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Probiotic Skincare – Top 10 Health Benefits & Best 5 Products

Learn about the best probiotic products benefits accrued from them

Probiotics are live microorganisms or good bacteria that improve gut health and protect you from various diseases. They work to strengthen your immune system and thus fend off viruses, infections, and other factors that affect our health. When it comes to probiotics, you’ve probably consumed yogurts and other products that contain these good bacteria. That is why we associate them with food. However, they can do wonders for our skin too. Probiotic skincare is a major trend nowadays, and we bring you all the benefits you can expect as well as five amazing products to try.

Probiotic Skincare – Top 10 Health Benefits & Best 5 Products
Best probiotic products and benefits

What is Probiotic Skincare?

A regular skincare regimen is crucial for healthy and youthful skin. Of course, the effectiveness of your skincare routine depends on the quality of the products you choose. Lately, probiotic skincare has become popular, and you are probably wondering what it is, actually. Probiotic skincare refers to using topical probiotics i.e. including good bacteria in different products to improve the health, quality, and appearance of your skin.

How Probiotic Works For Skin?

Probiotic Works For Skin

Your skin is resilient and delicate at the same time. It constantly has to put up with various environmental pollutants and particles that make it age faster or look dull. In order to function properly, the skin needs moisture balance. When this balance is impaired, you either have dry skin or too much sebum is produced thus leading to oily skin.

Probiotics are all about restoring balance! They use a multifaceted approach to improve skin health, primarily through anti-inflammatory effects. Plus, these good bacteria also act as antimicrobials which can relieve numerous skin issues and conditions such as rosacea. When applied to your skin, probiotics combat the bad bacteria and prevent problems they could cause.

Top 10 Health Benefits Of Probiotic Skincare

If you’ve never used probiotic skincare products before, you should definitely do so. Here are ten amazing benefits you can expect when you use them regularly:

1. Inflammation relief – one of the most important benefits of probiotic skincare products is their ability to soothe inflammation. That is why these products are considered incredibly beneficial for inflammatory skin conditions like rosacea, eczema, and acne. With regular use, probiotic skincare products can minimize redness and swell linked to these conditions by suppressing the skin’s production of inflammatory substances

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2. No acne – probiotic skincare products restore the balance of bacteria in your skin. They suppress acne-causing bacteria by releasing byproducts that kill bad germs. As a result, you reduce new breakouts

3. Skin hydration – good bacteria help restore the lipid barrier found in your skin. Therefore, they help the skin retain essential moisture. Regular use of probiotic skincare nourishes your skin and make it soft to the touch

4. Skin Elasticity – restoring the balance in the epidermal ecosystem improves skin’s elasticity. In turn, skin appears firmer and looks more youthful

5. Minimized appearance of wrinkles – unhealthy lifestyle, environmental influences, and imbalances in your skin making it susceptible to the formation of wrinkles. Probiotic skincare products nourish your skin and feed it with good bacteria. Thanks to improves skin elasticity, these products can also minimize the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines

6. Clear Complexion – even if you use a cleanser every day, there is still some impurities it cannot eliminate. Besides impurities, dead skin cells can build up, clog your pores and cause inflammation. Probiotic skincare products can act as exfoliants that eliminate these impurities and give you a clear, radiant complexion

7. Collagen production – probiotic skincare is dubbed as an effective way to increase collagen synthesis, an important anti-aging method that helps you turn back the clock

8. pH balance – as we get older, the pH of our skin becomes impaired and leads to breaking down elastin fibers and decreasing the production of collagen. Probiotics act to lower the skin’s pH, thus making it less susceptible to damage

9. Ideal for dry and sensitive skin too – Probiotic skincare goes beyond tackling acne breakouts associated with oily skin, it can benefit dry and sensitive skin as well. Some bacteria increase stratum corneum ceramide levels to nourish your skin without irritation

10. Reduced sensitivity to sun damage – exposure to sun’s UV rays disrupts collagen production and affects elasticity, thus accelerating the aging process. Thanks to anti-inflammatory properties and ability to nourish and protect the skin, probiotic skincare also reduces its sensitivity to sun damage and negative effects it carries

Probiotic Health Info

Best 5 Products

Now, you are probably wondering what products to try. Here are five amazing suggestions.

1. Osea Probiotic Face Polish

Probiotic Face Polish from Osea is a powerful exfoliant that works to brighten and polish skin for a healthy glow. Founded in 1996 in Malibu, California, Osea has become one of the most reputable brands in the skincare industry. It focuses on high-quality products that truly work. This Probiotic Face Polish is unique primarily because it is the first product on the market to combine probiotics with Vitamin C. Regular use of this product can reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation, and it makes your skin smoother to the touch. The product is ideal for all skin types except for the super sensitive. Read the detailed review of Osea Probiotic Face Polish here.

2. Aurelia Cell Revitalize Moisturizer

Aurelia Probiotic Skincare has become a symbol for this type of beauty product. Unlike many brands which feature one or two probiotic-based items in their offer, all Aurelia’s products include these good bacteria. This particular moisturizer fuses probiotic and peptide technologies with flower and plant essences to hydrate and soothe your skin. While it is beneficial for every woman, Cell Revitalize Moisturizer is particularly useful for women with dull and dehydrated skin. The product promotes luminous, dewy, and radiant skin while minimizing the appearance of common signs of aging. Read the detailed review of Aurelia Cell Revitalize Moisturizer here.

3. Bioelements Probiotic Anti-Aging Serum

Family-owned Bioelements has been in the skincare industry for more than 25 years and earned a reputation of a quality brand with effective products. Probiotic Anti-Aging Serum relies on good bacteria to form a protective barrier on the skin’s surface. In turn, with regular use, you can fight off external stressors and allow the skin to recover for a more youthful look. Benefits of this serum include minimizing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and restoring balance. The product is suitable for all skin types.

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4. LJH Probiotics Sleeping Cream

Probiotics Sleeping Cream is formulated with 50% probiotic extracts in order to increase the number of good bacteria in your skin. As a result, it works to neutralize the activity of free radicals and control excess sebum on your skin. One of the most important benefits of this cream is minimized the appearance of pores. The product is ultra-lightweight and ideal for people with oily and acne-prone skin.

5. Sweat-Targeting Mist

Sweat-Targeting Mist contains live bacteria that combat bad bacteria found in your sweat. Skincare is more than cleansing and moisturizing, what you do between morning and night routine also matters. Considering summer is here, a face mist is a must-have. All you have to do is to shake the bottle and spray it on your face, particularly on sweat-prone areas, before physical activity or going out and the active probiotics will immediately interact with bad bacteria. As a result, it restores a healthy balance and resilience in your skin.


Probiotics improve digestion and your overall health by restoring the balance between good and bad bacteria in your gut. When applied topically in the form of probiotic skincare products, these good bacteria also decrease appearance signs of aging, exert anti-inflammatory effects, and make your skin more resilient. Also, these products can lead to a radiant appearance. Give these products a try, you will not regret.

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