Tara LA Valley

Personal Trainer, Diet Coach, Performer, Freelance Artist

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  • ISSA, EFTI, XPERT Pole Instructor, AIR Aerial Certifications
  • Certified Make Up Artist - Makeup Designory New York
  • Certified Trainer & Diet Coach
  • ISSA, XPERT Pole, Equinox- EFTI, AIR-aerial yoga, cleos RocknPole , FloorRockers


  • Certified Trainer
  • Diet Coach
  • Pole Dance Instructor
  • Burlesque Performer


Tara LA Valley is a celebrity trainer and diet coach with a background in dance, yoga, pilates, gymnastics, martial arts, bodybuilding, fitness competitions, and contest preparation for other competitors. She has dieted everyone from competitors, to preparing actors for films to new moms looking to get back into shape.

Her knowledge of over 10 years in the industry, including training and diet tricks for optimal results, is what she teaches to all of her clients. She has a passion not only for helping clients get into their dream shape but also to educate them, so they will always know how to maintain their results.

Her ultimate goal is to help transform and create a healthier, fitter world. She currently resides in Los Angeles and continues to transform clients worldwide with online programs. She also travels for select bookings and teaching retreats.

For her online diet and training programs, her Two Week Shred, or to train with Tara, visit her website: bodybytara.com. You can also check her social media handles where she is active and keeps updating regarding activity.