Ultimate Bone Support – An All-in-One Supplement


When calcium isn’t enough, it may be time to consider a complex bone supporting formula. Calcium supplements alone often fail to work properly because the calcium doesn’t easily absorb in the body. Other vitamins and minerals that aid in calcium absorption are required to get the most out of your daily calcium intake, but even then you may not be getting enough. This is where Ultimate Bone Support comes in.

Ultimate Bone Support

A complex and complete bone building formula, Ultimate Bone Support showcases one of the leading bone-building ingredients known to man: strontium. Strontium is a mineral that has remarkable benefits. It reduces the risks of bone fractures by nearly 60%, which is something few minerals can boast. In fact, in one study of 80-something year-old women, 59% of participants reduced their risk of fracture in the first year of taking the supplement. While effective in the elderly, strontium is an effective mineral that can be taken no matter your age. Studies have shown that it contributes to overall bone health more than calcium and vitamin D combined, which is the usual remedy for preventing osteoporosis. It can even slow the rate of height decline by as much as 20%.

Ultimate Bone Support provides 500 mg of strontium. What’s more the strontium is in citrate form which makes it easier to absorb. On top of that, the supplement provides your daily requirements of vitamin D3, vitamin K2, zinc, copper, manganese, boron, silicon, l-lysine, and dried hops. L-lysine is an important amino acid that links collagen fibers, providing the mesh needed to hold the bones together. People with vitamin D deficiencies often have a higher risk of fractures, so vitamin D is especially important for those concerned with bone health. Vitamin K is a group of compounds derived from leafy greens which helps the bones use calcium. Every single ingredient in this formula has been proven to build and strengthen bones better than calcium and vitamin D alone.

Stimulate new bone growth and slow down your current rate of bone deterioration with Ultimate Bone Support. Combined with a healthy, anti-inflammatory diet rich in healthy fats, protein, vegetables, fruit, nuts, and bean, along with daily exercise that help strengthen bones, you can ward off osteoporosis and joint pain. Begin taking bone building supplements early rather than waiting until after menopause, and you can give your body the best chance at maintaining optimal bone function, strength and density.

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