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Osteoporosis results in porous bones that lead to reduced* bone density, bone brittleness, and susceptibility to bone fracture. In many cases, osteoporosis becomes so bad that normal activities are hindered. Even walking down steps can become hazardous. As many as 10 million Americans suffer from osteoporosis and up to 34 million people deal with low bone density. Before taking on natural remedies for bone loss, however, it’s important to consider the causes of bone loss and focus on making lifestyle changes to prevent osteoporosis.

Natural Remedies for Bone Loss

Soft drink consumption has often been named as a leading cause of health issues, but you may not know that it actually contributes to bone loss. The phosphoric acid in soft drinks actually binds with calcium in the body and flushes it from the gut. This prevents the calcium from being absorbed and ultimately used in the bones. Cutting out soft drinks completely from your diet can go a long way in preventing osteoporosis. Having a sedentary lifestyle is also detrimental. Only being on bed rest for three days can result in bone loss. Also, a lack of weight-bearing exercises can lead to brittle bones. Other things to cut out from your life include stress, radiation, smoking, anti-depressants, and alcohol. Only then can natural remedies for bone loss work at their fullest potential.

Aside from calcium and vitamin D, which are considered to be the leading natural remedies for bone loss, magnesium is one of the best things you can take. This mineral is often found in daily vitamins or bone building formulas, so be sure to take it with calcium and vitamin D in order to maximize absorption. Silica, sometimes listed as horsetail, is another trace element that can ward off osteoporosis. More than that, silica can actually help heal fractures.

Other natural remedies for bone loss include manganese, vitamin C, and zinc. Manganese works by keeping calcium soluble. It can even treat* annoying menopausal symptoms since it has estrogenic qualities. Vitamin C and zinc aid in calcium absorption, just like manganese. Vitamin B5 helps reduce* bone loss related to elevated phosphorus levels, and vitamin K acts as a blood coagulant and bone loss preventer. Other ingredients that contribute to healthy bones include copper, chromium, strontium, and plenty of protein. Many of these can be achieved through proper diet, although a good supplement is necessary to fill the gaps. Along with exercise, proper diet and supplements go a long way in warding off bone loss.

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