10 Foods to Avoid Before Going to Bed

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Published: Apr 14, 2018 | Last Updated: Aug 3, 2019

10 Foods to Avoid Before Going to Bed

It is important to carefully choose the food that one eats especially before going to bed. As you already know, since when going to bed the body will be at rest, it is ideal to choose foods that are of high value which help support your sleeping patterns and allow you to get the most out of your rest.

Choosing foods that will help induce sleep when going to bed is thus recommended as opposed to foods that will keep you awake through the night, seeing that the body needs rest. Below are some of the foods that you should avoid prior to going to bed.

Foods to Avoid Before Going to Bed


The list ought, to begin with, the stimulant caffeine. This is the stimulant that is found in high quantities in coffee and tea leaves. Caffeine has an effect on the brain through stimulating the brain and thus being able to keep one awake for up to five hours. Unless you want to stay awake all night, it is advisable that you keep off caffeine.


Alcohol is also another food that ought to be avoided like the plague. Several pints of alcohol makes one drowsy and if you exceed the limit, you may pass out. It is not possible to indulge excessively in alcohol and be able to have a good night’s sleep. What’s more, you will wake up with a killer hangover.


Cola is yet another sleep killer and ought to be avoided before bed. The reason why people are discouraged from taking cola is because of the high sugar and caffeine that the cola contains. This will in effect keep you up for hours on end and also wake you up to pee, as it is also a diuretic.


If you love spicy food, then it is advisable that you avoid these foods, at least before you go to bed. Most spicy food causes an increase in the levels of acid in the stomach, thus causing bloating as well as a burning sensation in the heart and in the chest, this hampering your sleep efforts.

If you must; choose food that is mildly spicy so that you can get a good night’s rest when you go to sleep. Also, it is recommended that you take this food at least three hours before you go to bed.

Red Meat

Red meat is also a sleeping enemy. The reason for this is that red meat contains a complex protein structure which takes longer to digest. This means that the body will be working hard through the night trying to digest the meet thus may cause unease or even cramping in the stomach. Since the body needs rest as you go to sleep, it is recommended that you avoid eating food that may make the bodywork so hard.

Fried Foods and Processed Carbohydrates

Fried foods are also one of the worst enemies of sleep. Although these foods may seem a quick way to curb hunger pangs, these foods may take longer to digest due to the high saturation of fats. This may in effect cause discomfort when you try to sleep.

To stay on the safe side, it is recommended that you work with a quick vegetable snack such as raw carrots or even nuts if you may feel hungry prior to bedtime.


Chocolate bars are also not recommended before going to bed. Reason: These bars contain high concentrations of sugars and fats and thus may keep a person up for long. Further, they tend to contain caffeine, a known stimulant which keeps the body alert for long hours.

Avoid these before bedtime. Candy should also be avoided just like chocolate bars because of their high sugar levels. A study published in the Journal of the Mind and Body shows that candy may act as a trigger which creates nightmares through unique brain waves in seven out of ten people. To stay safe, it is recommended that you avoid it altogether before bed.


Ice cream has been said to be a mood killer when it comes to sleep. Why? Ice cream contains high fats which are not easily digested. Further, it has high sugars which may stimulate the brain to continue working, even when rest is needed by the body. Avoid the ice-cream just before bed for the best

Too Much Fruit

Finally, avoid eating too much fruit just before bed. Normally, most people will have a small serving of fruit just before bed but as is recommended.

However, eating too much fruit before bed may cause the body to ferment the sugars from the fruit, which may in effect cause bloating and indigestion, making you stay up through the night. To fend this off, know your limits and stay safe.


Understanding which foods should be incorporated into your daily meal plan is one of the best ways to understand what food ought to be eaten when. This will ensure you get to enjoy quality sleep and also stay healthy at all times.

If you feel lost on how to go about choosing food, it is recommended that you consult a nutritionist who will help guide you in choosing the ideal food for you.

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