Top 7 Health Benefits of the ‘New Healthy Fat’ Omega 7

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Published: Oct 9, 2018 | Last Updated: Aug 3, 2019

health benefits of omega 7
There are numerous kinds of Omega fatty acids and you must be aware about majority of the lot. There is no question that it can get a bit confusing when it comes to these fatty acids.

You have to categorize them in two boxes which includes the essential fatty acids and the non-essential fatty acids. However, just because a fatty acid is non-essential does not mean it does not have any benefits. Nonetheless, regardless of all these technicalities and groupings, it seems that among all the popular fatty acids you may know of, Omega 7 seems to stand out.

Omega 7 is a monounsaturated fat and contains fatty acids which include palmitoleic acid, palmitic acid, and vaccenic acid. Among these, the very first is one of the main active compounds in Omega 7 and the best thing is that your body produces it naturally.

And in case you are wondering, Omega 7 can be also be found in different foods such as pomegranate seed oil, macadamia nuts, tuna, salmon and the most well known sea buckthorn.

It has numerous benefits and that is exactly why different Omega 7 supplements have made their place in the market.

This list intends to make you well informed of 7 amazing benefits of Omega 7 that you should know.

So let’s begin!

1. Weight Loss

Big numbers are great when it comes to matters like money, height, clothes, video games etc. But they are a real blow to your self-esteem and your health when it comes to weight.

Being overweight or worse, obese, can be quite worrisome for a lot of individuals. They embark on a weight loss journey to shed away the fat and lose those extra pounds so they can add some numbers to their lifespan and boost their confidence as well. However, the weight loss process can be very exhausting, time consuming and difficult.

However, Omega 7 helps you in this journey by suppressing your appetite so you avoid those binge-eating sessions you find yourself indulging in too often. Moreover, it also helps regulate and manage the leptin in your body which is a hormone responsible for informing your brain via fat cells about the energy thermostat’s performance.
Omega 7 For Weight Loss
With better leptin performance, you feel less hungry and are not able to lose weight but prevent further weight gain. You can also say hello to a better digestion system with healthier bowel movements.

On another note, Omega 7 also serves in your body’s fatty acid oxidation whilst it prevent fat accumulation by using all of that fat for energy. So not only will you find more energized but able to lose weight faster while preventing gaining more pounds.

This is why a lot of weight loss supplements nowadays like Ultra Omega Burn are using this as an ingredient to ensure you achieve your body goals. But as always, you still need to put in the effort which means dieting and exercise are still a must.

2. Reduces Inflammation

By decreasing the C-reactive protein in your body, Omega 7 actually reduces the inflammation. While inflammation is by essence a good thing since it aids in the healing of your body after the immune system is affected someone, chronic inflammation caused by certain irregularities can be quite bad and even lead to diseases.

Different studies have proven that Omega 7 actually helps your body reduce the C-reactive protein significantly which also reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Other than giving you a healthy heart, the reduced inflammation and C-reactive protein also prevent other harmful diseases such as Alzheimer’s, type 1 diabetes, psoriasis, multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis.

You will find yourself with a stronger immune system and healthier organs altogether with the use of Omega 7.

3. Promotes Healthy LDL and support HDL Cholesterol Levels

Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) is more commonly known as the “bad cholesterol” whereas high-density lipoprotein (HDL) is known as the “good cholesterol”. By these nicknames, you should guess already which of them should be high or low in quantity.

Even though LDL is beneficial as it helps prevent the inner lining of your blood vessels from breaking, high amounts can be damaging and cause problems such as cardiovascular diseases due to clogging.
Cholesterol Can Be Removed By Omega 7

With plaque present, individuals can suffer from hypertension, coronary disease, peripheral artery disease or carotid artery disease. But thanks to Omega 7, optimum levels of LDL are maintained so you avail the benefits without suffering through these dangerous costs.

The same way, Omega 7 increases the HDL in your body which actually helps LDL’s breakdown in your arteries and its transportation to the liver so excess cholesterol can be removed.

4. Gastrointestinal Health

If you suffer from ulcers or frequent acidity issues, Omega 7 just might be the answer to your problems.

An amazing benefit of Omega 7 is the lubrication of the mucous membrane which not only improves your gastrointestinal health but gives your energy levels a boost. In addition, you also should know that Omega 7 fatty acids basically protect you from a lot of harm since abundant quantities of it create a lining in your intestines and stomach. It is Captain America to your GI health by shielding you from those nasty diseases!

5. Anti-aging and Hydrating Properties

Looking young as you continue to age is a hard task and a lot of people do not want to get into the costly process of cosmetic surgery to do so. However, with Omega 7 you will find that your skin would not only feel better because of the moisture and nourishment it will receive, but it will also look amazing and make it healthier overall!

The Omega 7 fatty acids increase your collagen levels which further makes your skin stronger so it cannot be injured as easily as before.

In addition, your skin remains hydrated and moisturized which means you can say ta-ta to dryness, cracked and chapped skin all over your body. If that is not enough, it also may be very beneficial to fight off those wrinkles on your skin you wish you could iron out. And on another note, Omega 7 is great for your nails, hair growth and eyes as well.

Being high in anti-oxidants and vitamins, Omega 7 fatty acids are not only great for the external health of your skin but it also lubricates your body from within for ensured moisture.
Sea Buckthorn Contain Omega 7
In fact, sea buckthorn is very beneficial for individuals who have to sit all day in front of the computer screen because it helps restore your eyes’ moisture and relieves them from the fatigue, irritation and possible redness they have to undergo. Whether it’s because of allergies, being outside or just generally suffering from these eye issues, Omega 7 serves as a wonderful solution to it all.

Other than that, Omega 7 is also great to actually help heal all those skin injuries such as burns, eczema, lesions, abrasions and even sunburn or skin damaged by the sun.

6. Healthy Insulin Sensitivity and Metabolism

Insulin is a hormone stored in your body’s pancreas which basically orders your body to store some sugar for glucose or extract it from carbs for some energy boosts. Other than this, this hormone also helps regulate your blood sugar levels and keeps them at optimum stability to ensure you do not have to deal with hypoglycemia (low sugar levels) or hyperglycemia (high sugar levels).

Healthy individuals are usually known to be sensitive to insulin and those that are resistant to it can develop some harmful diseases such as diabetes mellitus type 2 because of exposure to glucose-borne toxins. This could later lead to possible renal failure and eventually cardiovascular diseases.

But no worries because Omega 7 fatty acids actually fight off metabolism syndrome and support healthy insulin sensitivity. This means your body will be better able to metabolize glucose and more efficiently as well.

7. Decrease Triglyceride Levels

Before we elaborate on the decrease of Triglyceride levels, you first need to understand what they are even responsible for in your body. The triglycerides help your body’s storage of fat-soluble vitamins. This allows your body to provide you with energy to use whilst also simultaneously shielding it from cold temperatures and its effects. Therefore, it is no surprise that your triglycerides levels need to be kept in balance.
Omega 7 Decrease Triglyceride Levels

An increase in them can actually be very harmful as they allow you to be more susceptible to different heart conditions and diabetes. Omega 7 basically works to ensure these levels are kept in check and do not increase. If they are already on that path, it helps bring them down and keeps them stabilized.

The best thing is Omega 7 does this without making you suffer through any of the negative side-effects or consequences which one usually remains quite wary of.


Taking everything into consideration, there is no denying the wonderful use and benefits of Omega 7 fatty acids. They definitely do a lot for you and your body by ensuring it remains healthy and fit – internally and externally.

On the surface level, it ensures you look good by lowering your weight, improving your hair growth and nails’ health, boosting your skin’s moisture and firmness whilst ensuring its strong and heals it from existing damage.

On a deeper level, it keeps your heart and liver health as well by ensuring your body’s cholesterol and triglyceride levels are stabilized alongside improving your body’s healthy insulin sensitivity.

It also fights off inflammation and really improves your gastrointestinal health, fighting off all kinds of nasty diseases and illnesses ranging from cardiovascular diseases to acidity. Say goodbye to liver fat and arterial plaque while opening your arms to with a bright hello to anti-oxidant support and improved energy levels!

It is no surprise that numerous A-grade supplements have made use of this natural ingredient in their composition to help individuals boost their Omega 7 fatty acids and reap all the amazing benefits it brings.

However, if supplements are not the way to go for you, you can still make your diet Omega 7 friendly by adding in foods rich with it such as salmon, tuna, macadamia nuts, pomegranate seed oil, sardines and, the most popular, sea buckthorn. Either way, better get some Omega 7 fatty acids!

If you have any questions you would like to ask or wish to share your comments and experiences, feel free to reach out!

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