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The 10 Things about Retinol Products that Refer to Your Skin that You should Know about

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Retinol Products

If you are reading this article, you are most probably done with going through the list of ingredients on the back of your favorite skincare product and you want to inspect what retinol really is and is retinol good for skin. First of all, let us say that you are doing the right thing. Even if we have not guessed it right, you have done the right thing by simply reading this article.

We are convinced that by knowing the following information that we are going to share on the topic of retinol products, you will take the first step towards taking a better care of your skin. Now, have you heard about retinol before? Perhaps not. But you surely have heard about Vitamin A, have you not? Well, it is the same thing! Now, do you wonder is retinol good for skin and thinking about trying a product that actually contains it? Let’s find out more about it, shall we?

Retinoids vs Retinol – What is the Difference?

They are both extracted from Vitamin A. Both are commonly used to address common skin issues such as the skin changes caused by aging[1] and common acne breakouts. The difference between these two is in their form.

While retinoids come in a form of a prescription and a lot of over-the-counter products, retinols[2] do not require any prescription however they are quite weaker as compared with retinoids. You should be careful and always look for retinol that has been extracted[3] from Vitamin A, otherwise, you might be only thinking that you are paying for retinol, but that could not be the case.

What Retinoids do for your Skin?

Retinoids do for your Skin?

A retinoid treatment is among the most commonly used ones to address the common skin issues. Prescription retinoids are used to address moderate to severe acne problems if any of the treatments that have been used before did not work. What retinoids do in this case is unclog your pores and letting your skin to breathe by removing any dead skin cells.

While at it, retinoids also control the oil production which can help you if you are dealing with oily skin that is the reason behind your common acne breakouts. By stimulating the skin’s circulation and improving the collagen production, retinoids are commonly used in the treatment of wrinkles as well. They also address the discoloration issues reducing any visible dark spots and patches.

Do Retinol Products Really Work?

Here are the 10 things that you should know about the retinol uses for skin and you can answer this question on your own.

1. Any skincare products that contain real retinols extracted from Vitamin A are effective and safe to use when it comes to improving the quality of your skin’s appearance.

2. Being able to improve the production of collagen, retinols successfully[4] decrease any visible fine lines and wrinkles by making the skin strong and elastic once again as before any of the aging changes had happened.

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3. Retinols must penetrate the skin in order to show off their effects. This is why many of the over-the-counter retinols products that only topically coat the skin often compromise their results. In order to find the best retinols product for your skin, consult a professional.

4. Do not get played by the promised concentration of retinols in your new found retinols product. A big enough concentration of retinols is nothing without a strong delievery system, as we mentioned before, and formulation. Do not get fooled by the concentration numbers!

5. Retinol works best when it is gradually introducted to your system. This means that you should start little by little when it comes to using retinols to improve[5] your skin’s condition. You can start by applying the product every other day and let your skin adjust to the presence of this new substance. After a while, you can start by using your new product on a daily basis.

6. Do not believe when they say that retinols should not be used while you are exposed to the sun. In fact, there are a number of brands that offer us their own retinols products in a combination with SPF that you can apply on a daily basis during the day while you enjoy as your skin is being sun-kissed.

7. Get the advantage of the combination of Alpha hydroxyl acids (AHA) and retinols. We already mentioned that retinols really should penetrate your skin in order to show off their effects. And AHA will able them to do so by exfoliating your skin and removing any dead skin cells!

8. Early use of retinols can actually prevent and slow down the development of fine lines and wrinkles. So you can think about recommending this awesome ingredient to your daughter, niece or neighbor before they start struggling with wrinkles.

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9. For the best results, use your retinol product at night! Since the night is already the time reserved for regeneration of the damaged cells from the day before, why not enhance this process by introducing retinol to your skin and let it repair any damage that has been done?

10. Retinols products are more than just a simple skincare products! The retinol uses for skin seem as if they are limitless[6] since they do not only take care of your wrinkles, but they also protect your skin against sun damage, treat the already existing sun damage, and treat any visible skin discoloration! It is all that you ever want an anti-aging skincare product!

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Were you wondering if retinol good for skin? Or are retinol products safe for skin? Well, if you have read our article then you have all the answers that you were looking for! You have learned all the beneficial effects of decreased wrinkles, fine lines, acne breakouts and not to mention the refreshed and healthier look that these products promise you!

You have also learned 10 vital things about the use of retinol products and now you know to answer yes to any questions like is retinol good for skin?. Do not give any more opportunities for wrinkles to get created! Improve your self-confidence and the way that you feel about your skin with the help of retinols starting from today!

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