6 Ways To Prepare Mentally And Physically For The Perfect Diet

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Published: Mar 15, 2018 | Last Updated: Mar 4, 2019

Mentally and Physically Prepare for the Perfect Diet
You step on the scale for the first time in months. You squint, wiggle, maybe hold your breath, but no. That really is the number.

Hopefully, you step off the scale (without flinging at your bathroom mirror) and make the resolution that so many before you have made: It’s time for some weight loss.

Where do you start? There are so many options and methods out there today, which one is right for you? Read on to discover our six ways to prepare mentally and physically for the perfect diet.

1. Make A Visit To The Family Practitioner.

An airplane doesn’t takeoff before it goes through a full check-list to make sure it’s safe for the rigors of flight. Your body works the same way. Before you begin a whole new regimen of diet and exercise that may stress your body, talk to your doctor and make sure it’s safe to take on the challenge.

Tell your doctor of your workout and meal plans and get a full checkup on your heart and lungs. Your doctor will also be able to advise you on any modifications you may need to make due to health issues.

Once you’re sure your heart can <>, strap on those running shoes, down that veggie protein shake and hit the road.

2. Choose The Right Weight Loss Program For You.

Right Weight Loss
Everyone is in search of the perfect diet. The truth is, everybody’s body chemistry is different.

According to this report on CBS news, it proved any number of people can have very different reactions to foods. Maybe your body responds well to a low carb option, so you’d be interested in Atkins.

If your insulin levels are the reason you aren’t losing weight, address that with the GOLO diet. With your doctor’s help, and internet research, GOLO diet reviews are at the tips of your fingers and Atkins meal suggestions just a click away. It’ll be no sweat finding the right program for you.

A reviewer said they’ve tried the GOLO diet and was delighted at how open the plan was with food choices. By day 53 they lost 20 pounds.

So, pick a plan that will be easy to stick with, and won’t demand a ton of time, money or starvation.

3. Keep A Food Diary (there’s an app for that).

Keeping a food diary allows you to face the facts. The facts about your nutrition and caloric intake.

Did you know Wendy’s full-size Apple Pecan Chicken salad boasts more calories than a McDonald’s Big Mac? You could be going through your day thinking you’re making healthy food choices, when you’re actually sabotaging yourself.

How about when you decide to splurge after dinner with a dessert, because, “you’ve been good today” while unknowingly consuming thousands more calories than expected?

In this glorious digital age, keeping track of your calories is easier than ever before. Lose It and My Fitness Pal are two popular apps on iPhone and Android that will count your calories for you when you make an entry.

4. Out With The Old And In With The New.

Now is the time to raid your fridge’ and throw the bad stuff out!

No matter how disciplined you are during the day, that time of the evening is coming for you. The one when everyone else is asleep and you just want something to nibble on while you catch up on your episodes of The Walking Dead.

If you keep no junk food in the house, you’ve already won the battle without having to go to war.

Chances are, you will reach for something healthy that you do have. Or, better yet, drink that last glass of water and go to bed.

That adage, “out of sight out of mind” applies here. Well, maybe it’s not out of mind, but it’s definitely out of reach, and that’s a great start!

Great Start

5. Make A Week’s Worth Of Lunches To Grab On The Go.

Fast food is fast for a reason.

We don’t have time for anything else because we are busy people, constantly on-the-go.

A little bit of pre-planning, however, can make a big difference in your calories (and your waistline).

Kim Calloway is an exercise instructor in Arlington, TX. She teaches up to five aerobics classes a day and drives all over the city.

Her eating is always done on the run, and she says she has been able to save a fortune, in money and calories, by making her lunch ahead of time.

Take a couple hours on the weekend and cook up five chicken breasts. Steam up some veggies, boil some brown rice, and divvy them up into some Tupperware.

Ta-da! You’ve made your own fast-food.

As the week goes on, that’s one meal per day you won’t have to think about!

6. Send A Friend Request

What’s the first thing you do when you’ve found the perfect restaurant? Tell a friend, of course!

What if you’ve found a new diet you want to try?

Get on that phone and enlist a friend. Studies show that people who are dieting with a friend are more likely to continue because of motivation, competition and mutual encouragement.

Set up mini competitions; whoever loses the least amount of weight this week has to buy the other one a martini Saturday night.

Put some money on the line and up the stakes. You’ll lose pounds and maybe earn some cash along the way to help pay for all those new “skinny” clothes you’ll need.


Losing weight often seems like this huge mountain we cannot even begin to think about climbing. But, with the proper preparation, you’ll be ready to take one huge first step. Whether you start by calling up your bestie to enjoy the torture journey with you, or finally choose the perfect diet for your body type, you’re well on your way to creating a healthy routine to optimize your weight loss journey.

It won’t be long now before that dreaded scale is your best friend.

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