Tamara Siemering

Tamara Siemering is a freelance writer, passionate about writing and creating videos on health and wellness, specifically healthy recipes, natural skin care/ hair care and women's fitness yoga. Check out her blog Adulting in SF, where she documents her trials and tribulations of being a young adult making her way in the big city: San Francisco.

And tune into her Youtube channel: Tam Bam for weekly healthy recipes and workout videos! Feel free to contact her at-[email protected] for creative project inquiries. Connect with her on LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook.

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Ketogenic diet

The Effects Of Ketogenic Diet On Our Mental Health

posted in Brain Health

You may have heard of a celebrity diet called the Keto diet/ LCHF diet (Low Carb, High Fat), in which you limit your daily carbohydrate intake to nearly zero while increasing your ...

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