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Blood Pressure Monitor: Which One is Safe & Effective?

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Blood Pressure


Should you opt to measure your blood pressure levels at home, you will require the purchase of a personal blood pressure monitor. There is a diverse range of such blood pressure monitors, so making the right choice can be slightly tricky.

What are the Different Blood Pressure Monitors?

  • Microlife Blood Pressure Monitor
    Microlife is a company that has become a global market leader when it comes to medical technology. Their upper arm, fully automatic range consists of a wide range of monitors, the majority of which are clinically approved under the BHS protocol, and feature proprietary Microlife technologies such as atrial fibrillation detection screens, advanced data analysis mechanisms, one-size-fits-all cuff size among other features.
  • Omron Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor
    Omron boasts itself to be the number one blood pressure monitor brand recommended by doctors and pharmacists. According to them, their blood pressure monitors are easy to operate and generate the most precise results. There are a number of different varieties of Omron Automatic Blood Pressure Monitors starting from the basic (and economical) 3 series to the sophisticated (and expensive) 10 series. Depending on your choice, you can get a lot of value out of your investment with features such as Bluetooth and USB computer connectivity to track your readings, multiple user storage, Microsoft HealthVault compatibility and, with the most advanced model, two sensors to double check your BP readings!
  • LifeSource Automatic Monitor
    The Lifesource automatic monitor features multiple functionalities such as a pressure rating indicator and detection of erratic heartbeat. Fit for those whose upper arm lies in the medium or large cuff range, this digital blood pressure monitor can store up to 90 readings in its in-built memory and has a 4 week BP logbook included with it. This blood pressure monitor is excellent for those who want solid performance on a budget.
  • Withings Automatic Monitor
    The Withings Automatic Monitor offers, perhaps, the most convenient mechanism for measuring your blood pressure. All you need to do wrap the cuff around your arm, switch on the Wireless BPM and follow a few instructions presented by the accompanying Health Mate smartphone app and you’re all set to measure your blood pressure. The app keeps track of all your prior blood pressure readings and displays them in an easily understandable chart format. The device is in compliance with European regulations and has been cleared by the FDA in US. It is also certified in Canada, New Zealand and Australia. With this extremely sophisticated and convenient device, all it takes is a few gestures on your phone to relay your blood pressure information to your physician!
  • Others
    Other automatic blood pressure monitor models which were highly rated by consumers include ADC 6015 and Panasonic EW-BU04W, both of which boast portability, economy and advanced software to optimize readings.

Which Is The Best Blood Pressure Monitor For You?

When picking a blood pressure monitor for personal use, your safest and most reliable choice is an automatic (or digital) monitor. This will give you the easiest readings using oscillatory measurements. When picking out an automatic monitor, make sure that it is designed to take BP measurements at the upper arm, not the wrists or fingers. This is to ensure that you get the most accurate and precise results from your monitoring device.

The right blood pressure monitor for you has to be clinically validated from an official hypertension society. This is a guarantee that the device has been thoroughly tested to ensure that its results are trustable for both you and your physician.

When picking out the most suitable blood pressure monitor, take care not to overlook the cuff size. A wrong cuff size will lead to inaccurate readings from the device. Prior to purchase, you can measure around the midpoint between your elbow and shoulder, then refer to the following chart to ascertain the cuff size you require:

Measurement in centimeters Measurement
in inches
Cuff size
18 to 22
7.1 to 8.7
22 to 32
8.8 to 12.8
32 to 45
12.8 to 18

If you are on a very tight budget, then you might want to go for a monitor that doesn’t have extra bells and whistles attached e.g. integrated memory for recording your readings. Remember, you just need an accurate and reliable device to measure your BP; you can record it using pen and paper just fine.

Final Words

The market is filled with a very large variety of products when it comes to blood pressure monitors. Several of these products are leveraging recent developments in technology to integrate themselves with computers and smartphones. The cost of these devices is also coming down, with most of them being under the hundred dollar mark. This means that, provided you get the critical requirements right, you can get extremely sophisticated devices to give you highly accurate blood pressure readings at home. Moreover, with their data analysis and tracking features, you can keep an eye on your blood pressure trend over several months, that will help you and your doctor determine the best treatment for your condition.

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