Selfie & Plastic Surgery Connection: A New Infographic Breaks It Down!

With the rise of social media and flood of mobile devices, everyone has become an instant photographer. It’s no surprise that selfies have become a popular trend when it’s so easy to snap that photo and share it with the world. Whether friends are getting in on the act, it’s family time, or all about me, people simply love to take pictures of themselves.

While it can be fun and exciting, the final outcome isn’t always appealing. Consider the naked, celebrity selfies that were leaked and caused quite an uproar. Worse yet, selfies are not always flattering. Many who have fallen prey to the selfie craze are putting themselves under the microscope and they’re not happy with what they see.

It’s Time to Go Under the Knife

One smile for the camera too many and selfie stars are taking a close look at their features. Many have decided it’s time for an improvement. According to the International Business Times, the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery has linked a rise in plastic surgery procedures with selfies. Take a look here.

Business is picking up as clients come in asking for a nose job, a facelift, or a breast enhancement. While a selfie can be amusing, it’s also putting people under a microscope and they’re dissecting their flaws. Many forget that a selfie doesn’t necessarily give us the best perspective on ourselves. Sometimes, we need to take a step back and look at the reason behind the picture.

Being Less Selfish isn’t a Bad Idea

Before people run out and make that appointment with the plastic surgeon, maybe they should stop thinking about what’s wrong with them. Better yet, everyone should be taking a good look at what is right about their features. The next time they get caught up in the selfie madness, it should be all in good fun.

Forget about picking out defects and simply enjoy the moment. If there’s one good thing that mobile devices have done for people, it’s making memories. No one has to let life pass them by anymore. They can catch in a photo and relive the moment any time they pull it up. Instead of using that selfie to torment ourselves, it’s better to use it as a way to remember when. Time stops for no one, but a selfie can freeze an unforgettable instant and bring that experience back to life.

Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. It’s up to the photographer to decide about his or her take on a selfie. It can be a snapshot in time or a springboard for plastic surgery bills. Take your pick.

Selfie and Plastic Surgery Connection

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