there all day long. The routine is non-stop, and so, I have always found the work to be so hectic. Sometimes I could lose focus, especially in the afternoons. I felt worn out and I was really losing it. A good friend of mine recommended that I try Neuro Gum. To say the truth, this supplement was the end of my problems. It is super effective and helps me remain focused throughout my work shift. It has no side effects.
  5. Tyler

    My focus notably improved since I started Nuero Gum
    I am a student, and I have had problems concentrating during study time. So, the reason why I decided to try Neuro Gum is to help me improve my concentration during my studies. At first, I only used it whenever I needed to cram. But surprisingly, I noticed that it helped boost my memory as well. I also used to struggle waking up in the morning but not anymore. I do wake up without any problem. I feel like the product has enhanced my overall cognitive function. I take it on a normal basis but not every day and I find it enough to keep me going.
  6. Brice

    Fights Mental Fog!
    Definitely, I feel more alert and energy and it has the best ingredients. NeuroGum helps boost metal strength and fights mental fog.
  7. Randy U.

    NeuroGum Does A Lot For Me
    The reason I started using NeuroGum was to help me study. I would only use it when I needed to do some serious cramming but I was noticing that it helped my memory as well. It made it easier for me to wake up in the morning too. I wonder if it has that effect on anyone else. It seems like it has improved my cognitive functions as a whole so now I use it on a normal basis. I don’t take it every day but every few days and that is enough for me.
  8. Joseph P.

    It Works Very Well
    I’m a nurse, so I’m on my feet all day long running around. Things are very hectic and non-stop. Before I started taking NeuroGum, I would really lose focus in the afternoon. I tried changing my diet and eating healthier at lunchtime, but it didn’t help. What I love about NeuroGum is that not only does it work, but there are no side effects. It’s very effective.
  9. Chuck Olson

    UnPaid Testimony for Neuro Gum!
    I am a 62-year old man who is a businessman, rancher, outdoorsman, and former-athlete, who is also struggling to counteract the effects of aging; and I’ll also note that Dementia and Alzheimers run in my male lineage, which frankly was one of the original reasons why I have been seeking out healthy alternatives to prescription drugs for mental age-related issues.

    It’s been a little more than a year since I first tried NeuroGum – and I want to add here that I am NOT being compensated in any way for providing this review – so simply stated, hands-down, I think it is one of the more remarkable products on the market. I’m pretty cynical when it comes to health claims of products that are not subjected to extensive studies and medical review (in other words, I too might have a hard time believing what I am here to say). For me, NeuroGum not only delivers on its advertised core features, but it also excels in doing that. I typically chew two pieces (Enlighten Mint is the flavor I prefer) of Neuro Gum twice a day, sometimes up to a total of six per day on really hard days.

    What I notice most is how my energy levels and my mental clarity elevate considerably for a couple hours or more after I chew this gum. The energy spike isn’t one of those lightning bolts like Red Bull or Monster (used) to give me; that was too much and was accompanied by heart palpitations and other jittery side-effects (here’s a tip for the makers of those other drinks: make a new version for those like me who are sensitive to caffeine or guarana/other ingredients).

    For me, Neuro Gum has zero unwanted side effects. All that I feel is sustainable energy and mental clarity that makes me sharper, more lucid and more responsive and it seems to sustain these features for several hours, which is why in most normal four is all I need, and even if I chew an extra two in the late afternoon, I have not noticed it interfering with me going to sleep or staying asleep (which even regular coffee does for me if I drink it after 2:00 – 3:00 pm). I know this sounds as if I’m reading the back of the package, but I assure you I am not.

    As far as the flavors, I have a very narrow taste-band and I really hate sweet, sugary gum or mints, so I was really, really happy that the Enlighten Mint was not just tolerable, but I actually like the flavor a lot – more so than any other gum I’ve tried. And this gum does not have one other outcome that plagues my attempts to use most any other gum. Neuro Gum doesn’t go bad after chewing it for an hour or two, it stays firm yet doesn’t;t turn rock-hard, and the flavor actually stays relative intact after an hour or two. Seriously, I really have yet to find something I do not like about it.

    The only downside – which the company is addressing it seems – is that it is carried in very few stores here in the Southeast, which means that I have to make several large orders online each year – but it’s worth the extra effort. I keep a box in my truck and another on my desk along with my supply stash in the kitchen.

    No product works for everyone, and you may not get the same results as me, but wow, do I like this product. It has been more than I ever expected and in fact, right now I’m sitting down to make one of my 3-4 orders per year – its a little pricey, but it’s still way cheaper than vitamins, and being gum, it also quenches my thirst and covers up my occasional stinky cigar breath. Hopefully, this review encourages you to try Neuro Gum, which is something I would not have done if this product wasn’t so darn good.

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