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Nose Hair Grooming – How To Deal With Nose Hair?

Deal with Nose Hair Grooming.Read more about nose hair grooming

Most people are fond of engaging in conversations on how to deal with common skin problems like acne, zits, and pimples among others but only a few are concerned with nose hair. It is unclear why this is not openly discussed but perhaps it is something mostly associated with the elderly. The fact is that you may have dealt with it at least once in your lifetime. Here is advice from skincare expert, Dr. Debra Jaliman, on how to deal with nose hair.

Nose Hair Grooming – How To Deal With Nose Hair?
Nose Hair Grooming

Functions of Nose Hair

In reference to Dr. Jaliman, nose hair acts like a protector. It filters dust and foreign particles preventing entry into your nose and lungs. The nose hair becomes longer as you age. In addition, nose hair regulates the humidity in your nasal passages. What would happen if it is completely eliminated? You may become more prone to allergies. Health experts recommend that shave nose hair completely but only trim the hairs that stick out.

How to Trim Nose Hair?

Trim Nose Hair

Plucking using your fingernails can cause injury and subject your nose to infections. There are specially designed nose hair trimmers that use electric power. However, Dr. Jaliman says that they are too invasive and the right tool for trimming nose hairs is by using cuticle scissors. This is because they don’t completely eliminate the hairs which play significant roles in filtering foreign particles and regulating moisture.

According to Dr. Jaliman, trimming should be done in a well-lit area along with the help of a magnifying mirror. This will help you see exactly what you are trimming and avoid the risk of injury. Prior to trimming, clean the scissors with rubbing alcohol to kill bacteria and germs.

Steps Involved

Carefully and gently insert the trimming scissors into your nose ensuring that don’t shove to prevent injury. Only clip the long hairs that affect your appearance and leave the rest to play their vital roles. Ensure that the trimming scissors aren’t dull as they can make the whole process difficult. You can get a better view of your nostrils by pushing your nose straight up. Always remember to sterilize your scissors once you are done trimming.

Trimming Scissors

Trimming scissors are specially designed with rounded tips for safety reasons when dealing with sensitive surfaces of the skin including ears and noses. The blades are usually covered to ensure that they don’t come in touch with sensitive skin. You can obtain trimming scissors online or from your local pharmacy. Don’t forget to make an order for the rubbing alcohol.





According to Dr. Jaliman, tweezers are safe to use in removing nose hair. However, this method may give a painful experience because it involves plucking. It is more painful to pluck several hair strands at once. If you can handle the pain in this method, health experts recommend that you should apply an antibiotic afterward. This will lower the risk of infection. Simply grip the hair firmly at its base and make one quick, sharp pull. There is no need of thinking about the fear of pain as it may make the hurt even worse.

Manual VS Electric Trimmers

Unlike electric ones, manual trimmers don’t require batteries or plugs. In addition, they don’t lead to tickling in the nose that can be caused by vibrations. When working with manual trimmers, you must use both hands. On the other hand, electric trimmers are fast and efficient and can be used with one hand. It is important to read all the instructions in the manual of nose hair trimmers for best results and a lower risk of injury.

Important Tips

  • Never insert a trimmer too deeply into your nose. Instead, only trim the hairs that peek out and leave the rest to protect against pollutants.
  • Cleanse and disinfect your trimmer before and after trimming.
  • If you chose tweezers, place a small ice cube on the nostril for a minute to reduce pain.
  • Always remember to clean the tweezers when you are done.
  • Don’t cut your hairs too short as it can compromise your immune system and respiration.
  • Use an antibiotic in case you nick your nose with tweezers or scissors.

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Hairs that peek outside your nose can have a negative impact on your overall look. Though rare in youths, peeking nose hairs are common among the elderly. Some people may associate it with a lack of personal hygiene and care given considering what comes from the nose. If nose hair is taking a toll on your beauty, the best way to fight back is by trimming. You can use tweezers, scissors, or trimmers. Always disinfect these tools prior to and after trimming. The whole trimming exercise should be done with a lot of care to prevent injury. In case an injury occurs, apply an antibiotic.


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