Roles of Tweezers in Skin Care: Beyond Plucking

Roles Of Tweezers

A pair of tweezers happens to be one of the most essential tools you will find in many medicine cabinets. This cosmetic hardware is specially designed to help you fine tune the smaller details in your daily skin care regimen. They are essential when it comes to grooming your eyebrows. In reference to Sophia Stavron, an expert eyebrow artist, based in Dallas, tweezers helps to temporarily remove* hair through a process coined as “tweezing” unlike the commonly used word “plucking.” She argues that skin care gurus and hair removal experts across the world don’t consider “plucking” as a politically correct term.

Advantages of Tweezing

Although caution is necessary when using a pair of tweezers, they are ideal in the removal of small amounts of unwanted hairs and facial. In addition, this cosmetic hardware works wonders for touch up to shape and to maintain your eyebrows. Men and women from different walks of life use tweezers to trim a pair of eyebrows that meet above the nose with the intention of giving the appearance of a single eyebrow.

You don’t have to visit a cosmetic surgeon to get your eyebrows done. You only need proper lighting in the privacy of your own home and a sterilizer. You can combine home tweezing with other spa treatments. For instance, tweeze right after a warm shower to warm or soften your skin. This will make the whole process more efficient and less painful.

Disadvantages of Tweezing


The flipside of tweezing comprises the risks of injuries involved. If you are inexperienced, it can be a painful you would never wish to give another trial. It is a rather slow process that is not practical over a large surface of your skin. If tweezing is carried out several times in a specific area of your skin, it can trigger the emergence of ingrown hairs or puckered skin. Sophia argues that although uncommon, use of unsanitary tweezers can lead to skin infections.

Tweezing is also a risky process in some people with certain skin types. It can lead to pigmentation discoloration, although the discolored areas fade after some time. It is therefore very crucial to minimize pigmentation problems by carefully avoiding nipping or injuring your skin. This can be done through the use of slanted tweezers. However, if you accidentally nip or tear your skin, use a hydrating disinfectant to kill bacteria and calm your skin. This will accelerate the healing process of your skin and prevent pigmentation discoloration.

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Another disadvantage with tweezing is that the tweezed hair may not grow back. According to Sophia, repetitive tweezing may weaken the hair follicle preventing it from growing back. She adds that there are some cases where regular tweezing is the only alternative for removing* unwanted hairs.

Other Uses of Tweezers

Uses of Tweezers

The role of tweezers isn’t just to help in the removal on unwanted hairs. It is an essential tool that can be helpful in the application of delicate makeup where fingers and other applicators can’t get access. These include areas like between your eyelashes and along lash lines.

Tweezers can also be used in the removal of blackhead in clogged surfaces of your skin. You can pluck whiskers from your chin or a stray hair from your bikini lines in a matter of seconds.

Tweezing Tips

  • Before you start tweezing, always ensure that you disinfect your tweezers in rubbing alcohol. If you have a sensitive skin type, keep in mind that the whole process can be painful or cause redness. In this case, soften your skin with a lukewarm washcloth or after taking a warm bath.
  • Don’t apply any eyebrow makeup after tweezing—do it after an hour.
  • Brush the target hair in the direction of its natural growth. Isolate the hair you want to tweeze, while holding the skin to prevent pulling.
  • Don’t use creams or other greasy products that may make the tweezers to slip or difficult to control.
  • Tweeze in the direction of the hair’s growth and pull just one hair at a time.
  • Gently pull the hair with a quick and smooth direction taking care not to yank or cut it. Cutting may promote the growth of ingrown hairs.

Tweezers Myth

There are some people who up to now believe that tweezing stimulate hair growth. However, hair removal experts suggest that an accelerated hair growth in tweezed section occur due to genetic hair regeneration but it is not an indication that there is fast and thicker hair growth.


Tweezers have several roles when it comes to skin care, other than plucking of unwanted hair. They can be used along with other cosmetic products to improve* the overall appearance of your skin. Although there are dangers associated with tweezing, it’s an ideal procedure that can be conveniently carried out in the privacy of your home. When selecting a pair of tweezers to use at home, go for the ones with tips that meet.

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