Natural Bone Building – Treating Osteoporosis Naturally


Bones are the foundations of our bodies. Too often we neglect our bone health and focus on other aspects of our bodies, but without a healthy foundation there’s not much to brag about. Bones allow us to walk, sit, stand, move and they protect all of our vital organs and tissues from damage. With so much at stake, it’s a wonder why more adults aren’t concerned about their bone health earlier than life rather than when the risk of osteoporosis is staring them in the face. The good news is that natural bone building and strengthening alternatives do exist, and Flexoplex have been proven effective in contributing to healthy bones and joints.

Natural Bone Building

Osteoporosis is a disease that many of us will face. Those most susceptible to osteoporosis include women over age 65 (postmenopausal women) and men over 75. Osteoporosis can lead to fractured bones, broken hips, painful sprains, and brittleness that make everyday activities nearly impossible. This is why natural bone building is so important. Keep in mind that it’s never too early to address bone loss, so the sooner you start, the better. Getting enough calcium in your diet should be your number one concern.

Calcium is a natural bone building trace mineral that can help build bones and prevent bone loss. In order to get enough calcium in your diet and absorb it properly, it’s important to take a calcium supplement along with vitamin D. The vitamin D helps the body absorb the calcium so the bones can use it properly. Other vitamins and trace minerals that can help include magnesium and vitamin K, which should be taken in conjunction with calcium and vitamin D. You should also eat calcium-rich foods and foods that contain these natural bone building nutrients, since supplements only serve to fill the gaps that are lacking from proper diet.

Complete bone formulas should contain all of these elements along with other vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants proven to effectively ward off osteoporosis. In addition, daily weight-bearing exercises are crucial to bone health. These exercises are any movements that have the body working against gravity, such as walking, jogging, aerobics, dancing, stair climbing, gardening, hiking, sports, and yoga. You can even lift weights or do kettle bell exercises if you are able. The idea is to get at least thirty minutes of weight-bearing exercises in your daily routine. Combined with a proper diet and supplements, you can begin to prevent bone loss and give your body the best chance at overall health.

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