7 Most Common Skin Care Myths You Should Know

You will get all sorts of advice from different people as long as skin care topics are concerned. Your parents too could have told you of some things you ought to do in taking good care of your skin, and it could be that you are still blindly hooked to them up-to-date. You could have come across some in the magazines, the scientific evidence attached, but the majority are misleading. The biggest issue will be if you have never scrutinized to see whether and how they work. Perhaps you have not. However, you are not alone. The majority of women out there are still following some myths about skin care. Below is a list of common myths you probably have come across as you go about your regular chores. You will learn the truth.

7 Most Common Skin Care Myths You Should Know

Myth1: Only Apply Sunscreen when going out in the Sun

Fact: It is only during the summer that more orders for sun protection lotions are made. The majority of women only apply sunscreen when they know they will spend more time outside. However, irrespective of the weather conditions, you should always use a sunscreen. Harmful rays from the sun can penetrate your dermal layer easily even on a cloudy or foggy day. Shockingly, computers emit rays that can harm your skin. Therefore, wear a sunscreen irrespective of weather or whether you will step out or not.

Myth 2: Skin Creams are Intended for People with Skin Conditions like Wrinkles, Acne or Dark Spots

Fact: Exposure to environmental pollutants gradually deteriorates the quality of your skin. You are very lucky if you don’t have any skin problem, but that doesn’t mean that your skin doesn’t need cream. Protection is better than cure and a layer on your face, neck and hands will keep your skin nourished and replenished.

Myth 3: Don’t use Moisturizer if Your Skin is Oily and Acne-prone

Oily Skin and Acne Prone

Fact: There is a misconception that moisturizers are intended for dry and flaky skin types. Regardless of your skin type, moisturizer is necessary for sealing the natural oils. If you have oily skin and thinks that using a moisturizer might clog the pores and cause breakouts, you should empty that notion. Failure to apply a moisturizer can lead to breakouts since it can trigger your sebaceous glands to produce more sebum, resulting acne.

Myth 4: Skin Dryness Causes Signs of Ageing like Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Fact: Although dry skin has a tendency to age faster than oily types, dryness isn’t the actual cause. Reduced levels of collagen protein in your skin can cause wrinkles. It can occur irrespective of your skin type. Applying a moisturizer will go a long way in keeping the dryness away. Therefore, if you are treating aging signs, you should make use of a special product. Moisturizer alone won’t help very much in concealing wrinkles.

Myth 5: Only Dark Women should use Lightening Creams

dark women should use lightening creams

Fact: Majority of women with fair skins deems it unnecessary to use lightening creams, but that is just a misconception. Other than reducing skin tone, lightening creams also help in lightening of dark spots, dullness, and uneven tone. Many fair women also experience pigmentation and blemishes that lightening creams can help reduce if not get rid of. Dark spots, wrinkles, blemishes, and dullness are some skin conditions that can be effectively deal with by using lightening creams.

Myth 6: Acne only Develops on the Face

Fact: This is the greatest myth about acne that it can only occur on the face. The fact is that you can have acne any part of your body. Some of the prone areas it can occur includes the back, shoulders, and arms. Amazingly, you can get zits on your entire body. It means that if you spot a zit like a pimple on your body, applying your face acne treatment will help to fight the redness.

Myth 7: Application of Moisturizer in upward Strokes Causes Wrinkles

Fact: It is impossible to rub wrinkles into your face. Your skin is elastic, and whenever you stretch it upwards or downwards, it will bounce back. Even if you repeat it on a daily basis, it can’t be enough to cause a wrinkle even if it is done in exactly the same way every time. Wrinkles can only be artificially created by creasing your skin the same way every night.

Final Word

Well, aware of the common myths circulating, you are now better off as long as your skin care is concerned. Wearing a sunscreen regardless of weather, use of a moisturizer, and lightening creams are some of the most important practices you should make a habit. On top of these, cleansing, exfoliating, and massaging are ideal if you are looking for an attractive skin. A beautiful skin is a reflection of what is in your body.

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