What Beauty Fads Trended & Died in 2015 (What to Expect in 2016)

What Beauty Fads that Trended & Died in 2015 (and What to Expect in 2016)

Beauty trends keep changing based on the consumer behaviour. Beauty market has seen a phenomenal growth in last few years and consumers are increasingly becoming aware of their beauty needs. For instance, facial masks were non- existent few years ago but now they are an important part for any skincare routine.

As we are stepping into a brand new year in just few days, it is worth to take a look at the beauty fads that trended and died in 2015 and what beauty trends can be expected to rock the beauty market in the upcoming year, 2016.

Korean Beauty Products

In the beginning of 2015, Korean beauty products were touted as the’ next big thing’ by many beauty experts. The world took notice when Korean beauty products swarmed the beauty market with promising BB creams, snail skin repair serums, lip balms like Prestige snail lip treatment, herbal creams such as Calming Seed, facial masks and much more.

Korean Beauty Products

The overwhelming demand for Korean beauty products were further fuelled by the flawless skin sported by Korean models and celebrities. The K-beauty hype has helped the Korean economy greatly as in the first half of 2015 approximately $52 million worth beauty products were exported to the United States by Korea. And the United States ranks as third biggest Korean export market.

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However, in reality there is not much truth in the K-beauty hype. There is no special K-beauty product to perfect skin as an average Korean faces similar skin concerns as any other person in the world. In Korea men and women use a lot of beauty products to keep their skin young. Surprisingly beauty brands such as Chanel, Guerlain, La Prairie, Lancome etc. from other countries are extremely popular among the Korean beauty buyers.

Growth Infusing Creams and Serums

As per a marketing research, approximately 40% of millennial are using products with anti-ageing benefits in the United States. With the advanced age the collagen in the skin breaks leading to wrinkles and sagging skin. Majority of the skin products contain ingredients that smoothen the wrinkles and firm the skin.

In 2015, beauty buyers saw a huge potential in products with growth factors (TGF-B2 and B3/ PDGF-AA, IGF1) such as Skin Medica TNS Ceramide Treatment, Peter Thomas Roth Firmx Growth Factor, AQ Skin Solutions serum with Growth Factor etc. Such Products are designed to boost* the collagen production in the skin when applied topically.

The growth factors are not only thought to collagen boosters but they seem to increase* the antioxidants in the skin. Though growth factors infused creams and serums have shown a significant decrease* in the fine lines and wrinkles when applied topically, there are serious health concerns associated with long-term use such as scarring and cancer. It is yet to be researched as how growth factors can be made safe for long-term use in cosmetics.

BB and CC Creams

Thanks to the K-wave, BB and CC creams were extensively used by beauty buyers. The added benefit of anti-ageing or sun protection with concealer was very appealing to those on the ‘go’. According to a market research team, the NPD Group- nearly 4 in 5 expressed desire to re-purchase BB and CC creams.

BB and CC Creams

BB and CC creams were also used to minimize the number of products used as usually they contain more than one component.

Now, the beauty market is bombarded with EE creams. Estee Lauder released the first ever EE cream called- Enlighten Even Effect Skintone Corrector SPF 30, to fight against hyperpigmentation and dark spots.

However many people consider BB, CC, DD or EE creams as makeup than a skincare product. Such creams and serums often contain more components that may not help the skincare concerns when used for long periods.

Beauty Oils

Oils were known as lubricants and were used for moisturizing the skin in olden days. Then came the ‘oil free’ phase when almost every beauty product claimed to provide ‘oil free’ products to the consumers. Now, after many decades the oil has found its niche again in the beauty market in the form of facial oil (Darphin Chamomile Aromatic Care, Colbert M.D. Illumino Face Oil, etc).

Facial or beauty oils are said to work on any kind of skin to make it appear young and healthy. Many people also use facial oils with their favourite beauty cream to get extra nourishment. Though some people feel awkward to slather oil on their face, facial or beauty oils are increasingly becoming popular among the young and the old.

Instant Results

Another beauty trend that caught the beauty market in 2015 is the ‘instant result’ products that promised to deliver satisfying results on first topical application. As many people experience time crunch due to their hectic schedules skincare products with claims like ‘instant result’ became desirable.

Products like Clinique moisture surge, Dr. Dennis Gross- Alpha Beta Peel Extra for instant whitening, etc. are in high demand for the instant results that they deliver. However, “instant result” skincare products may not provide the necessary nourishment to the skin and the effects may last only until the product is used. Moreover the number of components that are used are also questionable.

Bare Minimum for Youthful Skin: Au naturel in 2016

The beauty trend for 2016 has to be ‘go natural’. Fashion runways have began showcasing their models in ‘no makeup’ look. They are using quality skincare products and minimum makeup to keep it simple.

Bare Minimum for Youthful Skin

Many consumers are concerned about the number of harmful components that go into the beauty creams and balms. Majority of the “miracle products” are more like makeup than skincare products. For a healthy and youthful skin, nourishment is necessary. A quality skincare routine is needed to maintain skin health. For optimized results people should follow a daily regimen like Solvaderm’s Daily Regimen enriched with natural components that are suited for long-term use. Solvaderm products are in limelight and said to be the best beauty trend of 2016.

Last but not the least opt for a healthy lifestyle. Nothing can beat a healthy lifestyle consisting a balanced nutrition and an active routine. Eating foods rich in necessary nutrients work to repair the body and mind resulting in healthy looking skin. Many people are willing to work hard and commit to a healthy routine. One can follow simple tips to get a healthy skin internally:

  • Avoid junk food
  • Limit caffeine and alcohol
  • Avoid smoking
  • Drink plenty of water and clear liquids
  • Exercise regularly

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