Testicular Cancer Awareness Month: What You Need To Know

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Published: Apr 27, 2018 | Last Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Testicular Cancer Awareness Month

April is Testicular Cancer Awareness Month’s do you know fact from fiction when it comes to this disease? Here at Tommy John, we’ve partnered up with the Testicular Cancer Foundation (TCF) to help spread awareness about testicular cancer, and squash some misconceptions in the process.

Man Up, Check Em’

Did you know that testicular cancer is one of the most treatable forms of cancer there is? In fact, when detected early, testicular cancer has a 99% rate of survival. Hold on, wait a minute! Don’t go rushing off to get checked out just yet! The first step of early detection can come in the form of a simple self-exam; you can do it right at home and it only takes about 60 seconds. Sounds easy, right? That’s because it is! With 24 males being diagnosed every day, there’s no excuse not to man up and check em’. Check out this handy self-check guide below to see for yourself:

To help further aid in spreading awareness, we recently sat down with the nice folks over at TCF to ask some common, and not so common, questions about testicular cancer. Let’s highlight a few of their answers, shall we?

The Findings

One of the most common questions we’ve heard pertains to men worrying about things like placing their laptop near their groin or that riding a bike could possibly increase their chances of developing the disease. Rest assured, boys, TCF let us know that there has been no connection between cycling and a diagnosis of testicular cancer. So men, feel free to pile on the miles behind the handlebars. It’s also worth noting that there is no research showing that laptops can cause testicular cancer. However, studies have shown that the heat given off from laptops can cause a lowering in sperm production.

As an underwear company, our next question was near and dear to our hearts. We wanted to know if there any medical benefits that come with wearing comfortable, well-fitting underwear. TCF, themselves, also deal with a lot of men who need comfortable support, especially post surgery. In fact, TCF have even supplied numerous diagnosed testicular cancer patients with a pair of Tommy John boxer briefs, and boy, it really does make a big difference. Aside from the need for comfort and support, TCF also let us know that, if your underwear doesn’t fit properly, it can lead to restricted blood flow and overheating which, as we mentioned before, can affect sperm count. Let’s stay vigilant, guys, your boys depend on it.

Testicular Cancer Info

Of course, and we have to agree, the most important takeaway from our conversation with TCF brings us back to where we started: the self-check. With testicular cancer being the most prevalent cancer in males ages 15 to 34, TCF could not stress enough how a simple self exam can prevent the need for unnecessary treatment, but also save time, money, and ultimately save a life.

It’s Up to You

So, there you have it. The facts are all laid out in front of you and it’s up to you decide what to do with them. Do you have a man in your life that you think could benefit from learning more about this disease? Are you a man yourself, scratching your head and wondering how you’ve gone this long without knowing the facts?

This April, it’s time to #KnowYourBalls (and maybe remind a few others to get to know theirs too).

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