7 Korean Beauty Secrets Revealed For An Absolutely Beautiful Skin

You must have heard of face sculpting, a procedure that comprises facial makeup in an attempt to alter your face. However, Korean women undergo face sculpting to acquire the much-coveted V-line through facial massages. It is becoming a popular technique towards the realization of a smaller face, similar to Botox, which reduces bulgy jaw muscles for streamlined chins. The trend has taken a new dimension with some women trying various techniques on their own to improve their faces. It appears that Korean women have some beauty secrets that can transform your face.

7 Korean Beauty Secrets Revealed For An Absolutely Beautiful Skin
Korean Beauty Secrets

Start with your Foundation

The aim of the Korean style is not to make you look like a Korean woman. It is simply a demonstration of the beauty trends pioneered in Korea and not intended to transform your facial features. The first step is to apply foundation or BB cream after you cleanse your face. You don’t have to switch your beauty products unless you had earlier plans.

Apply a Concealer

Next, apply a concealer that is about 1-2 shades lighter than your natural skin tone. Instead of applying it on your entire face, target specific areas including between your eyebrows, on the bridge of your nose, triangles below your eyes, on the outer chin, and Cupid’s bow. Using a damp beauty blender, blend all these areas out.

For your contour areas, go for a foundation or concealer that is 1-2 shades darker than your natural skin tone. Apply to the outer perimeter of your face and use a damp beauty blender to blend out these areas as well.




With the help of a small concealer brush, start by contouring only the top part of your nose, starting from your eyebrow before proceeding about halfway downwards. Use a damp beauty blender to blend out your nose contour.

If you would like to get an extra highlight radiating from the center of your face, go for a liquid luminizer to enhance the bright areas of your skin.

Blush your Cheeks

With more emphasis towards the middle of your face, apply blush to only the very center of your cheeks.

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What’s more?

If you thought Korean women’s style towards V-shaped slimmer face was limited to makeup, you are wrong. Their beauty secret incorporates other techniques including massage, slimming creams, exercise, and diet.

Slimming Massage: This encompasses several techniques for face slimming including lymphatic draining and the ‘Gua Sha” technique among others. In addition, there are slimming tools meant to complement the facial massage for optimal results. Facial massages are meant to give a firmer, younger, and more contoured face.

Facial Yoga: This combines facial exercises along with yoga to train the muscles in your face which can go a long way to slim it down. In addition, it helps to get rid of those unwanted artifacts that tag along including baggy eyes, sagging face and wrinkles. The good thing about face yoga is that it can be done anywhere at any time. It only takes 3-5 minutes to sharpen your jawline for a V-shaped look. Simply stick your tongue out as far as possible while facing the tip of your tongue upwards. From that position, tilt your head back to form a vertical line between your neck and lower jaw. Hold on for 10 seconds and repeat the same process twice.

Diet: Are you aware that salt makes your body retain more water which can lead to a bloated face or double chin? You will find that most snacks and junk foods are loaded with a lot of salt. Snacking on such results in a bloated face the following day. The high sodium content is the main culprit. To achieve that V-shaped face, it is time to say goodbye to those salted snacks, pizzas, burgers, chips, and other foods rich in sodium. Regulate your salt intake and drink plenty of water every day to ease bloated or swollen face. In addition, skip those processed foods and instead eat plenty of vegetables and fruits to keep your body hydrated without retaining water.

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Regardless of the shape or the looks of your face, there is nothing you should ever get ashamed of. Indeed, many women with more rounded shapes tend to look younger than their actual age. They look more innocent and attractive as well. Nevertheless, if you look puffy, bloated, or have a double chin, there are different means that you can use to define your natural face shape. Bear in mind that the above tips won’t transform your face to an extreme degree but will help you achieve a naturally defined and slimmer V-shaped face. Plus, explore to find the latest V-shaped masks available in the market to give you a more defined and sharp face, regardless of your current shape.

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