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How To Cleanse Your Skin- 9 Quick & Effective Tips To Follow

One of the first things most people notice about each other is the face. The most obvious and memorable trait of most people, every person’s face is unique.

How To Cleanse Your Skin- 9 Quick & Effective Tips To Follow

As a result, it is important to take care of the skin on the face to keep the facial appearances fresh, healthy, and glowing skin.

There are a wide variety of strategies for keeping the skin on the face healthy. One of the foremost is simply cleansing the skin regularly.
To cleanse the skin effectively:

Choose the Right Cleanser

Most stores that sell health and hygiene products will feature a variety of facial cleansers. Cleansers are designed to perform several tasks.

Some cleansers target dirt in the pores, whereas others are tailored to reduce the skin’s oiliness or to hydrate dry patches.

To choose a cleanser that will be effective for keeping the skin healthy:

Learn About Skin Types

Each person’s skin type depends on a person’s individual genetics, hygiene habits, the environment, and even body chemistry.

Skin type can change over time or simply with the seasons.
The most common skin types include:

Find the Appropriate Cleanser for the Skin Type

Skin Type Care

Skin care products should always be chosen based on the skin type of the person using them.

A basic cleanser could wreak havoc on the face of a person who has a dry or oily skin type, for example. Fortunately, since skin care products are made for every skin type, there are a multitude of options available.

Select Special Cleansers for Skin Problems

In some cases, simply cleaning the face regularly won’t keep the skin healthy and glowing. For example, many women find that while they are menstruating, their fluctuating hormones cause them to breakout.

People who suffer from conditions like psoriasis or eczema also have special skin care needs that cleansing can’t take care of alone.

As a result, it is vital that each person incorporate special care into their regular facial cleansing routines as needed.

Employ Effective Cleaning Methods

Effective Cleaning Methods

How a person cleanses their face matters as much as what they cleanse it with. Simply splashing on a few drops of most cleansers won’t do much for anyone’s skin or complexion.

Many people rely on each skincare products’ directions for instructions of facial cleansing methods. Of course, once using multiple products, the question remains: what’s the best strategy overall?

Use the 4-2-4 Method

Well-known by Asian women, the 4-2-4 method is eastern traditionally but is currently revolutionizing skincare routines around the world.

Made popular by famous Korean celebrity like Suzy Bae, the 4-2-4 method is a facial cleansing technique that many women swear by.

To use the 4-2-4 method:
1. Set A Timer For 4 Minutes
Massage the face with a cleansing oil for 4 minutes. Fiore promotes this cleansing method and its cleansing product “In Fiore – LUSTRA Illuminating Cleansing Essence” for this step. Other cleansing oils can be used.

They should be selected based on skin type.
2. Set A Timer For 2 Minutes
Next, reset the timer for 2 minutes and begin to massage the face with a wash. Some people choose to use creams, others prefer a foam wash.

The idea behind this step is to lift the dirt and other impurities that have been drawn out by the cleansing oils off of the face.
3. Set A Timer For 4 Minutes
For the last 4 minutes of the process, rinse the face with warm water. The warm water will keep the pores open and flush out any remaining dirt or impurities.

Two minutes into this step, switch to cold water. The temperature will help the pores to close in order to keep more dirt from getting in. At the same time, the rinsing will ensure that all impurities are completely washed away.

Make It a Routine

One of the reasons that the 4-2-4 method is believed to be so effective is because of the consistency involved.

The method is supposed to be used for daily cleansing –and the daily aspect makes a big difference.

Make this – or another – cleansing method more effective by adding it to the daily routine:

Be Consistent

Although skin doesn’t know the time of day, it is affected by routine.

Skin conditions change based off being asleep or being awake, being exposed to certain lighting, temperature changes, what a person has consumed, and more.

To develop a facial cleansing routine that will truly work, aim for consistency. Wash the face as a regular part of the daily routine, like right after a daily shower.

It doesn’t matter as much if the face is cleansed after waking up or eating dinner, or even right before bed. What matters is that the routine is the same every day.

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Don’t Overdo It

Once daily means once daily. Washing and thoroughly cleansing the face too often can cause as many problems as failing to clean the skin at all.

Skin naturally produces oils and takes care of the dirt. It must have time to breathe as well.

By over-washing, the skin doesn’t have a chance to take care of itself as it must, possibly resulting in more breakouts.

Avoid overdoing it. Stick to once a day cleansing. When spot treating skin issues, follow product directions specifically as well.

Follow the Basic Rules for Facial Cleansing

Rules for Facial Cleansing

Beyond using a method like the 4-2-4 cleansing strategy, it is important to follow some of the basic rules of caring for the skin on the face. Be sure to:

  • Scrub Gently
    The skin on the face is delicate and porous. Scrubbing it too harshly can simply rub more dirt and impurities in. Take care to massage the face gently rather than vigorously rubbing it.
  • Use Clean Towels
    It’s senseless to spend time cleaning the face just to dry it with dirt or used towels. That just puts new (or old!) dirt and grime right back on the skin. Always use a fresh towel.
  • Follow Product Instructions
    If a product suggests that it should not be applied to the skin for more than a minute, don’t disobey. Either switch products for the sake of the 4-2-4 method or alter the method as needed. Those instructions exist for a reason.

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