11 Top Effective Makeup Tips to Try Out This Summer

Written by Melissa Feldman
Effective Makeup Tips to Try Out This Summer

Sometimes in summer temperatures can skyrocket and leave many wondering what makeup they should wear on such days. The problem hot weather is that it can drip off your makeup and thus you have to use setting spray or powder to prevent the mishap. It can be quite challenging to ensure that you apply them the correct way to ensure that they are evenly distributed on your entire face. Luckily, there are some things you should try which include:

1. Refrigerate Your Makeup

Refrigerate Your Makeup

It is during the hot weather that the expiry of most ingredients contained in cosmetic products take place. To avoid this, ensure that all your makeup tools and products are kept in a fridge or cool places inside your house. Alternatively, place them near your cooling fan or next to your window where chilly and fresh air enters your house. You can apply them at the same place where there few chances of sweating prior to moving outside to face the heat.

2. Use Mineral Based Powders

Skin care experts say that a powder bronzer can give an extra glow in the summer season. Other than being great moisturizers, mineral based powders are great conditioners for your skin especially if it is more prone to tanning.

3. Evaluate Your Makeup Products

Evaluate Your Makeup Products

It can be difficult to find a single makeup product that will suit your skin needs in every season. For instance, most oil-based cosmetic products turn out to be unsuitable when the temperatures are extremely high. It is the right time to turn to light, sheer and waterproof makeup that can hardly drop off from your skin.

4. Try Mascara

If it’s your preferred choice, use mascara with a waterproof formula. The only mistake you should avoid is to apply more than one coat. For a more natural look in hot weather, you should use mascara only on your top lashes. Applying it to the lower eyelashes can give a zombie-like appearance

5. Adjust Timing

Drying Hair

Some beauty treatments can be adjusted especially if they cause sweating. These include blow-drying your hair. To avoid facing the heat when you are sweaty, blow-dry your hair the night before. Plus, if you must do it in the morning, ensure that it is done in a cool place.

6. Use All Natural Line

According to Pamela Cronan-Maddox, the former owner of an online apothecary which specialized in selling all-natural cosmetic products, natural beauty starts with a smooth shine-free poreless canvas. Cronan says that she uses 100% pure, mineral foundation to create a feather-light, matte finish and even out her skin tone.

7. Use a Primer

Using Primer

Just like a setting spray, a primer can be helpful in ensuring that your makeup remains in place even during the hot weather. To ensure that it is firmly attached, ensure that you rub the primer thoroughly on your face. Alternatively, use a light eye shadow colors that look almost the same to your skin. For instance, apply vanilla or gold colors that don’t look as if they are too made-up.

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8. Use Some Foundation or Concealer

The two are worth using if you have blotches or spots on your skin that can become visible in case your makeup melts or drips off. Make sure that you blend thoroughly on the blotched areas of your skin.

9. Try Tinted Lip Balm

Tinted Lip Balm

Instead of using your regular lipstick, go for a light lip gloss or tinted lip balm. If you can find an appropriate lip conditioner, you are already well prepared to fight the summer heat. This is because it will offer protection from the sun while giving you sexy lips throughout the day.

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10. Keep Some Blotting Papers

These are ideal for dealing with a shine that occurs when you are exposed to extreme temperatures. Instead of adding more powder when you start to sweat, use the blotting papers to absorb the sweat.

Bonus Tip: always remember to remove your makeup using a cleanser and apply a moisturizer before going to bed.

11. Don’t Forget Sunscreen

Dont Forget Sunscreen

The sun glares during the summer, and this means skipping to apply a skin care product with SPF could spell doom to your skin. As a routine, don’t use sunscreen protection, however, cloudy it might be. Make it regular to avert skin problems that pile up with continued exposure to the sun.

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Summer will come and go, but your skin will always remain. Since exposure to sunlight is the main culprit in causing skin problems, the extra caution required this summer goes beyond putting your makeup in place. This means you will have to evaluate your skin care regimen and make the necessary changes in a more youthful and radiant skin. Don’t give the summer heat a chance to give you an unattractive look when there are some things you can do about it.

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