Keep Your Summer Skin Care Routine On Point With Easy Tips From Our Expert Panel

Here, we have done lots of research accompanied by our experts for the entitled audience about summer skincare tips.

Since the summer is literally knocking on our doors, it is time to revisit our summer routines and introduce some improvements to them. What we especially what to draw more attention to is our summer skincare routine.

Keep Your Summer Skin Care Routine On Point With Easy Tips From Our Expert Panel
experts round up summer skincare tips. Shutterstock images.

You may love the sun, but the fact is that our skin gets damaged way more than you can actually imagine because of the sun, if you do not take care of it properly, that is. And that is why we decided to explain all the skin changes that you need to expect this summer and all the ways that you can actually take better care of your skin as well.

We will share the best summer skincare tips that will make sure that you and your skin are happy and healthy as you enjoy the long, summer days that are ahead of us.

What Happens To Our Skin During The Summer?

You may like the long, hot summer days but your skin sure does not if it is not properly protected. We are sorry to tell you this but yes, your skin does become more oily during summer. And this is probably the worst thing that anyone with oily skin gets to hear.

Due to the hot weather, more skin oil gets produced making your skin shiny and more prone to acne, especially if you keep using too much makeup that makes your pores clogged up. If you are suffering from dry skin, we hate to say this to you but your skin may become even drier during the summer, especially if you live in a place where there is a dry, humid climate.

Another problem that you may notice is some redness, freckles, or dark spots to occur on your skin, especially on the parts of your body which are most commonly exposed to the sun e.g. your face, neck, décolletage, and hands. So let’s see how we can prevent these annoying changes.

To help you out this summer we came with the summer skincare tips suggested by the skincare experts. All the information provided on our website is written, reviewed, and edited by our team of beauty experts and other knowledgeable individuals.

If you’d like to see what our team members have to say on summer skincare, then click on their names below and you will be linked directly to each expert’s individual tips. You can scroll down this page to see what tips our team has to offer or you can simply click on the links below to navigate.
We’d also like to thank our team at Consumer Health Digest for taking the time to share the knowledge and opinions that made this post possible.

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Consumer Health Digest’s Expert Roundup on Summer Skin Care Tips

Anna Whitehead @beautysection

Anna Whitehead

I am Anna, and I live near Atlanta, Georgia. I blog over at The Beauty Section, where my main topic is as you guessed... beauty. I love sharing tips and tricks for makeup, skincare, nails you name it. A good product review is right up my alley too. A little bit about me...I put Jesus at the center of my life. my family and friends are super important to me, my guilty pleasure is reality tv, I buy books and never finish them (hanging my head in shame), laughing is seriously the best medicine, me and giraffes are pretty much bffs, lipstick is probably my favorite part of makeup, and I'm kind of a foodie.

1. Wear sunscreen on your face everyday. This helps with harsh sun damage of course, but also with aging of the skin. Wearing sunscreen prevents dark spots as well as fine lines from forming.

2. Exfoliate your skin. It is really important to exfoliate your skin during the hot summer months to slough off any dead skin, giving your skin a natural healthy summer glow.

3. Keep hydrated. Just how our bodies get dehydrated without enough water, our skin gets dehydrated too when we don't moisturize or hydrate it enough.

Katherine Riddick @verbalgoldblog

Katherine Riddick

VGB is a global lifestyle blog made up of 15 bloggers around the world! We cover everything from beauty, travel, lifestyle, advice and healthy living for the modern woman.

less is more, except when it comes to sunscreen! Opt for liquid/cream versus powders (think tinted moisturizers instead of foundation, cream bronzer and blush) they will hold up better under heat and humidity, use a setting spray to set your makeup as you go (a spray or two after foundation or tinted moisturizer before applying powder, bronzer, etc) and then several sprays when you finish your look!


Morrell Sarmoire

Fashion Blogger

1. Wear sunscreen even in overcast weather

Ruthi Davis @ruthi_davis

Ruthi Davis

Ruthi Davis is a global multimedia editor/writer, author, speaker, consultant, business/brand strategist, founder of Superfly Supermom and SuperKids Chronicles, and frequent contributor for Thrive Global, The Huffington Post, Bonbon Break, Red Tricycle, and Scary Mommy.

For nearly two decades, she has professionally reached audiences, worldwide, as a journalist, ghost writer, and editor. She also worked with Fortune 500 (Top 50) companies on multi-faceted advertising/marketing campaigns through copywriting, brand development, and business strategy. Follow Ruthi on, Instagram (@ruthi_davis), Twitter (@ruthi_davis), Facebook (Superfly Supermom), LinkedIn (Ruthi Davis), Google+ (Ruthi Davis), and Pinterest (Ruthi Davis).Contact her directly via email at [email protected]

My top 3 solutions to gaining radiant and smooth skin are:

1. Protect and moisturize your skin with a daily, nourishing SPF cream. My personal favorite is Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle Cream with SPF 15. Although you may consider using a stronger daily SPF moisturizer during the Summer months, especially if you live in a temperate climate.

2. Use Extra Virgin Coconut Oil on your face and body every evening to hydrate and repair your skin, for long-lasting effects.

3. Avoid those picky fingers on your face that can do much more damage than the pimple is worth. Keep your hands-off and your skin will thank you for it!

For more information, please visit my ""Ask Ruthi"" Advice Column on Simple, Flawless Skincare via

Soraya @heartgrain


Heartgrain is the first online platform that provides an easy and convenient access to the top holistic health professionals worldwide, and allows end users to receive a tailored health plan and remote personal consultations. We combine holistic health knowledge with latest technologies in order to help our users to cure existing health condition or improve overall wellbeing. Our practitioners have expertise in areas like nutritional therapy, detox & cleansing, alternative medicine (naturopathy, Ayurveda, Reiki healing, Chinese medicine), spiritual wellness, and many more.

Heal your gut! Balance your hormones! Coconut oil instead of toxic suncream

Paula Maier @PaulaMaier3

Paula Maier

I'm a blogger and Mother who shares the benefits of healthy living for improved muscle and skin tone as you age.

Sunscreen*, water and clean eating

Chef Gretchen Hanson @chefgretchenh

Chef Gretchen Hanson

An award winning classically trained chef, Gretchen Hanson now devotes her time to teaching from a bigger table. Stay tuned for her two cookbooks, both of which will be released this year.

You want a complexion that glows? You want stronger nails and hair that grow like crazy? You want a body that is fit and strong and filled with energy?

1. Your skin is the largest organ in your body and every single bit of your skin, hair, nails, bones, are a product of the food you eat. Foods that are rich in calcium, vitamin A, B, C and E are a magical elixir designed to create health from the inside out. Add omega 3’s and 6’s and healthy fats and your skin will be glowing! There are many over the counter supplements you can use to add vitamins into your diet but there is simply no substitute for actually consuming them in real, unprocessed whole foods. If you want a sneak peek of my eBook “Diet for a new Millennium,” which teaches you how to do just that? Sign up for my blog at or visit my sneak preview at

2. I promise you everyone will be asking what your secret is within 28 days! Never count calories again, glow from the inside out and have the energy of a hyperactive three year old. You’re welcome!

Carly Anderson @lipglosscrayons

Carly Anderson

As a fashion lover and teacher, when Carly became a mom she was experienced with both children and fashion. When she had her own daughter, she realized how challenging it was for moms to take care of themselves along with their little ones. Enter Lipgloss & Crayons. Carly is passionate about sharing kid friendly ways to live a stylish and beautiful life!

1. Drink water, staying hydrated is the BEST thing you can do for your skin!

2. Sun damage is the WORST. Wear sunscreen everyday, make it a regular habit!

Tiffany Bendayan

Tiffany Bendayan

Hydrate constantly, wear sunscreen, even if not going to the beach, and apply moisturizer twice a day

Hydrate constantly, wear sunscreen, even if not going to the beach, and apply moisturizer twice a day

Christina Santini, CN

Christina Santini, CN

Christina Santini, CN, CTT, RYT is a clinical nutritionist specializing in Biological Medicine. With 10+ years experience working at hospitals, rehabs and private practice in Los Angeles, New York and Europe, she helps men and women find relief from health issues a-z based on how to use food as medicine.

1. Use zinc-based physical filter suncreens. Chemical-based filters have shown to have nasty side-effects incl. accelerating aging and can even exacerbate skin cancer risk.

2. Use coconut oil as skin moisturizer as it naturally has a skin protecting effect from damaging UV rays.

3. Get plenty of hydration from aloe vera. Use aloe vera juice combined with rose and geranium essential oils to make your own anti-aging and hydrating skin mist to use throughout the hot days. Consider adding a few drops of frankincense oil (olibanum). Frankincense is another skin beautifying essential oil that has shown efficient when it comes to treating all forms of cancer incl. skin cancer, and also great for wrinkle prevention.

Karen Fleury @karenfleury73

Karen Fleury

My name is Karen Fleury. I am a blogger at My passion is clean eating, living a healthier lifestyle and helping you regain your health, vitality, energy and excitement by balancing your blood sugar, increase your nutrient intake and reveal foods that are harming your health.

Sunshine is important in order to increase our natural vitamin D levels. However, care must be taken not to burn. When enjoying the sun be sure to:

1. minimize peak time sun exposure (between 10 -2)

2. wear a wide brim hat, long sleeved shirts and pants and protective eye wear

3. enjoy time in the shade

Nicki Carrea @Genuine_Glow_

Nicki Carrea

Nicki Carrea is the founder and creator of the natural skin care line, Genuine Glow. Defined by her modern take on green beauty, the brand represents glowing and healthy skin made from the most pure and powerful ingredients from around the globe. She wants to help set the bar for contemporary women who understand that choosing natural doesn’t mean sacrificing style, quality or beauty.

1. Keep your skin clean! You tend to be outside a lot more in the summer, which leads to more sunrays, more environmental stresses, and more exposure to elements that can lead to a build-up on you skin. Make sure you wash your face properly morning and night to remove any build-up that can dull your complexion.

2. Speaking of build-up, try to exfoliate your skin at least once a week. Too much exfoliation can be too drying, but the right amount of exfoliation will leave your skin healthy, soft, and glowing, which is also exactly what you want in the summer! For an extra brightening boost, look for exfoliators that contain Vitamin C.

3. Lastly, moisturize properly. It’s not uncommon for your skin to require different amounts of moisture based on the season, so you want to make sure to use a moisturizer that can penetrate deep into your complexion during the summer months. Without it, dehydrated skin can run the risk for an increase of breakouts, irritation, flaking and wrinkles.

Melinda Farina, The Beauty Broker @BeautyBroker

Melinda Farina, The Beauty Broker

President of The Beauty Brokers Inc, Celebrity Health and Beauty Expert, Nationally renown Aesthetic Surgery Consultant, National Top Doctors Network, 24 years experience in the Medical Aesthetics Industry.

The first thing that comes to mind when I hear Summer Skincare is SPF. I buy my coverage in Europe. I love La Roche Posay SPF 60 and Institut Esthederm Photo Reverse Lotion especially for patients who are prone to hyperpigmentation from the sun. I reapply three times daily. Both great lines. I am constantly lathering my skin with Argan Oil- It has kept my skin youthful and glowing. I get professional facials twice a month with my facialist gurus Yasmine Djerradine in NYC and Candace at Olga Lorencin Spa in LA. Yasmine swears by Biologique Recherche and I use those products at home as well, along with the Babor Skinovage line. Two incredible quality skincare lines from Paris and Germany.

Dawn Gallagher @dawnlgallagher

Dawn Gallagher

Best selling author, supermodel to role model, content creator and beauty expert

1. Wear sunscreen of course! I broke up with the sun along time ago and I will only court the sun for 10 minutes max to get some vitamin D.

2. Wear a hat with a very wide brim and make sure its cute so you look stylish.

3. If you do accidentally fry your skin or look like a lobster please immediately put on Aloe Vera. It will cool and heal the skin.

Paula Scandone @mkupdiva1

Paula Scandoner

Paula Scandone is an expert in the beauty industry with over 25 years of driving sales with innovative marketing and merchandising concepts. Ms. Scandone created the HauteLook beauty business and was the Vice President and EMM of Beauty at / HauteLook (a Nordstrom company) from 2009 to 2016.

Sunscreen-use a form of sunscreen every day ! Here are my "go to" products for summer and they are all from Dr. Dennis Gross skincare: Alpha Beta peels to exfoliate and dark spots are minimized! The instant radiance with SPF 40 is the only tinted moisturizer I can use without breaking out! Lastly, the Alpha Beta Glow Pads for face and body gives my skin a healthy glow without sun damage.


Taking care of your skin is a lifelong challenge. But when you think about how it is the largest organ and how it protects all the other organs from getting damaged, it all turns out that it is totally worth it. And when we say that it is a lifelong challenge we do mean it. Because you might have found the perfect skin product now, but chances are that in few months to a year, your skin will change due to the aging process and then you are left with the need to find another great skin product. However, there are some skincare tips that do not get old which is why we call them the ultimate skincare tips. And if you have read our article, now you know all the ultimate skincare tips that will help you take care of your skin this summer and help it protect from the harmful sun damage that is to be expected. Take a better care of your skin and you will be thankful.

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