Yvonne Chamberlain

Yvonne Chamberlain radiates a super-charged, high-energy presence that immediately involves people and has them responding to her exciting challenge to reach for the best in themselves! With her talent for humour, the flair for drama and unique insight into human behaviour, Yvonne delivers solid content in her book "Why Me?", her seminars, and personal coaching with practical techniques that can be put to use immediately in your marriage, your health and your life. She talks from her own experience of 48 years marriage and surviving a 6-week death sentence of black melanoma. Find her on www.whyme.net.au and LinkedIn.

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Self Sabotage

The Inner Enemy: Self Sabotage

posted in Real Stories

Thirty-eight years ago…. The diagnosis came: “You have black melanoma and we give you 6 weeks to live”. I was in shock and perhaps denial. The doctor naturally wanted to o...

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