How to Achieve Hormonal Balance Naturally?

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Published: Feb 10, 2018 | Last Updated: Sep 7, 2019

Achieve Hormonal Balance Naturally

Feeling weary? Gaining weight despite being on a diet? Does PMS strike you harder than most women? It’s not you, it’s your hormones, and there are simple ways to sort them out.

Just imagine a life with less stress and see if it is worth the lifestyle change. As most things, balancing out hormones is through workouts, diet, and sleep.

Women’s bodies produce testosterone, just as men’s do. Truth be told, there is approximately 15 times less testosterone in a woman than a man, but still, it is present. Other two important hormones that play an important part of your everyday life are progesterone and estrogen. The two most important things for your health, physical wellbeing and a good mood happen when all these hormones are well balanced.

However, other hormones should not be neglected. Oxytocin, thyroid, cortisol and leptin all have very important parts to play. Here are some tips on how to keep track of your hormonal levels are in order and what to do if you suspect that they are not.

Symptoms of Something Amiss

There are many symptoms that you do not really pay attention to which may actually turn out to be your body warning you about hormonal imbalance. Weariness, depression, severe reactions to stress, unexplainable weight gain or even being extra sneezy during your PMS can all be explained in different reasons.

You will probably think that you are too tired because you are overworked and your blues will find their explanation in some old thing that has been bugging you for ages, anyway.

However, if you concentrate and figure out that you are tired despite a good night’s sleep and that you have a couple of pounds more even though you eat healthily, it may be the hormones. Weariness can occur because of the low progesterone levels.

The same hormone is responsible for colds and inflammations that may bug you right before your period. Lack of serotonin and dopamine is what makes you blue and depressed. This is usually caused by the high levels of cortisol the stress hormone.

Balance Hormones with Exercise

Balance Hormones with Exerciseexercising.

To fight off depression caused by high levels of cortisol, you need to opt for low-intensity workouts like yoga, tai chi, and similar routines. Strength exercises should be limited to twice a week.

The key is to lower cortisol, so that serotonin and dopamine can do their thing. To elevate other hormones, like endorphins, insulin and growth hormone, squeeze in at least two sessions of burst exercise a week. These should not exceed 20 minutes per workout. For those who want to do sports professionally, there comes the time when naturally produced levels of testosterone just do not cut it anymore.

If you are careful and you consult with your doctor and trainer, testosterone supplements for women are available and ready to help you build stronger muscles in shorter periods of time.

Balance Hormones with Nutrition

Balance Hormones with Nutritionvitamin C. You will find it in lemon, kiwi, bell peppers, oranges, broccoli and the like. You will be more resistant to stress and its negative effects on your hormonal balance if you get enough omega 3 fatty acids. These are found in all kinds of fish, tofu, and walnuts.

One of the most important things about balancing out hormones is regular sleep. You must have 7-9 hours of solid sleep every night in order for hormones to be in check. Other changes that you can make are: getting a pet. Snuggling and hugging actually boost your oxytocin levels and make you happier.

Pets help very much in that department. Smoking, alcohol, and drugs have very negative effects on your hormonal balance, so you have to say goodbye to those.

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