Medical Toys: 4 Cool Gadgets for Physicians

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Published: Jun 18, 2018 | Last Updated: Dec 17, 2018

Medical Toys
If you’re a doctor who’s into the latest electronics devices and tech toys, you’ll definitely want to know about some of the latest and most useful ones that can help to make your job easier. These gizmos will help to make sure your office is up-to-date with the most innovative technologies, but they’re also lots of fun for the tech-savvy physician. Take a look at these four cool gadgets for physicians.

Digital Stethoscope

This tiny version of the traditional listening device fits snugly in the palm of your hand and provides over 100 times amplification. This little wonder is super convenient with plug and play ability that lets it work through headphones, as well as connect to various devices like smartphones and tablets. This makes it simple to sync results straight to patients’ electronic medical records.

Laboratory Tech

Laboratories are one of the most important parts of the medical field, even though we rarely see or hear of them. From the newest technology in productive microplate handling, to other intricate processes, labs are where the real science happens. Robotic technology is now being used in handling microplates and liquid measuring, which vastly increases productivity and decreases human error. There are also gadgets in labs for vial filling and microplate washing, along with precision handling devices.

Infrared Thermometer

With the latest in temperature measuring technology, you no longer have to worry about probe covers or waiting just the right amount of time. Infrared thermometers measure patient temperatures in just one second flat, and they require absolutely no contact with the patient’s skin or bodily fluids. It’s the most efficient and sanitary method available for acquiring an accurate temperature readout. In addition, they run on regular batteries, so there is no need to add special equipment to the inventory list. The infrared thermometer is perfect for use with babies, fussy children and sensitive older patients.

Interactive Pen Tablets

Interactive drawing tablets like the Wacom Intuos and other similar brands allow doctors to instantly convert your writing into a format that can be digitally read. Gone are the days of making copies and dictation transcription. This simple touch pad and stylus system is portable and accurate. You can use it for writing prescriptions, taking clinical notes and drawing on x-rays. Your written information goes directly to electronic records, increasing efficiency and patient privacy.

These are just four of the fun and awesome gadgets for physicians that can be used in your medical practice. There are tons of new advances, from apps to precision equipment. Your office can remain innovative with just a few convenient additions to your arsenal.

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