8 Pros and Cons of The Cold, Winter Days on Our Beauty

8 Pros and Cons of The Cold, Winter Days on Our Beauty

Winter is here, so you know what that means! We are not talking about the decorations or the holidays; we are talking about the cold, winter days that await us. It is the cold weather that we fear. Most of us fear of the various diseases that pose a danger to our health, threatening us to endanger it. But let’s forget about the bad effects for a moment, and try to think of any good effects that the cold days might hold for us. Or maybe you doubt if the winter days have any good effects on our bodies. To answer your question, there really are some good effects apart from the bad ones that come from the cold, winter days. Some days you will thank winter for these effects, other days you will just want to curl up with a good book and never leave your home until the cold weather has passed. So, are you interested to find out more about the pros and cons of winter regarding our beauty?

8. Pros and Cons of The Cold, Winter Days on Our Beauty

1. A pro regarding our skin – Let’s start with the good effects of cold weather on our skin! During winter, our skin is dryer, which means that our oil glands are less active. By the decreased* activity of the oil glands, the risk of breaking out with acne is decreased*. That is one, important pro of cold weather is you ask us!

Pros and Cons of The Cold

2. A con regarding our skin – On the one hand, the extra dryness of our skin is welcomed, due to the decreased* activity of the oil glands. However, there is the fact that our skin is extra dry during winter. Because of the dryness of our skin, we can forget all about smooth, nice looking skin during those three months. Your skin might even become itchy and red, and many people might even develop eczema during winter. To fight the extra dryness, remember to apply your favorite moisturizer every day!

3. A pro regarding our hair – You can say goodbye to frizzy hair during winter, that is for sure!

4. A con regarding our hair – Your hair, just like your skin, becomes extra dry during winter. Try to cope with the extra dryness using proper hair products during the winter. There are a lot of products that promise strong and healthy-looking hair and that is just what you need! Proper hair products and a healthy diet are what you need to fight against that extra dryness.

A con regarding our hair

5. Another pro for our skin – Another pro is the improved* circulation during the cold weather. Which is why you notice that loveable redness in your cheeks?

6. Another con for our hair – As an addition to the extra dryness of the hair, you should also expect frizzy split ends. Remember to visit your hairdresser to get rid of those split ends as soon as possible!

7. Cold weather helps you lose* weight that must be a pro! – A study done investigating the effects of cold weather on brown fat activation and obesity confirmed that the cold weather actually activates these brown fat cells which help with losing weight. This means that cold weather, combined with a proper diet and exercise can help you not only prevent adding weight, but also lose* that unwanted body weight during winter.

8. Cold weather is among the most popular reasons why we add weight! – Since it is so cold outside, you probably have noticed how little time you spend going to the gym or to walk outside or do any kind of exercise really. This is why it is so easy to add a little bit of unwanted weight during winter, since we are no longer interested in leaving our warm, cozy homes and our TV shows or books. A decreased* amount of exercise plus that delicious food we face on our holiday gatherings is a recipe for that unwanted body weight that we end up dealing with at the end of winter.

Cold weather


Since winter is here, all we ever talk about are the holidays and whatnot, but how about you stop and think about the effects that the cold weather has on our skin, hair and body? Can you name one effect? And do you know how to fight against these effects, no matter how big they are? We wanted to help you just with that, and for that purpose only, we have prepared an article that is supposed to inform you not only about the bad effects of the cold weather on your skin, hair and body, but also about the good effects, because there is a reason apart from the holiday spirit, why you should love winter!

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