How to Approach Mistakes to Create Success and Happiness in Your Life

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Published: Apr 8, 2019 | Last Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Grab on the easy approaches here to track the mistakes and make your life healthy and successful.
Approach Mistakes
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If you’re really going for life, for a goal, and really hitting it in life, you’re going to make mistakes. It’s a part of the process. If you’re really putting yourself out there, mistakes will happen.

You’ll never know what you’re capable of, if you don’t try, full out and with all you’ve got. When you do, you find out what works and what needs adjusting. Any mistakes that crop up, let you know you need to try something different.

Many people are either frozen in fear, or concerned that they’ll make the wrong decision, a mistake, or feel foolish. They end up procrastinating because they’re afraid they won’t be perfect, and they’ll fail at what they’re attempting to do. They end up stalling, before they even try.

While it’s understandable, it’s not the way to go about succeeding. You have to give it your best shot, with the information you have. You then make decisions and take actions, off of the resulting effects. If you don’t make a decision, or take action, you’re just that – frozen. And frozen isn’t taking you anywhere. It’s keeping you in exactly the same place you’re in right now.

If where you’re at is perfect and gives you great joy, then there’s no reason to rock the boat. But even if you feel fulfilled, as people, we tend to have a desire or need to keep growing and expanding. So, if you’re in a great place. Perfect. Enjoy it. Revel in it, and when you’re ready to do more, take a shot.

If you feel stuck or dissatisfied, you have to do something. The only way out of feeling stuck is to take action. Inaction doesn’t create anything new or different in your life. All it does is keep you stuck in one spot.

If your desire is to be successful or to fully experience life, you have to take chances. They can be calculated risks, or they can be very bold moves. Whatever is your particulate style, great. But do something. Don’t allow yourself to procrastinate or be frozen by indecision.

How do you know what you’re attempting is a good idea?

The only way you’re going to know if something is a good idea is by trying it. Sure, you can look at examples of what other people have done, but if you don’t try it, or don’t make a decision, you’ll never know if it’s rightfor you. This is the key point. What’s right for one person, or even many people, isn’t necessarily right for you.

Each of us is unique with our own unique talents and abilities. We’re all here to live our own experience – and to do it to the best of our ability. If you’re holding back, you’re robbing yourself of some great experiences.

Goood Idea

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Regrets come up when you don’t do what you feel drawn to do

Too often you hear of people in the later stages of their lives, who are filled with regrets. Most of their regrets are based on what they didn’t do. It’s almost never about what they did do. Sometimes a person will beat themselves up for past mistakes. But again, this is a result of inaction.

Instead of examining the mistake and learning from it, (because mistakes are here to inform you of what you need to do differently), they pull back and are stuck in the mistake. They end up frozen, emotionally, with what they did wrong. Instead of examining and moving forward from the mistake with a new plan, they allow the mistake to stop them in their tracks.

When you hear people speaking of regrets, it’s usually something along the lines of, “I wish I’d done this.” Or, “I wish I’d told so & so, this.” If they don’t examine the mistake and make any adjustments, the regret is then compounded by the fact that they haven’t moved forward from this event. They’ve let themselves become stuck in the mistake. Again, they didn’t take action!

Mistakes help you to grow and ultimately succeed.

The process of growing and learning, becoming a better version of yourself, and embracing life fully, is to make the mistakes, and learn from them.

That’s the whole process of growth and success. When you look at where you could’ve acted differently, or what you need to do in a different way, you’re making progress with your goals.

Don’t allow yourself to become stuck going over and over again in your mind, how you “messed up”. Get past that! It doesn’t benefit you in any way. Be disciplined in what you let your mind focus on. This is another aspect of creating success and happiness in your life.

So, how do you handle mistakes?

So, when you come up against a mistake, great! You took a shot. Good for you! You had the courage to try something. That’s half the battle.

By the way, anyone who tells you what a mess you made of things or berates you for your mistake isn’t a friend of yours. These aren’t the people you want in your life. The people you want in your inner circle are the ones who say to you, “Great.

You tried something. Didn’t work out as you’d envisioned. So, what? Keep trying!” These are the people who are our true friends. And this is how we should be with them in exchange.

Be supportive and encouraging to people, even when they make a mistake – especially when they make a mistake. We all need cheerleaders in our lives. Be that cheerleader as well, for your friends.

What you have to recognize, is that you can’t be successful, or live fully, if you aren’t willing to make mistakes. How you handle these mistakes is what determines your next move and your ultimate success.

Mistakes lead you in new directions – if you’re willing

New Direction

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Mistakes are just “road signs” pointing you in a new direction. Don’t give up if your things don’t turn out as you’d envisioned. Do an “adjust course”. Change the way in which you’re approaching something.

Or change tactics all together. You can’t discover who you are, or what your true passions are, or even what you’re capable of, if you hold back and play it safe.

The biggest mistake you can make is exactly that – playing it safe. You’re here to live – not coast. Coasting is boring and soul crushing. You want to feel alive and to go for it, full out. Of course, you need to take breaks. But between these breaks or rest periods, there’s an awful lot you can accomplish.

There’s nothing more gratifying than trying something and eventually succeeding. This is how you feel completely alive – taking a chance. Pushing through the challenges, and eventually succeeding.

Embrace your mistakes to learn everything you can from them

When you make a mistake, be willing to look at it. Dissect it, if need be. And learn everything you can, about yourself, and the gems of knowledge the mistake holds for you. Then, take action. Do something different! Adjust your actions in accordance with you’ve learned by this misstep. That’s the action. Identifying what needs to change and then actually doing it.

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Recognize mistakes for what they are

When you approach mistakes or failures in this way, you’ll walk away from the mistake feeling better and able to let it go. Because now you know it served the purpose of informing you.

Mistakes aren’t road blocks. They’re arrows pointing you in the direction you need to take next. Be grateful for them and be grateful you had the courage to even try. Seriously. Pat yourself on the back for taking a chance, because so many people don’t.

It’s the people who are putting themselves out there and taking a chance who are the ones with the most success and happiness.

There’s nothing better than challenging yourself and seeing it through to completion. Playing it safe NEVER gives you the same sense of fulfillment or joy.

So, take a chance. Learn everything you can from the process. Then follow what pops us as you make decisions or take action. When you stay flexible and open, you find the answers you need in order to succeed.

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