10 Common Habits That May Harm Your Kidneys

Your Kidneys

All the organs play their role in maintaining routine and healthy working of the body. If we talk about kidneys, these are the most important organ of the body as they are responsible for the expelling out the urine by filtering the body toxins and excess of water. As these are very important to stay healthy, we should take proper care of them. According to the reports, every year the millions of people loses their life because of kidney diseases. Many of the patients adopt this problem due to the bad habits in the routine life. If a person can be avoid these bad habits, the person can control this problem or also can prevent it to a certain extent.

To maintain health of kidney, there are certain routine habits which are needed to be ignored;

1. Avoid Pain-Killers

The frequent use of pain killers can damage kidneys. Many people have this bad habit to use pain- killers for every small pain or tolerable situation. These pain- killers can damage other organs besides kidney like liver, stomach, intestine (ulcers) etc. so the use of pain-killers in normal conditions can be avoided the stay healthy and to protect kidneys. These pain- killers can also reduce the flow of blood after some time.

2. High Protein Diet

High Protein Diet
The regular consumption of high protein diet can also be problematic for kidney function. The excess protein, especially red meat consumption can put extra metabolic pressure on kidneys which can be dangerous for their functioning.

3. Avoid Smoking

Smoking can be dangerous for the whole body and its organs. So for the healthy body the smoking should be avoided. Smoking hardens the blood capillaries, due to which the blood pressure rises. This can cause damage to the kidneys.

4. Avoid Excess of Caffeine

Excess of Caffeine
There is the presence of caffeine in many of the soft drinks and sodas. In this modern time people are getting habitual of these beverages, which are responsible of increasing the blood pressure of the body. Due to rise in blood pressure, the kidneys will feel extra pressure. Due to which the damage can occur to the kidneys.

5. Too Much Alcohol Consumption

When we drink alcohol we often ignore the proper quantity suitable for good health. Too much alcoholic intake is a habit that can severely damage your kidneys. Alcohol is full of toxins that stress our kidneys thus damaging them.

6. Sleeplessness

The night is for sound sleeping, during that time our body tissues starts repairing themselves. If the person is not asking sleep properly he/she can face troubles of cell damage which can be dangerous for the kidneys. So the proper sleep is recommended for the healthy working of organs.

7. Avoid Excess Salt in the Food

Excess Salt in the Food
The table salt contain sodium which is metabolized by the kidneys, as excess salt is needed to be expelled from the body. As the table salt is the major source of sodium, so if we take more salt it will increase the level of sodium in our body which will result in the extra pressure on kidneys. The maximum time of kidneys will be utilized in sodium excretion which can cause long term stress on the kidneys.

8. Deficiency of Vitamin and Minerals

The addition of fruits and vegetables into the daily diet can be beneficial to protect kidney from damage. The deficiency of minerals and vitamins can leads to the kidney stones, which can be dangerous for the kidney. The deficiency of some minerals even can fail kidney. There are many vitamins and minerals which can protect kidney, among them Vitamin B6 and magnesium are very important to protect kidney from stones.

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9. Less Water Consumption

The people who is not drinking adequate amount of water daily are into high risk of kidney damage. The major work of kidney is to regulate balancing of erythrocyte and expel metabolic waste out from the body. For the flushing out the toxins and metabolic water the huge amount of water is needed. If there will be low water concentration in the body, it will decrease the renal blood flow which in result leads into the accumulation of toxins in the blood.

10. Long-Term Full Bladder

The emptying of the urinary bladder in time is very important. Lots of us have developed the habit of not emptying the urinary bladder on time. This can lead into the different complications in the urinary tract. The complications can occur like, hypertrophy of detrusor muscle, which leads to formation of diverticula. Another problem named as Hydronephrosis in which the increase of urine pressure in kidneys occurs which leads to the renal dysfunction.

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Author: Dr. Vikram Chauhan

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