The 5 Key Factors for a Happy Life and how Yoga Will Get You There

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Published: Apr 14, 2018 | Last Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Yoga Gives Happy Life
I want to show you how you can get what you truly desire with ease! Here’s what you will discover in reading on:

  • The one thing you all really want!
  • The five key factors to getting it!
  • Why yoga is the solution!

What Is The One Thing We All Want?

You might think “All I want is a husband,” or”All want is to lose 10 pounds”, or “All I want is to be rich.” But ask yourself: Why do you want those things? The answer is because you think you will be happy in having them. So the one thing we all truly want is happiness!

The Five Key Factors for A Happy Life

There are truly only five things that need to be in place for us to experience happiness on a daily basis. Here they are:

1.Good Health. It is very difficult to be happy when we are sick or unwell. To achieve optimum health, we need to eat well, get enough sleep, regularly move our bodies in a healthy way and reduce stress.

2.Close Relationships. Without people who we feel close to and can share our experiences with, happiness is hard to come by. This is why loving relationships are a key factor for a happy life.

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3.Time. Stress is mostly due to the sensation that we do not have enough time to do what we want to do or think we should be doing. For a happy life, we need to be able to dispose of our time in a manner that is pleasing to us.

4.The Right Mindset. There are plenty of people who are healthy, have a family and friends and lots of free time, yet they are unhappy. Why? Because they are stuck in negative thinking and old emotional trauma. For happiness, we need a positive mindset.

5.A Spiritual Connection. Thinking that this life here is all there is, you live, you die, that’s it, can be depressing. When we feel that we are part of and connected to something bigger than ourselves we feel uplifted and safe.

You might think now that many different strategies, tools and whatnot else are needed to put these five factors in place, but the great news is that the solution is very easy! All you need is to establish a regular yoga practice!

Why Yoga Is Such A Great Tool To Create A Happy Life?

Here’s how yoga helps with all five key factors needed for a happy life:

1.The yogic body postures, called asanas, will lead you on a path to optimal health! Yoga is one of the healthiest forms of exercise, strengthening the entire body and boosting our energy levels.

Yoga lowers the blood pressure and heart rate and releases toxins from the body, all of which make it an excellent way of counter acting the effects of stress and anxiety.

The relaxation that follows a yoga practice will help in avoiding the creation of new stress and make you sleep much better.

Yoga Practice

2.Yoga gets us closer to ourselves and as a result of that closer to everybody else! People who do not love themselves do not think they are worthy to be loved by others and therefore experience difficulties in establishing and maintaining harmonious relationships.

Yoga helps! All yogic practices make us arrive in the present moment. In the here and now we can establish a real connection with ourselves, which will automatically result in better relationships with others.

3.You might think that taking the time to do yoga will reduce the time you have available to do other things, but it is actually the other way round!

With a fit body and a clear mind and focus gained through yoga, you will get more done in much less time! AND you will feel so much happier in doing whatever you do!

4.Yoga will flush your body with endorphins and clear your mind of all worries. You will quickly feel how a regular practice contributes to a positive mindset! Once you have it, you will actually be able to appreciate all the good things in your life.

Flush Your Body With Yoga

5.Yoga stills our mind and connects us to everything that is. With some practice, you will be able to feel that you are one with everything and everyone, which is a feeling of pure bliss and comfort.

So if you wondered why there’s such a hype about yoga, now you know! Yoga is a really accessible tool in establishing a happy life.

It will help you to create and maintain a healthy body and a loving relationship with yourself and others, you will become the master of your time and enjoy whatever you do, develop a positive mindset and feel connected to everything that is.

That sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? Don’t waste any more time, start your yoga practice today and start living a life you love!

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