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10 Foods That Help Lower Blood Pressure

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Food That Help Lower Bp

The public was skeptical for many years when doctors told them that certain types of healthy food in their diets could help get their blood pressure down. Even for those that have some serious conditions, these foods really benefit.

Of course, the downside is that the few delicious things on this list? You have to eat or drink in extreme moderation. So if you can’t manage, then just avoid altogether.

1. Skim Milk

Skim milk has two pretty sweet things that your cardiovascular system craves: Calcium and vitamin D. Try to get your share of these nutrients and you’ll be looking at a 3-10% low blood pressure rate.

Skim Milk

2. Spinach

It may be a little bit difficult to make spinach delicious, but it can be done and it’s worth it. Because spinach has some magic ingredients for lowering blood pressure: potassium, fiber, and magnesium. Oh, spinach also has plenty of fiber and is low calorie.

Make a deal with yourself that if you have a hefty helping of spinach at least three times a week, you get some kind of reward.


3. Unsalted Sunflower Seeds

Yes, they do have to be unsalted. Salt is a no-no when it comes to healthy for the heart, and salt will make that blood pressure soar in no time. There’s a lot of very healthy minerals in sunflowers seeds: selenium, copper, phosphorus, magnesia. And for how tiny they are, they hold crazy amounts of protein! Also, some biennial vitamins (E, B1, B6).

There’s also a sort of psychological theory regarding the health benefits of sunflower seeds; they tend to relax people who are eating them, so hey! Whatever works! That’s why they work at the ballgames, right?

Unsalted Sunflower Seeds

4. Baked White Potato

Believe it or not, the potato is not your nemesis when it comes to your cardiovascular health. Well, provided you do not load your potato up with mounds of butter cheese and sour cream. If you can avoid that, you’re in good shape.

Baked White Potato

Sweet potatoes are very good as well (not sweet potato fries!) Purple potatoes, any kind of potato as long as you leave are stripped down as much as possible.

5. Bananas

Yes, the captains of potassium! What great way to start the day if you need some blood pressure help. It doesn’t count if they are fried or touching a chocolate in some way, or if they are ice cream.


Potassium is not only healthy but also a hero like avocado in that it counters what salt does.

6. Soybeans

Well, soybeans can just do everything, can’t they? Good for you, soybeans. Seriously, it’s just a tiny little thing and he just offers every possible health benefit. Superhero Soybean!


Soybeans have tons of lean protein, they’re already known for that, they’re decent sources of magnesium and potassium, I mean you can’t go wrong with the little guys. Just once again, something you have to have without salt or it doesn’t count.

7. Dark Chocolate

This one, you can’t go crazy on. It’s going to be entirely counterproductive if you can’t have 30 or under calories each time you partake. That’s such a tiny amount, just sprinkle it in your Starbucks instead.

Dark Chocolate

8. Avocado

The mighty Avocado can do more than just take down your blood pressure. He also combats bad cholesterol, successfully. Avocado is so pumped full of the good kind of fat (omega 9) that he’ll go hand-to-hand in combat with all the bad fat you got in you. Avocado’s the man!


9. Red Wine

This is because of antioxidants called polyphenols, only in red wine. They protect the blood vessels. All other types of booze will just spike your level to the roof. Not only that, alcohol will diminish the effectiveness of blood pressure medication and worse its side effects. So drink if you have high blood pressure.

Red Wine

How much red wine can we drink without it no longer being healthful? A glass and a half, max out at two.

10. Beans

Good-old, versatile, beans. They may not be fancy, but they’re always here when we need them. As a matter of fact, beans are the healthiest starch on the planet. And the great thing about beans being on this list? There’s a million or more of them! If you hate fifty kinds of beans, that’s okay because there are plenty more you might want to cook in something.


Final Words

So you can eat your way to a healthier blood pressure number, sort of. Get creative in the kitchen as see what you can do. If you absolutely cannot eat super healthy, you know what? Cut out one thing, or two things, just do that. That’s a whole lot better than absolutely nothing.

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