Top 5 Tips to Outshine the Summer Sun

5 Tips to Outshine the Summer Sun and Look Your Hottest
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With summertime and bikini weather just around the corner, you deserve to look your hottest. Whether you plan on taking in a summer barbecue or sunbathing, these tips will ensure that you look and feel your best. Get ready to look sexy this summer by strapping on your finest sandals and heading to the beach.

1. Looking Your Best at the Casual Summertime Party

Summer is in the air and it seems like every friend is hosting another summertime party. Do not fret because this summertime cookout will have you looking and feeling your best. When you are ready to head out to your favorite summer party, pick out the perfect summertime dress. It may be just another barbecue, but you can still outshine everyone there. Don your favorite dress and match it with a cute pair of sandals for an ultra-cool look.

With so much sunlight, summer is the worst time to dye your hair dark. You can complement your natural streaks by highlighting your hair with a lighter color. Use smaller highlights for a very natural look or go all out with chunky blonde streaks. Either way, you end up with a sexy hairstyle.

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Sometimes, it is not what you wear but how you act that makes you appear super sexy. Making eye contact and flashing a bright grin are two of the key ways for you to boost* your sex appeal. When making conversation, make sure to look the other person in the eyes. Ask questions about what they say and pay attention—nothing is more charming than an attractive woman showing their interest. Add a smile to the mix and you are on your way to summertime hotness.

Summertime Party

2. Spicing it Up in the Workplace

There is a huge difference between looking sleazy and looking attractive at work. Instead of pulling out the Daisy Dukes, try spicing it up with some glimmering accessories. A pair of diamond earrings, a flashy bracelet or a vibrant necklace are all that it takes to make your outfit standout. If you want an extra boost* of confidence, pull on your sexiest lingerie beneath your office attire. No one else will know you are wearing it, but the extra lace will go a long way toward making you feel confident and attractive.

3. Heading to the Beach

Over-sized shades were so last year, but there are plenty of new sunglasses that will suit your beach look. Pick your favorite sunglasses to have an alluring, mysterious look. For bonus points, pair your sunglasses with an ultra-flattering swimsuit. The 1940s pinup style suit remains a favorite and is extremely flattering for women with curves. For a look you want to flaunt, try out one of the 1940s swimsuits.

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Although looking attractive is great, you still need to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. A decent sunscreen and a hat will help your skin remain moisturized and youthful. Pair a 1920s style hat for a cute, unusual look or go for the typical straw hat. Either way, you are sure to shine.

4. Keeping it Real: What You Need to Look Your Best

Wearing stylish clothes and flattering swimsuits will make you look great temporarily. To really look your best, you need to make sure that your skin and hair stay moisturized. During the summertime, the sun dries out our skin and causes the hair to become frizzy. You will want to limit your hair styling to just three or four times a week to prevent your hair from becoming damaged. To keep your hair looking great, you should invest in a heat protectant product that blocks the heat from damaging your hair.

Outshine the Summer Sun

Year in and year out, one of the most popular summer hairstyles is always the beach waves. These curls are made to be relaxed, so you do not have to worry about them unwinding too much while you are at the beach. All you need is a good mousse and a curling iron to get your hair to adopt that wavy, sexy beach look. If your hair is not long enough yet, you can always try out some hair extensions.

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5. Love the Skin You are in

If you want to keep looking good in your 40s and 50s, you need to start protecting your skin now. Before heading out into the sun, splash on SPF 15 sunscreen and make sure that it is water resistant. You should plan on washing your face twice a day. Follow this regimen with a moisturizer that suits your skin type. Light moisturizers work well with oily skin while dry skin does well with a toner and lotion. If your skin is starting to flake off, make sure to exfoliate with some warm towel and a wash cloth.

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The key to looking your best is to feel your best. If you are confident in the way you look, this self-confidence will change the way you walk, talk and hold yourself. Prepare for summertime now by getting a few workouts in, treating your skin well and buying a few summertime dresses.

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