Michael Tamez


Engineer. Health Coach. Fusion Chef.

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Michael Tamez is a Lifestyle Expert, Wellness Author, Eco-Consultant, and Motivational Speaker. He experienced a 15-year health and life transformation.

I am the Co-Founder of Pizza Beer Yoga - a diet-free lifestyle brand. Although I’m in the best shape of my life (and I do enjoy healthy pizza and craft beer after a kick-ass yoga session), I had to overcome adverse health issues to get where I am today.

I lost over 100 pounds and reversed my life-threatening, obesity-related illnesses without dieting, medications, or surgery. With food, exercise & yoga, meditation, and lifestyle modifications, I healed my body from the inside-out.

This life-transforming experience motivated me to become a certified holistic health and wellness coach. The certification combined with the knowledge I earned from my health transformation enables me to make a positive impact on the global obesity epidemic.

My mission is to support those who struggle with sustaining permanent weight loss, yo-yo/fad dieting, and obesity-related health issues. I coach and mentor people who want to establish a healthy and functional relationship with food, mood, and lifestyle.

Essentially, I teach people how to listen to the greatest doctor, health guru, and lifestyle expert on the planet - their own body. Bringing presence back to this innate ability, people are empowered to stop dieting and start living.

My true weight loss story was featured on Reader’s Digest, Mind Body Green, Fox13 News Tampa Bay, The Suncoast News Network, WSRQ & WSLR Radio, and Ask Dr. Nandi.

Additionally, my work has been published in Reader’s Digest, Mashable, MSN, Yahoo, Mind Body Green, Food Matters, CureJoy, Spark People, LifeZette, and Massage Magazine.

To learn more about Michael, please visit his website and social profiles: www.pizzabeeryoga.com, LinkedIn, Pinterest.