Certified Dating Coach

Valerie Baber

Whether through traditional TV and print or contemporary media outlets, Valerie Baber, a sex and culture writer, uses the art of storytelling to encourage critical thinking on subjects that touch all of us but often remain under-examined.

As a certified intimacy and dating coach, she employs conversation, cultural criticism and intelligent, erotic exploration in an effort to achieve enlightenment on unresolved social issues regarding sexuality and relationships.

Valerie's most recent work can be found in publications such as NYPost, Consumer Health Digest, and follow her work, visit Meet her on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.

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Seasonal Sex and Your Health

Do You Know The Relation Between Seasonal Sex And Your Health?

posted in Sex And Love

Does the spring season spring forth your sexual desire? Does summer overheat your libido? You may have noticed that the seasons have an impact on our sexual desire, but did you kno...

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